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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    It is however a very simple installation. Many dealers will do it or send you to someone they use. There are several sights on the internet that will sell you the OEM fog lights. id=596
  • I talked to to the head mechanic at Alexandria Hyundai about the clunking. He said he thought it was the power steering - the pressure reall builds up when you are turning the wheel really hard, so much so that it releases a bit after a while. (He actually gave a better explanation than this - I am just trying to recall exactly what he said.) His advice was after turning the wheel all the way, back off a little bit.

  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Thanks Chris.

    Haven't ask my parents if they've taken it to the dealer yet, but, frankly (perhaps I am jumping the gun here) that is a lame response by head mechanic. How about designing a power steering system that does not do this, or do something about it?

    I certainly hope this is not reflective of the attitude(read: head in sand like ostrich) of Hyundai as a whole because it certainly doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy about buying a Hyundai. Perhaps I have been reading to much negative about Hyundai lately. (BTW, I am currently considering a Veracruz, Tribeca or CX-9 come Fall)

    Anyway, Chris, thanks for thinking of asking.

  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    I have an 07 Santa Fe and can turn the P/Steering from lock to lock and do not get any noise. One should always try to prevent turning the steering lock to lock as all cars will either pulse in the steering wheel o make some type of noise.
    PS: My friend has an 08 Verzcruz and loves it but it is quie a bit larger than he Santa Fe. His wife has the Tribeca and it is very nice and quite a bit more power than the Veracruz due to the Boxer style engine. Good luck on your new purchase.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I certainly hope this is not reflective of the attitude(read: head in sand like ostrich) of Hyundai as a whole
    Of course it is.....not everywhere, but often, I run into this. It varies dealer to dealer.
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Agreed, but doing so should not result in clunk or thump when doing so. Never had that on my vehicles.

    Pros and cons to both the VC and Tribeca. Tribeca 3rd row is absolutely useless, whereas it is very useful in the VC. At 6'4", telescoping steering is important, and not available on 08 Tribeca...hopefully '09. I must admit, I am a bit biased towards Tribeca given I am Soob owner, currently with my 2nd Outback. Anyway, more I read about Hyundai as a whole, sound like they still have to get their act together in order to truly bring themselves up to the ranks of other competitors.

  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    "Anyway, more I read about Hyundai as a whole, sound like they still have to get their act together in order to truly bring themselves up to the ranks of other competitors."

    I'm not sure what you've been reading but the overwhelming majority of 2007 / 2008 Santa Fe owners on this board are very happy with their vehicles. Count me as one of them. I've had my 2007 Limited AWD for 11 months and 9400 miles and couldn't be happier with it. The only problem I've had has been a parking brake cable in need of adjustment; my dealer took care of it in 30 minutes.

    Are there things I'd change if I could? Sure, but they're pretty minor. I'd prefer xenon headlights but the SF's halogens provide plenty of light. I'd like an MP3 player input; instead I just listen to the STANDARD EQUIPMENT XM radio. Since mine is a 2007 I couldn't get navigation; I use a dash-mounted Garmin in my SF and it works great. (Of course, this "shortcoming" has been corrected on the 2008 Limited.) The only other things on my wish list are too small to even care much about - things like illumination for the outside mirror controls, moonroof button, or maplight buttons; heated rear seats, and power passenger seat.

    On the flipside, this SF is an absolute pleasure to drive. It's comfortable, well-equipped, and nicely assembled. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • Hey guys,

    I've been browsing this message forum for a few days, and I was noticing that a lot of people are having window regulator problems. Is this a common issue with the 07' Santa Fe's? Does anyone have a 07/08 Santa Fe with like 50k on it? If so, what kind of issues have you had?

    I opted to go with the 3.3L V6 engine (Limited Model). I've heard that the 3.3L is a better engine than the 2.7, and I wanted the extra horsepower. Anyway's, I was wondering what kind of issues, if any at all, people on this forum are experiencing with this motor?

    Lastly, I decided at my last oil change (6k) to opt for the full synthentic oil. The car has a remote starter, so it tends to idle for an extended period of times. It's also run pretty hard on the highway, and it does see a lot of stop and go traffic. Anyway's, I decided that I am going to change the oil ever 5-6 k. What are your thoughts on that?

    Thanks much!

  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    2007 Limited AWD here - engine is fantastic with zero issues in 11 months / 9500 miles. I'm actually quite amazed with its smoothness and quietness. I've not had any problems with the window regulators, either.
  • mobo13mobo13 Posts: 2
    Good Morning

    Pround new owner of a 08 Santa Fe Limited no nav, no touring, no RSE. I wanted to give my opiniuon on a few challenges for prospective new owners.

    The Nav System: At 1700 dollars (or so) you get a beautiful screen but lose the 6 disc changer. A good alternative is a PPC or Pocket PC cellphone. The advantage to this is you can have turn by turn directions, real time maps , and the ability to look up info in real time. This means as an example I can put in best gas prices and it will show me the cheapest gas, the distance to the station, and then directions to there. One could also look up hotels, choose one, get the price directions all with one device. These devices also use voice command to make things that much easier. PPC price 100 and up and ten dollars a month for service and best of all as the technology improves and changes you will not be stuck with a device that you cannot upgrade. Will Hyundai support that device in 5 or so years. If anyone is interested I will send you a picture of my setup.

    Bluetooth: The Hyundai device is not a Hyundai device it is actually a device called Blueconnect made by Johnson controls. It is used by many comapanies and is not a bad device but does not use the existing Stereo speakers or mute functions to work as a true factory systen would. You also lose the sunglass holder. One can buy a motorola T305 for 80 bucks at Costco and accomplish the same thing as opposed to the 350.00 PIO option. Lots of aftermarket choices out there.

    MP3 Port: Very disapointing here, there is a dealer option for a FM modulator that is hard wired but I have not spoke to anyone about this. It looks like something you got from Radio Shack 10 years ago. By the way your PPC can be your MP3 player, mine has a 8GB capacity for music.

    If you chose the Nav I hope you love it and that it works for you. All the best for all us NEW Santy owners.

    Mobo13 :)
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    One other point is if you have a portable navigation system you can move it from one vehicle to another or even your rental car if it is not equiped with navigation. They are by far more cost effective as well. Enjoy your Santa Fe.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 51,318
    Congrats on the new SF Mobo13!

    You can post photos in the free albums on your CarSpace page - I'm sure other owners and tire kickers would love to see your setup.

    Moderator - Buying questions? Please include city or zip code and trim you are shopping, FWD or AWD, etc.

  • sduff68sduff68 Posts: 52
    It has been one year and less than 7,000 miles and I am still happy with my 2007 Santa Fe SE.

    It still amazes me how quiet the engine and transmission is on this vehicle. I prefer driving it to my wife's 2006 Toyota Sienna XLE for long trips, but since my wife prefers the extra room and the DVD for the kids we usually drive it.

    Recently I installed a DVD from Circuit City, total cost for installation and extended warranty was 1400.00. The screen is HUGE, 12.1 inches, much larger than a factory DVD. I cannot even use the rear view mirror when it is down, however it is so big I can angle it forward so I can see out the mirror and the kids have no problem viewing it.

    As a result I have been able to drive my SE on some of our day trips. Recently on a trip to Charlottesville, VA from Springfield, VA (200 miles round trip) I averaged 24.1 mpg highway.

    The DVD performed great! I have added an auxiliary speaker to it so my kids can hear the DVD while we listen to the XM radio instead of having to broadcast the DVD using the FM modulator.

    I also added the factory cargo liner. So far the only things I need to do to this vehicle is add mudguards, and aftermarket leather and then I will be done!
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I echo your sentiments, sduff68. I'm at 11 months and 9500 miles on my 2007 Santa Fe Limited AWD and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. The only problem I've had has been a parking brake cable in need of adjustment - certainly not a big deal. The power train is VERY quiet and smooth, the seats are comfortable, and everything works as it should. This SUV is an absolute pleasure to drive. These words are written by an admitted "car guy" - dare I say car snob, whose most recent cars have been a 2007 Volvo XC90 AWD, 2003 Audi A6 4.2, 2000 Audi A6 2.8, Volvo 940 Turbo, and my current 2005 Corvette. My point is that it takes a pretty great car to make me happy and my Santa Fe hasn't let me down one bit. I'd recommend one to anybody.
  • bazbobbazbob Posts: 8
    Hey all, I've put 25k miles on my Platinum Blue Limited AWD (still love the car and the ride). The OEM Bridgestone Dueler H/T 235/60-18’s that came with the Santa Fe from the factory are at 60 – 70% tread worn already. The wear has been pretty even on all tires (rotated them twice) since I’ve bought it and I’m looking for new tires to replace them.

    I loved the quiet ride of the Bridgestone’s when I first got the car and was impressed with the tires when new, but I’m disappointed that they only lasted 25k miles. The ride is a noticeably a little noisier now than when the tires were new on the highway. I’m reluctant to get the same Dueler’s again because I would like the next set to last 35 – 40k miles.

    Anyway, There aren’t a lot of tires in 235/60 – 18 size especially Highway All-Season types. One of the best that I’ve heard of is the Goodyear ResponseEdge @ $150/tire but these are all on backorder in most dealers.

    The Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 is very pricey at $220/tire and gets poor reviews on

    One tire that came to my attention that gets good reviews, good tread wear and is priced very affordable is the Hankook Ventus AS RH07.

    At $105/tire it seems the way to go. I know other people who own Hankook tires and love them. The aesthetics of the Handkook look pretty good as well as the specs.

    Has anyone else been looking at new tires and if so, what’s your thoughts?

  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Have you looked at Tire Rack or Discount Tires? They both list a few tires you might want to consider.

    Tire Rack

    Discount Tires

    (Oops. I noticed you mentioned Tire Rack after I posted this.) :surprise:
  • bazbobbazbob Posts: 8
    Yes, infact that's the first place I went to look for tires. Tirerack does not sell Hankook tires however. They do sell another non marquis tire called Kumho Road Venture for $109/tire but it has an ugly side wall design and I cannot find any reviews on it at all.

    Honestly, I’m looking for the best bang for the buck considering that it could cost anywhere between $500 - $1000 depending on what tire I pick to replace all four. I’ll opt to save $500 and buy the lesser known tires if there is no significant performance, ride comfort or noise differences.

    I can’t be alone on this issue. I’m sure other ‘07 Santa Fe owners original OEM tires are getting a little tread worn.
  • If I remember correctly, quite a few people on this forum have gotten Nokian WR tires when replacement time came. Maybe a little bit harder to find, but not pricey and seemingly an excellent tire.
  • maseacemaseace Posts: 32
    The Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge I got last November have been great - superior to the low-rated Duellers in every way, and much more traction in rain.

    See the Tire Rack link above. They are the highest rated tire in this size.
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hi: I just washed my Santa Fe and upon taking it for a short drive tonight the TPMS sensor came on for the right rear tire. I checked the pressure and it is the same as the other three tires. Does anyone know how to reset the indicator light in the dash.
  • maseacemaseace Posts: 32
    The TPMS system resets every time you start the car. What is the pressure in your tires? Make sure you check them while cold - they can increase by 4 psi if you drive a few miles. Fill them to 36 and you'll get better mileage - 30 psi is the minimum.
  • lucky15lucky15 Posts: 72
    It is true you will get better gas mileage at 36 psi instead of 30 psi but you forgot to mention that the nice ride you have at 30 psi will just about be gone at 36 psi, personally I keep mine at 32.
  • crusaderrcrusaderr Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and am going to the dealer for an new alternator after 16,000 miles and will ask him about it and my tires are very used up.
    Not happy with this vehicle at all
  • ramapokidramapokid Posts: 5
    My daughter has a 2007 Santa Fe limited . It has the third seat option. When the vehicle is out in the rain, later the seat belt for the second row seat passenger is wet. Somehow moisture from the rain gets into the seat belt channel from the roof or side of the vehicle, or gets into the vehicle from the underside. I think it comes in from the roof area or passenger side of the vehicle because the car may be standing through the night when rain has occured, and has not been operated in the rain or wet streets..
    Has anyone experienced this problem on any Santa Fe model?
    My daughter is in the process of seeking help and resoultion from the local dealer.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    You haven't mentioned if there is a sunroof - if there is, there have been numerous posts about leaking sunroofs - it is a recognised and common problem with all S.Fe's that have them because of poor design and workmanship. Even after the dealers have "fixed" the problem it still occurs and they give up trying to make it leak proof. It seems to be a very hit and miss affair. If no sunroof, sounds like a badly fitted rubber door seal that can be replaced.
  • carbuntcarbunt Posts: 40
    {quote}" is a recognised and common problem with all S.Fe's that have them because of poor design and workmanship."{end quote}

    In March '07 my wife purchased an '07 Santa Fe Limited, which includes a sunroof and it hasn't leaked. It's been through dozens of car washes, and thunderstorms.

    Perhaps what you describe is specific to a problem with some earlier '07 Santa Fes. However, generalizations regarding a specific design issue without concrete, verifiable proof, is merely speculation.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    carbunt - you stated "....without concrete,verifiable proof, is merely speculation".

    If you punch in "leaking sunroof" into the search box on this Forum , you will come up with 3 pages and 46 posts about sunroof/moonroof leaks, including lemon law cases.
    I believe there are also filed complaints on the NHTSA Office of Defects to be investigated.

    IMHO, I feel comfortable highlighting this as a common problem on this new S.Fe platform, along with the temp. sensor, interior lights, TPSM, weight sensors and window regulators , all of which come up on a regular basis. I was merely attempting to answer another posters question about others who have had the same problem.

    There are also innumerable postive aspects about the S.Fe , too, which do make this vehicle a great competitor in its class.
    Reliability issues, though, are still are a factor in buyability and re-sale factors down the line and should be discussed and addressed.

    My ardent wish is that you never have to address any reliability issues in your own vehicle.
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hello: I have a 07 Santa Fe with less than 3000 miles and very little use of the passenger side as I normally drive alone. Yesterday while cleaning the interior I removed the factory floormats and directly in front of the seat bottom the carpet seems to be loosing its fibre. It is only about one inch long and half an inch wide but shows because the floor mats do not cover this area. It is only on the passenger side. Has any one had this problem.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Agreed. While there are plenty of owners who have not experienced the leaky moonroof problem, there are enough who have that it can be considered a design issue. It would be very interesting to learn why some santa Fes leak and others don't. Is it a manufacturing error? Adjustment? Materials defect? Whatever the cause, was it corrected on later builds? We may never know.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Not to get all Dorky about it, the leak can only be caused by an overflow from the drip tray on the roof frame, or from water under pressure overcoming the rubber seal seating pressure.

    Under normal conditions, if the water overcomes the seal pressure, and there is a designed overflow pathway and drain tube venting to the bottom of the body, then either the drain hole is blocked or the overflow tube is blocked in some other way, as in a kink in the plastic tubing.

    The only other option is if the roof frame has been installed at a slight angle,or bent during manufacture or installation, not allowing a good seal or clear pathway for the water to drain fast enough.

    The mere fact that water is collecting in the drain tray in any quantity (which it shouldn't) and that it happens in some roofs and not others, IMHO makes the seal design suspect - but it still could be a bad frame design or install, too.

    I used to design exterior Architectural shaped Center Pivot windows and getting the seal design and installation to function with extruded or mechanically bent sections is an art in itself. It may work under a water pressure test in the lab, and then not work at all in real conditions. All joint and sealing surface tolerances have to be within limits, too. An unfortunate truth is that no design, manufacture or installation is perfect all the time.
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