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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • Does anyone else have a loud, obnoxious grinding sound when they lock their vehicle? Mine comes from the very back hatch door on my Santa Fe. thanks!
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    Pep Boys have the filter for about $20 and you can fit it yourself - look up post #78 on Santa Fe Climate Control questions and issues Board on how to get to the filter housing behind the glove compartment.

    Also look up how to replace the cabin air filter in your owners manual, for information. For further info look up post #662 under Santa Fe '07 Maintenance and Repair board.
  • Yup, my "07" doe's the same thing, but Never when it's at the shop. Every time I go in, I tell them about it. so at least there nis a record of it.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    are there any chassis lube points on the 2007 santa fe limited awd? a chassis lube should be done on every oil change...
  • I have a new 08 SE with standard (no Infinity) stereo. Looks good, but sound could be much better IMO. Problem is I want to keep the head end. Has anyone changed out just their speakers and possibly added a moderate amp? How does it sound? Worth the investment? Anyone know a good shop in the Boston/Southern New Hampshire area? Thanks.
  • I haven't done what you're suggesting to my SF, but I've considered it, and I'm in the "audio biz", so here's some thoughts.

    Your head unit is probably fine. It's just as easy these days to make a decent car stereo amp with wide frequency response and adequate power as it is to make a junky one. Your head unit comes from Delphi, which is usually pretty good. If, as you've indicated, you're happy with its design and functions, I'd leave it alone. Changing speakers is your best bang-for-the-buck move. Most head units are capable of much better sound than the OEM speakers provide. Provided you upgrade to GOOD aftermarket speakers, your sound should be measurably better. I'd suggest brands such as Pioneer, Polk, Boston Acoustics or similar, and be prepared to spend AT LEAST $100/pair, and maybe up to $200/pair to get a significant improvement. Depending on how loud you like to play your music, an external amp might not be necessary. It's a simple step to change out the speakers first, and then decide if you need an amp. If you do, I wouldn't think you'd need more than 50 watts per channel (that's RMS, not "peak power"). Feel free to ask for more suggestions.

    BTW, I haven't done this to my SF because I'm lazy, and the OEM speakers aren't THAT bad. The bass is kind of boomy, however, so a change might be in the wind...
  • Thanks for your insight. I think we are both thinking along the same line. What are your impressions of the auto departments of Best Buy and Circuit City? I would probably not go that route. I will probably look for an independant dealer of some kind. Know any dealers in the Boston area?
  • I read the recent post that says if you have your doors programmed to lock automatically when driving 15 mph they will unlock automatically when you put the trans. in Park. I just read an old, 1 year + old post (I'm trying to catch up) that says it will not automatically unlock if the trans. goes into Park-that you need to press the unlock button. Anyone know for sure (now in Nov '08) what is the correct situation? Does the programming give you a choice? Thanks.
  • I would probably recommend against Circuit City since they just filed for bankruptcy, although that may not mean anything. Best Buy overall has a good reputation as far as big box stores go - their installers can be as good as anybody. Krank It Up in Medford seems to have a good reputation, though I have no personal experience with them (I'm in Colorado). Do yourself a favor - Google "car stereo" and "Boston" and see who looks like a good bet.
  • js06gvjs06gv Frisco, TXPosts: 352
    I saw the same post, but am thinking the poster was referring to an older model SF or maybe another Hyundai model. I have a 2007 and have driven some 2008 models too. The doors only lock automatically, not unlock. The programming does not give you a choice.

    2016 Kia Optima SX, 2015 Ford Mustang GT, 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch, 2000 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

  • There is a TSB (06-90-022) on for model years 2006 & 1007 that lists the options for the auto door locks on the Santa Fe as:
    1. OFF
    2. SPEED-LINKED - 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 Km/H

    It states there is no auto unlock feature for the SF.

    I do not see a TSB for the door locks for the 2008 model.
  • I have newly moved up into the Ipod world. Does anyone have any help on how to get it to work in a 2007 Santa Fe? It seems surprising to me that in this day and age, there is no auxilary plug in for it.

  • I grew up in Medford and I know exactly where Krank It Up is located. Please tell me a more about them, if you can. Also, do you know anything about Pro Sound in Salem NH. That is very close to where I work and so it would be most convenient. I do know they have been at that location for many years. Thanks again.
  • Denvertrakker -

    Do you have a shop/installer that you can recommend in the Denver area? That's where I live ... and I am planning to upgrade the speakers on my 2007 Santa Fe.


  • Quality Auto Sound has a pretty good reputation, although the only one I have personal experience with is the one in Greeley. Excalibur Sound on W. Hampden near Federal has been around a long time and seems better than average. And there's always CarToys, which is likely to be the most expensive. The only really negative one (not personally, but from what I've heard) is Sound on Wheels.
  • I just got a quote for $1,000 up to $1400. It includes Boston and/or JL speakers with an amp (no Sub). I'm sure this is quality stuff, my question is, can I do this for less $ and still be making a decent upgrade? i guess i was trying to do this installed for around $600-$700.
  • I went ahead and had the speakers in my Santa Fe replaced this past weekend (at Car Toys, here in Denver). I chose Alpine SPS 600C component speaker sets in the front, and Infinity 6022i speakers for the back.

    The speakers and install ran me about $450 - which is not cheap, but I liked the store and the install people, and decided to give them my business. Their product recommendations were dead on, and they did an excellent job with the installation (which involved removing the door panels, as well as drilling new mounting holes and replacing the crossovers for the tweeters in the front doors - all of which was more involved than I wanted to get in my drafty, grimy garage during winter).

    The stock speakers were made out of cardboard. Not impressive at all.

    I didn't get an amp installed. I am running the new speakers off the stock head unit. For my purposes, I don't think the amp was necessary. The improvement in sound quality simply from replacing the speakers was very impressive, and is immediately noticeable.

  • Thanks for the info. You probably saved me $500+. I am still considering an amp possibly. Now that you have had a bit a seat time would you reconsider an amp if you started over? Is Car Toys a local dealer or national? Thanks.
  • CarToys is a western chain. 52 locations in Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Texas.
  • Adding an amplifier would probably improve the sound quality. The question is how large the incremental improvement would be, and whether it is worth the additional expense. I opted not to get one, due to limited funds, and I don't regret the decision.

    Worst comes to worst, you could always opt for the speakers now, and add an amp later if you were dissatisfied.

    BTW - check out the product ratings and speakers that are available on Crutchfield's website. They also have technical support staff that can provide recommendations. If you purchase equipment through them, they can also refer you to an installer in your area. They might also have views on amplifiers. Just an idea.
  • Thanks, that's pretty much how I am thinking right now. I just need to find a shop that is willing to do just a speaker job without trying to sell me state of the art equipment. I went to a dealer in my area, been there a long time, and they were very knowledgeable. unfortunately they wanted to do a speaker and amp install for $1100-$1400. I am sure it very good stuff, but my budget just isn't in that range. I am hoping to do speakers and install for no more than $400-$500. Then I'll worry about if I need an amp. Thanks again.
  • I've decided on installing Alpine S-Type componets up front (as you did) and Alpine S-Type Coaxials in the rear with an Alpine amp for $741 installed complete. May I ask, what went into your decision to go with Infinities in the rear? Thanks.
  • Honestly? That decision was based on price. The Infinities were nice speakers, and I liked them about as well a the Alpine S-series co-ax speakers, and they worked well in combination with the Aline component sets in the front. Plus, the Infinities happened to be on sale. No deeper reason than that.

    Sounds like you are getting a good deal on that package. Keep us posted on how you like the results when you get it installed.

  • Thanks, I will let you know how I like it. The install isn't until next week (12/18). BTW, I forgot to ask before, did you listen to the Alpine Type-R? I know their specs are better and have adjustable crossovers that the installer can tweak, and potentially more bass, but they wanted $650 installed (2 pair) vs. $378 for the Type S. I thought the S-Types were brighter and with estentially same bass response, so I thought I would just go with them and save $300. Just wondering what you thought of the comparative sound between the 2 models?
  • ryanorryanor Posts: 11
    I noticed the 2007 Santa Fe had a third-row option on all trim lines (GLS, SE, and Limited). However, in 2008, it is no longer available on the GLS. Does anyone know why Hyundai made this decision?

  • Hello: Regarding the 3rd row seating option, when I asked the dealership they stated it was because the Vera Cruz was now the unit that would be seven passenger. Personally, I have tried to get into the 3rd row and found it almost impossible unless you are a child or under 5 feet tall.
  • As I was pumping gas yesterday into my '08 SE I noticed inside the fill neck there was no flap. All my previous cars in recent memory had a little metal flap that open when the gas nozzel push it open and closed by spring when the nozzel was removed. Is this normal for the Sanrta Fe or is it missing? Thanks.
  • ryanorryanor Posts: 11
    At 5'10", I've had no problem getting into the seat. Just have about an inch or two to spare on head room though. No, the 3rd row option is still available on the Santa Fe, just only on the SE and Limited models (not on GLS).
  • js06gvjs06gv Frisco, TXPosts: 352
    Tonight, I saw a GLS AWD with hubcaps as opposed to alloys. Alloy wheels have been standard on this generation since 2007. I didn't think the 2009s were out yet, but now am wondering if this was a 2009 and they have been decontented this year. No info on Hyundai's website about 2009 SFs.

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  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 51,297
    Maybe the owner had winter tires mounted on a set of steel rims? But you're in Texas right?

    Moderator - Buying questions? Please include city or zip code and trim you are shopping, FWD or AWD, etc.

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