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Nissan Pathfinder Tires and Wheels



  • ctomctom Posts: 11
    I see several other folks have also had their spare tire stolen. Anyone have any advice as to how to prevent this? Have called a couple dealers and they have not been much help. I have an '08 Pathfinder S. Thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    How about a cable type bike lock?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • the spare tire can be stolen in 2 seconds with a flat head screw driver....the U clip can be broken in 2 seconds. the perfect lock is the metal cable type because when you lock it its visible to possible thiefs. also place some duck tape where you place the key to keep dust and dirt.
  • ctomctom Posts: 11
    Many thanks for the tips - am going to use a rubber-coated steel cable with a weather-resistant Master lock. I'll let everyone know how this works out....
  • 2007 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 (Although never used as 4x4) located in South Fl. I have previously reported many problems with this truck.
    Latest, I just took truck to dealer "Coral Springs Nissan" from hell, 30,000 mile service, and actual miles 29,500 mile. I ask them to rotate the tires, they say really not enough tread, three tires have at least 4mm, 1 has 3mm. I know why odd, when I constantly had tires rotated. This truck had the classic problem of, every time he hit a twig or bump, the front wheels shook, I told them several times. Eventually @ 22,500 miles they found tracking had a problem & needed an extended bolt. They now tell me need new set of tires. 29,500 "Need new tires", outrageous. Should get 50k on tires. Anyway, I pay & insist on rotate tires, they sell me another balance deal. Oil & Rotate $95.
    Surely tires should do better then 29,500 miles.
    I also tell them rear trunk lid, needs new struts, does not fully open, so constantly hit head. Service writer from hell says "no it’s fine". I refuse to deal with this writer, they get me another one. End of day, they oil struts, "See if that works, if not we will see about replacing”
    Is Coral Springs Nissan a bad dealer or is it an institution Nissan thing. Try to never fix the problems.

    Of course I still have the Tranny problem, rattles in doors, front windows that don't open properly, noisy wipers, tinny woofer.

    Reg. Frank R.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Been running 275/55/17 on 2000 Pathfinder SE4x4 since 2000. No rubbing issues at all. They are Dunlop TG35 which are unfortunately not made any more. Fabulous tire.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Interested in hearing opinions on replacement tires that the folks here have. The Michelins LTXs M&S have 50k on them, some tread left but replacements will be needed soon. Rotated & balanced every 5k. Elsewhere on this forum I disclosed the horror of a tread separation (Michelin called it a 'driver-error" Run Flat situation, Ha). Aside from that faulty tire which was replaced without question by COSTCO, they have been much better than the OEMs - Dunlops. Smoother, quieter ride - handled better than the Dunlops, But very $$$$.
  • 2007 Path SE 4x4, but almost never use 4 wheel drive. Tires are BF goodrich, 1st one worn out at 30500 miles. Not impressed. Just bought new tire + put brand new, never used spare on back. Problem with new spare, has 4 deep indentations on outside of rubber. Dealer says, caused by sparewheel, clamp. UGH! never seen or heard of such a thing. Dealer says can't do anything aboout it. Only 16 months to go, before give back the lease. Whoopee.
  • your struts might be worn... but should not be the problem.. i just rolled 105,000 miles and my second set of tires are ok...

    i will suggest... setting your PSI doing the white chalk line test... go to smooth paved parking lot..... take a piece of chalk and draw a line across the tire from the inside to the outside... you can do 3 to 8 lines.. then drive a little bit forward and watch to see if line is getting worn even....... if too much psi.. or too little will show ..... edges wear out faster or edges stay even and center of tire is worn ..or lighter .

    sounds dumb but .... each truck weighs different... each tire needs to be set according to how much weight is on the tire.... the chalk line test will tell you the exact PSI the tire is asking for..

    good luck
  • if you are going to buy new tires.... i recomend on-line.... i have the bf goodrich rugged trails "e" load range... you can find them for 129.00 and up... i put these on my truck at 44,000 miles...i am at 105,000 miles and they are holding up really good..
  • I just bought 4 new tires and I want to align the Pathfinder. What is the best machine for this? Any tips?
  • I live in a 4 season city and do alot of highway driving- looking for advice on best/recommended all season tires currently on the market for this car. thanks.
  • jedix5jedix5 Posts: 1
    If you decide to do re-alignment, check the parts. Excessive wear on parts combined with damaged roads or heavy off-road driving will throw off the re-alignment at some point. Also, check your struts for bleeding/corrosion or just a really bouncy ride. Then look at your brakes, if they have heavy wear or deep markings, clean them off and see how they look. Do not just look at the front but also the rear. The downforce when braking puts twice the load of the 2 front tires. So if your struts and brakes are not up to par, you will have issues. I have a PF SE 03 2WD w/ option to use 4WD and have gone through 2 sets of tires (Dunlop and Falken). These are LL TERRAIN. Currently I am on the Falkens. PF's have weight issues that really can not be overcome. It is a heavy vehicle. We all drive ours differently whether casual/aggressive, off-road, towing or combination. What I am going to do is rotate my tires more often to have even wear. Try this with your current or newly purchased tires. Take your LF and move it to the RB, and take your RF to your LB.
  • i have an 06 pathfinder se with the 16 in rim. can i fit the 17 x7.5 stock rim that comes standard on the le?
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