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2008 Toyota Land Cruiser First Drive



  • I have been looking at the new Land Cruiser and have some minor points that are driving my observations:

    1. I want a SUV for a good amount of off-road travel. Both on rugged rocky ranch land my primary house is on and primitive roads in New Mexico, Big Bend, Colorado, BC, etc. Therefore, many of the other SUVs discussed here would never cut it , where as the Land Cruiser does. Some 4x4 SUVs like the MB, etc are only good for snow covered pavement and not much more.

    2. I want the SUV to be smaller rather then larger for off-road and highway maneuverability. As far as the comments about the storage behind the 2nd row, it only needs to be big enough for our Belgian Malinois guard dog and a few other minor items. Went going off-road other then my own land, I use a serious roof rack with an extra tire/wheel or two and other needed gear. Some like the Sequoia are too long and better meant for hauling lots of stuff kids come bearing.

    3. I want a SUV with a very comfortable highway ride and good powerful engine. I have found the new Land Cruiser to be a good highway cruiser and far better then the previous generation. In the new model, Toyota did an great job of optimizing highway travel and off-road capabilities.

    4. As for price, many in this forum keep using the $72K type list pricing with the 'soccer mon' DVD, etc package. You have got to be kidding. Even when the new 08 Land Cruiser was in short supply dealer were willing to order one exactly the way I wanted it. That means a regular LC at $65K list or maybe with just the Navigation system at $68K list. Also, now that the supply of Land Cruisers has increased and the troubled economy has driven off many buyers they will quickly give you $4K off the $65K and I have even seen $7K off. That means in the middle of the US a new base LC can be had for as little as $58K. Now, I realize you have to rally search to find the right dealer and that this wold be very difficult in much of California and NY/NJ. However, with the significant drop in new Land Cruiser sales it can be done.

    5. As for the exterior looks, I too was very put off for almost a year. Then I came to realize that the color of a new Land Cruiser has a lot to do with it. In metallic silver it looks great. Grey and blue also work for me. Amazingly, the first one I saw at the Austin Auto Show was 'baby vomit' green (I meant Amazon Green) and it looked hideous. In silver it is good looking to me for the utility I want.

    6. As for the Lexus twin, I think it is an over priced joke for soccer moms that want to say they own (most likely really lease) a Lexus. Only in the USA, give me a break! I have owned a Lexus LS and now there is a Lexus worth the money (with the touring package). My opinion, is that it Lexus is not even worth mentioning here.

    7. As for the Range Rover, I agree with most everyone else in that the reliability is a real problem. Especially for anyone that is really going to use it off-road. Can we spell 'stranded' -- 40 miles from anywhere. Toyota is still the best for reliability although some of the post here about problems with older LCs trouble me.

    In summary, for my combination of off-road and highway travel my choice for an new SUV still boils down to a new Land Cruiser or Z71 Chevy Suburban. Although, there is a $15K+ price advantage for the Suburban, the Land Cruiser looks pretty good - IMO.
  • vavavavolvovavavavolvo Posts: 111
    Those are all good points. There is no doubt that this is an exceptional vehicle. And I can't tell you how many times I have seen Range Rovers abandoned on the side of the road due to inoperability.

    Counting the discount, the overall price has gone up about 8-10k since the 100 series in 2005, but they have increased the engine hp/torque -twice, added the permanent, automatic third row seats(which I think was a mistake because most people with these vehicles either leave the seats in all the time, or take one or both out to enhance hauling capability by a lot...but if you don't need the room it's not germane), redesigned the interior and exterior (I'll miss those omnipresent distinctive aft side vents!), totally innovated the suspension, etc.

    No doubt it is money well spent and you will never go wrong buying the best. And this is the best.
  • For what it's worth. We just bought a brand new 2008 Land Cruiser with the upgrade package and love it. It is replacing a Mercedes. It's the quietess vehicle we have ever owned (we've owned MB's, BMW's and a host of other high end vehicles).

    Being that is was a new 2008 and it's now 2009 we picked it up for $58,500. My suburban LTZ is coming off lease this summer (company car) and I'm thinking about getting a new LC. Not much diversity in the garage, but I love it.
  • hornethornet Posts: 5
    For what it's worth, many of us DO wheel LC200's...and wheel them hard. For those that refuse to believe a 200 is capable, visit

    Here is a picture of mine after many modifications, including a ~3" lift, A/T tire upgrade, ARB bumper, HID light conversions, auxiliary lights (also HID), sliders, winch, skid plates, compressor, lockers, etc.

    Have a nice day :)
  • Hornet,

    Got more pics? Love to see them. Where's a good place (online) for aftermarket mods?
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