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2008 Toyota Land Cruiser First Drive



  • graylcgraylc Posts: 16
    A couple of these posts almost seem planted by Toyota representatives; I talk with Landcruiser owners from all over the world; the entire planet, and they all agree;
    this Landcruiser is a big miss, especially that the US does not get the more fuel efficient diesel, which is available in most other countries. And yes, they do consider the styling, and they do not want to drive a Landcruiser that looks like a mommy cruiser. It was not designed for Americans anyway, it was designed to fit mostly Middle Eastern tastes, as the bulk of them go to the oil rich Arabs, who are getting richer, on our dime.

    Don't believe anyone who tells you the instrument clusters were properly designed
    from an ergonomic and safety perspective. If a student in a design class came up with that layout with those "tumbler glass" tunnels he would receive a C- from
    his professor, I know, I am that professor.

    I will wait for the next redesign if it happens soon, if not, will just buy American,
    as these are just about the last Toyotas sold in the US that are made in Japan (other than the FJ Cruiser). You are not helping the US economy by buying one of these plain vanilla eggs.

  • yeah, not a plant. Just because I like my car does not mean I'm a subversive rep. Just a long time lurker wanting to post a positive response to a lot of critics who have never seen the car or driven it in person. I pay my money for my vehicle just like you and want the best value for my sweat and for me it's my cruiser. Go buy a Yukon and enjoy the advanced depreciation from the 72 month 0% deals they need to push them off the lot, then try to trade it in 4 years and see where the value is. If I need to get somewhere, like I did when I evacuated and returned during hurricane katrina, believe me, I'm NOT going to drive a suburban. A landcruiser is where it's at for me.
    And , once again, the tunnels have NOT caught my eye, even once, professor. That's a non issue from people who have never driven the car.
  • For me, the first impression is there's a lot of sheet metal without a "beltline" break. But this seems to be across the line and with other utes as well. Just think the styling reaction is because it is so different, or perhaps different than we think it should look?

    I'm interested more in the mechanicals, durability and reliability than the style. I think there have been some issues with the early 5.7 motors.
  • I think some people want the landcruiser to be a cool, rugged, utilitarian vehicle like the FJ40 or LR Defender, and that's just not the case anymore. It IS that vehicle, in a much more useable package. My new 08 looks much better than my 05 did, much less a box and more style. Yeah, I would like to put a winch, snorkel, and lift on it, but at $73,000 I'll leave it alone until it's got 100k miles or more.
    I can't stress enough how good this thing drives, though. A co-worker has an 07 bmw 750, and from a pure ride, not acceleration standpoint, the 08 cruiser is as planted and secure feeling as that car. The changed front suspension has resulted in a better, more immediate steering feel in the wheel, and the power delivery is sooo smooth and quiet. Don't get me wrong, there are things I wish were different, like the lack or ventilated seats and more room behind the 3rd row seats, but that is a good compromise in the ride feel, expected reliability and resale value down the road.
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    As usual steelcruiser hit the nail right on the head.
    Mechanicals , durability, reliability , safety , comfort.
    Beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder.
    Thank you toyotamike for your candid opinion, please keep it coming
    all of us will benefit from the actual owners and not from the wannabes.

  • roman7roman7 Posts: 15
    I agree complitly with this post! The new LC 2008 - one of the best product of Toyota by now! I drove the car about 130 miles and I can confirm the RPM was abour 1700 with my speed 75-80 mph! It very smoth and comfortable to drive for long distance, quiet and roomy! It's a very good job by Toyota!
    The look is outside may be not for every one however inside it's everything in right place and best materials! One concern - is a price $72-73K! The old one was not cheap as well! It's Land Cruiser! Just drive it and test your feeling! :)
  • I love my 2008 LC also, big-time!
    Picked up Sat Nov 24 and have been completely impressed.
    I am thrilled with the way the LC drives. All experiences so far have been great both onroad and a bit offroad getting to my house in NH. As for looks, I love it both outside and in. Took me a while to figure out why my side view mirrors pointed down when I went into reverse haha. I was trying to adjust them and everytime I put it in reverse wondered what in the world was going on. Although the LC was a huge investment for me I can't recall many other occasions where I was completely happy with the purchase. It's kinda like having multi cars in one box. Drives like a Caddy and handles the offroad as well. Pretty cool. Compared to LRover also and went right back to close the deal on the LC. So far I am a happy camper. I also at last have a ride that I feel comfortable with my wife driving here in NH with some nasty weather and road conditions where we live.
  • graylcgraylc Posts: 16

    Nice try, but I know what happened; one buyer brought the comments to their Toyota salesman, then the Sales Manager got a few of his salesmen to get on the site and write glowing reviews.

    Or, someone from Toyota found them on their own, then instructed others
    to post as if they just bought a Landcruiser.

    These last few comments are just so obviously planted by Toyota shills;

    I mean really, who talks like some of these imposters??

    And how did they find this site and why would they post after they bought
    their vehicle??

    People only Google to find out about a car BEFORE they buy, they do not
    go to the trouble to post glowing reports afterwards, unless they are shills
    from a Toyota dealership.

    Get real; This Landcruiser has many design faults; but I'm hoping, with time
    that they will correct these faults.

    Please know this, I currently own Landcruisers and do think, on the whole, that they are great vehicles and will buy another one someday, just not this model as it currently is designed and manufactured. I will wait for the fixes; never buy the first year of anything.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,950
    Yep, and everyone who bashes Toyota works for Honda or GM. :P

    Not buying it.

    I found the forums here in 1999, a month after I purchased my minivan (I had been at the site checking prices, but didn't read or join in the discussions until after I bought).

    You can take other's posts with the usual grain of salt but it's pretty easy to recognize shill posts, and they aren't that common around here (especially since IPs are tracked and no one is anonymous on the net).
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Here are some observations that are not planted. I drive a 2006 loaded LC and for the most part I like the vehicle. I had the opportunity last night to drive a loaded 2008 LC. I have to tell you that I was not impressed as I expected more than they made here...but I realize that Toyota does not like to take chances and push the is not their style.

    What was even more poignant was the dealer reaction to the delivery of the first 2008. They were pretty frank with me that even they are disappointed, afterall they said, the product needs to sell itself to a great degree in todays competitive auto market and they think this will be a hard one to sell....

    Now I only drove this for a short time without the chance to try out every option but here are my initial impressions versus my 2006 LC

    -Poor visibility
    -Corners a bit better but felt very "heavy" and not 2006 is not nimble so I expected a bit more in the new one but it actually feels less so.
    - acceleration good a bit better than the 06 but not significantly better
    -exterior styling poor. the front and rear tail lights have these protruding plastic nods that take away from a clean look. also the hood is not clean looking from the cockpit
    - no hight intensity xenon headlights on a $71,000 vehicle?
    - interior styling seemed better but ability to reach controls seemed hampered (i'd really need more time in it to be fair)
    - rear tailgate seems quite a bit smaller than the 06....this is what sets the cruiser apart from most other SUV's

    that's it....not impressed...somewhat surprised by the lack of a favorable first impression......

    The dealer intimated that perhaps Toyota may scrap the Land Cruiser completely in a few years and invest more into the Sequoia Platinum since many other "liuxury" suv makers are gobbling up market share....maybe just keep the platform an LX-570 Lexus? who knows...
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    I am with Steve, I did not post for a long time prior of buying the 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser. But I did a lot of research here at Edmunds and was not disappointed .
    Last year I sold the LC and bought an 2006 Lexus LX470, once again the Edmunds site was extremely valuable in making my decision.
    Actually, I should have address this to graylc I press the wrong
    reply , my bad.
    And once I will read the many post this website has to offer before I spend my hard earn dollars on my next SUV.
    These are merely opinions and can be taken any which way.
    There are many many individuals in this site that I trust them
    enough to make a 70k plus purchase without any reservation.
    One more thing I do not work for anyone , I am retired.
  • No, as more cruisers become available, more are getting sold and more of us are posting. It's pretty arrogant of you to think that if I disagree with you, my opinion has no validity and must be a plant. If I spend SEVENTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS on a vehicle, I'd better well love it, and I do. I've been lurking here for a year trying to get info on this car, waiting for it to come out, and wanted to be the one of the first to post my opinion because I am one of the first to actually own this new vehicle. If you think this car is wrong for you, say so and don't buy it, but don't be so arrogant as to think that you have the only true and correct outlook. Sheesh.
  • graylcgraylc Posts: 16
    Uhhh, whatever;

    To my eye and that of many other longtime Landcruiser owners, repeat owners,
    this is the most BlandCruiser Toyota has ever produced.

    Repeat; plain, no character, no personality, no individuality; nada, niente,

    Of course anyone who just paid 70K on this whaa? mobile will say it is the neatest thing since they had their first date, I would expect no more. No one is going to buy any vehicle and then turn around and say they hate it, cause it was them who just bought it, Duhhh.

    Even when their neighbors watch them pass by and say; "Hi George, see you got a new Sequoia--", they will not accept the fact that they jumped too soon. It will absolutely not be recognized as a Landcruiser, until it is close enough for someone to read the badging, that is if they even notice.

    I'm 100% sure it has happened already; "so, what you got there, a new uhh Highlander?"

    I'm waiting a few years for the redo.
  • You are 100% correct about ONLY one thing. A lot of people have commented on my car. None have been in that vein.

    You are not the only previous Landcruiser owner here.

    Sounds like you might need a bright yellow mustang w/ 22's to be noticed like you want to be.
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    Wow... i thought this was a thread on first impressions of the 2008 LC...getting way too heavy for me....
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    We take our LC / LX very serious , but you could try instead.
  • Have any of you seen the new Sequoia yet? Yikes!!!!

    Much like graylc, I've owned LCs for many years and think that they're the best vehicles on the road, but..........I just need more time to see how this latest version plays out. I went through the same thing when I transitioned from my 80 to the 100 series--I still miss the sound of diffs and tcase whirring which was "removed" from the 80 by sound deadening material. In fact, it took me a few months with the 100 before I let my 80 go.

    Honestly, the styling is not inspiring or exciting, but then again, some may have felt or still feel the same way about the 100 v the 80 v the 60 v the 55 etc, etc.

    Maybe we were all expecting something that was as radical as the current RR? I'm not thinking of one until MY 2010 anyway.

    Sheesh, how come Toyota doesn't consult with us? Oh, suspension mods should be easier than on the 100 as I think much of it is similar to the Tundra?
  • luckylouluckylou Posts: 308
    The To Yo Mo has grown extremely fast and are beginning to ignore the formula that gave them this success , the customer. Like you have mentioned.
    The new Sequoia is appealing to me instead of the new LC/LX combo , the price will be a deal breaker.
    My only requirement for purchasing a vehicle are interior comfort and safety plus my wife seal of approval . ( avoids nagging )
    If the new Sequoia meets most of my criteria in spite of the shortcomings this could very well be my last purchase in this life. Before any decision is made I will test drive all three SUV's.
    I have being a fool for not buying the LC many years ago, just plain ignorance.
  • Ah, Lou we can all say woulda, shoulda, coulda. The only analogy I can relate to for these new designs (LC and Seq) are the Chris Bangle BMWs. I've several BMWs over the years and was looking hard at another in 2006 when I got my Porsche, but man those Bangle cars looked really ugly to me. Now, after several years of seeing them and the "tweaks" I kind of like most of them, though the 5 series still leaves me a bit cold.

    I'm wondering--maybe I'm hoping?--that the new LC design will end up being similar. As I've posted here recently, I'm taking a wait and see position.
  • >> Now, after several years of seeing them and the "tweaks" I kind of like most of them, though the 5 series still leaves me a bit cold.

    Steel, you aren't the only one unimpressed by the new 5 series:
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