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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • greenhkgreenhk Posts: 48
    First, let me start by saying I love the redesigned Santa Fe! Did not test drive, but sat in the 2007 Limited Santa Fe (leather seats) – I thought they were really hard & uncomfortable. Other than that I love this vehicle! My dad has an 02 Santa Fe & on a recent hour-long trip in the back seat, my back was killing me when I got out of the car. Does anyone else feel this way about the seats? Opinions/thoughts?
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    We bought an 07 Limited a couple weeks ago.

    The Leather feels pretty good to me. I like a firm seat myself. What I have discovered, and many others have as well, is that soft seat cushions tend to feel good initially but the longer the trip, the less pleasant they feel. Firm seating tends to be preferred by most.

    All that said, I did mess with the seat adjustments to find the correct driving position. I also crank the lumbar support out about 50%.

  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    It's the same interval Volvo has used for years. I never had any problem with the engine on any of my Volvo's.
  • guyfrguyfr Posts: 55
    I had an 01 Santa Fe with the leather seats. Of all the cars I have owned, and I've owned a lot, the front seats were the second best I have experienced, just after Volvo seats. The back seat on the Santa Fe was not great however.
  • carrie4carrie4 Posts: 1
    My daughter needs the power driver seat with the lumbar support (she is handicapped). The GLS meets all of her needs except the power seat. To get the power seat reuires puchase of the SE with an option package. Total cost is $2500 more than the standard GLS.
    Is it possible to buy the GLS and then retro-fit a Hyundai power seat using an outside vendor?
    I am hoping to save a few $$$ and get the GLS with a smaller engine (better gas mileage).
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97

    I think you would end up paying nearly the same if you bought a GLS and then retro-fitted a power seat to it.

    Consider this - use the strategy I used to buy my 07 Limited just 2 weeks ago. It worked for me and was nearly painless. If you already own a Hyundai you can get $500 off via owner loyalty. There are no other incentives now thru 8/31.

    1. Contact several dealers via the internet.

    2. conduct all negotiations via email and let them know you are buying a vehicle from someone and it's up to them whom

    3. offer the dealer $400 over invoice and no fees other than the factory destination fee.

    4. get your financing pre-approved and let them know you are.

    5. when you get the deal you want then appear at the dealer, take it for a test drive.

    6. Be firm with your offer and head for the door if they try to pull any tricks. They don't want you to leave and this gives you leverage.

    Or - if you are a Sam's Club or Costco member use their Auto Program to get a similar deal with no hassles. If you aren't a member - it it may worth spending the $40 - $50 membership fee to save many hundreds.

    Good luck,

  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    "Long live the Hyundai Santa Fe hatch handle!"

    LOL...yeah, the tailgate handle, among other features, makes the Santa Fe interestingly unique. As mentioned, I am glad Hyundai retained many unique features on the new Santa Fe.
  • Is it possible to buy the GLS and then retro-fit a Hyundai power seat using an outside vendor?

    I sold Toyotas for a couple years and I made several "adjustments", such as special leather seats and moonroofs, for good customers through an outside shop. I did this to build good referrals and get the customer a special price without using the dealer's markup. However, as JCS noted you could end up spending almost as much as the option.

    The place I used had about a dozen technicians and they could do just about anything. Visit a few dealerships and tell them you are interested in a new vehicle but you have a special need (don't get into details) for a dandicapped daughter. Ask them who they use for special aftermarket applications. You might be surprised that several use the same outfit. Visit the place you have chosen and get a price. Good luck :)

    Joe in Texarkana
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97

    I just found this on the main Hyundai website.

    They have a special program to assist with special needs. Go here:

  • I'm considering this vehicle but the tow capacity is not listed on the hyundai web site. Does anyone know how this car will do towing a small boat. Also, does it have 4lo for use on ramps?

  • Does anyone know of a dealer with a Santa Fe with the third row seat? I heard that they are being shipped. I am in Metairie, LA and none of the local dealers that I called had one in.

    Has anyone heard any updates?
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    does anybody know weather the 05 to 07 santa fe will take flex f85which is 10%gas and 90% corn mix. :confuse:
  • jabbottjabbott Posts: 14
    My 2007 Santa Fe has the lighted cup holders. You cannot notice it unless it is dark. It really works. It's nice.
  • lindawwlindaww Posts: 7
    As I mentioned in a previous post (8/4/06), one of the dealerships in the Houston area is showing 2007 Santa Fe's with the 3rd row seat option in its website's inventory. When I spoke to them about it, they said they were being shipped and should arrive within 10 days -- please note that was 12 days ago -- and they told me today, they have not received them yet :( :confuse: I have no idea how long the shipping process takes, but Houston isn't that far from Alabama ;) I just keep telling myself this is a great opportunity to practice patience :D

  • grutzagrutza Posts: 52
    I saw one at a dealership in Milwaukee when I there visiting the family. I wasn't interested in one with a third row so I didn't take a closer look but they are out there.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    I saw one at the local dealer. The third row is so far back, it does not make sense. When you open the rear hatch, the 3rd row, upper outside corner of the seat back is actually outside the car...

    Just try to imagine what will happen to the 3rd row occupants if you get rear ended.

    The 5 seater is fine.
  • I've been doing some research on the new Santa Fe and an '06 Kia Sorrento. They both have the 10 year warranty. I like the new Santa Fe's design. I rented a Sorrento for two weeks and it drove very good. It was very quiet and had enough power when you needed it. Does anyone have an opinion out there as to which of the two would be better overall? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  • i have no experence with the kia but i suggest you do a direct comparison with the numbers and see which suv meets your criteria better.

    The 2007 santa fe is all new and you will be paying top notch price at the moment so I think you would score a better deal with a sorrento. Having said that I personally would take the new santa fe because i checked it out and its my favorite suv in the segment (style, substance, performance,100,000k power train ect)
  • I am ready to purchase an 07 Santa Fe SE :)
    I am struggling with the choice of color. :confuse:

    I definitely will go with the grey interior. The exterior colors have been narrowed to: Platinum Sage ( the color has grown on me alot), Deepwater Blue ( it is close to black and not alot of contrast on the window trim and lower panel, the metallic blue only really shows in bright light and then looks cool), Slate Blue - I saw one at the dealer but it sold the next day and I want another look at it, and finally the Steel Grey looks like it might be interesting.

    Anyone have any colors of real vehicles? The color swatch chart at Hyundai USA is not accurate and does not work at all on the Build your vehicle pages.

    Someone posted to this list with a link to JPG's for a Slate Blue Santa Fe but the links did not work nor did the subsequent posting to another site. If someone has this jpg or a working link please post it or email directly to me.

    I appreciate all of the postings to this site. it helped me make a decision. In my search for a new vehicle I have test driven the following: Pontiac Vibe, Honda CRV, Toyota Rav 4, and a Tuscon.

    I like the value, feel, and features of the new Santa Fe. I will post more about my buying experience and what I have learned in my search for a new vehicle, which is alot, soon.

    best regards and thanks to all,
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