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  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,071
    Shoot, the CTS is selling so hot, my dealership can't even keep 'em in stock!
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048,0,249526- 1.story?coll=la-class-autos-highway1

    So here's a new thought, worthy of defending: Cadillac makes a better car than BMW or Mercedes or Lexus or Infiniti, and that car is the 2008 CTS. No other car in the mass market, with so much at stake for its makers, dares so much as this expressive and audacious bit of automotive avant-gardism. In a segment that lives and dies by European benchmarks, the CTS sets fire to the bench and throws it through the shopkeepers' window.

    But just park the CTS next to the competition. The Mercedes-Benz C350 looks hidebound by its own heritage; the BMW, staid and predictable, a law clerk's car. In this big-numbers segment -- entry luxury sport-sedans -- there is a distinct proclivity to play it safe. The CTS hits the street like a ruby fired out of a shotgun.
    Indeed, because there is so much technical parity in this segment, it's personality and character, not trivial tenths of acceleration or cornering, that make one car worth buying and the other not.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    to say absolutely nothing of any substance. A masterpiece of puffery.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Well, the avant-garde is what put Automobile off, while Motor Trend loved it. Car & Driver liked the CTS with the automatic but was put off by the 6 speed manual. Road & Track was going to do a comparison with a 5-series but realized that they were not in the same class.

    I seriously doubt that any long time Mercedes or BMW owners are trading for the CTS. But Camry owners looking to move into the sport sedan segment may well give the CTS serious consideration.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    I'd like to see even one documented case of a satisfied Camry owner trading it in on a CTS as her primary ride.
  • Sadly, GM manual gearboxes suck royally. Ugh, I drove the first gen CTS and it was like rowing a rod through a box of rocks. Seriously, it was notchy, clunky and the most imprecise shifter I've ever driven this side of an eighties Saab 900. If it's the same contraption used in the Solstice then it's probably the same one that came from the Colorado pickup truck. The clutch takeup on it was really tough to modulate as well, I would have hated to drive one in bumper to bumper traffic. I probably would have had to get out and stretch my leg every 5 minutes with the damn thing! :D

    Unfortunately the availablity/popularity of "rowing it yourself" has been given way to DSG's and slicker Automanuals so I bet the Automatic version is an infinitely better driver. And a manual CTS is a rare bird anyways (even the salesman, "Slick Rick" had no idea the dealership had one) and GM would be smart to keep it that way or just eliminate them altogether.
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,071
    I can see at least one instance of a satisfied LaCrosse owner trading it in on a CTS as her primary ride.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    I can see that, too, but the kind of person who spends their money on a Camry isn't the sort of person who then turn around and spends it on a CTS. Completely different mindsets and worldviews. If the Camry buyer wants a luxury sport sedan, they're getting an IS350 or G35.
  • torque_rtorque_r Posts: 500
    Four of 6 finalists for NA Car & Truck of the Year are GM's. Cadillac CTS, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and Buick Enclave. The other 2 vehicles are the Honda Accord and Mazda CX-9
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011

    YEP !!!! :shades:

    GM, is kicking butt !!! The turn around is working !!! :blush:

  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    GREAT! Strange but I wonder which vehicles GM wants to have win the top spots? I would say the Malibu because they need the press on that one.

    Not sure on the truck side which one they want. The Enclave is selling like mad so perhaps they would rather have the Hybrid Tahoe since it is going to be a hard sell. Greenies would not like it because it is so big even if it got 30/40 mpg. And those who buy SUV's are not going to want to spend the extra bucks because there will be no pay back. It also does not offer much in the way of styling difference so those who buy to be seen will see no reason to, i.e. the Honda Accord Hybrid syndrome.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    It also does not offer much in the way of styling difference so those who buy to be seen will see no reason to, i.e. the Honda Accord Hybrid syndrome.

    Yeah, putting "H Y B R I D" lettering on the flanks might help a bit, but a different grille and an aero kit to reduce the drag coefficient would have done more in both the looks and performance departments.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    A camry owner is more likely to consider all the options when it comes to buying a sport sedan, while mercedes or bmw owners are less likely. What GM/Cadillac need are not other GM owners trading GM cars for the CTS, but owners of other manufacturers trading in for a CTS. If Buick owners start trading in for CTS's then Buick is dead. :sick:

    the camry owner is most likely going for the lexus es though
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    as a drastically-needed product rationalization.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    Sounds like what we have discussed before. Give GMC the trucks, Ponitac RWD premium performance cars and Buick premium mid range luxury vehicles.

    Now the question is, in the future, will the Enclave be dropped from Buick and only let GMC have one. Lots of ways to look at this, but my opinion is that GMC just could not pull off a fantastically styled vehicle like the Enclave. Just not truck enough. So let Buick keep the Enclave and compete with the Lexus CUV. Drop the Acadia at GMC and let Chevrolet sell the CUV Transverse.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    I gotta tell you, it takes someone like Bob to push something thru GM's system.

    The Saturn Astra represents a quantum leap forward for GM in the small car market. For a mere $100 million, which is chicken feed for a new product, the General traded in the uninspiring Ion for the European juggernaut Opel Astra. Many thought GM was merely buying time (literally) until a truly global Astra appears in 2010, since we've been told for years that it was too expensive (see: Focus) to retro-fit a Euro-car for the US Market.

    Maximum Bob has turned that paradigm upside down, as he explained that the spared development costs have netted GM savings of about $900 million. Of course, GM would probably never shell out $1 billion for a small car with a volume of 45,000 units per year, but since the General makes products all over the globe, it makes sense to sell the best cars and trucks wherever it can. If it helps keep your factories at full capacity while saving $900 million at the same time, than that's cool, too. Hey, if this is the new reality of automakers going global, we're all for it. Now Ford, bring on that Mondeo already!
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    So let Buick keep the Enclave and compete with the Lexus CUV. Drop the Acadia at GMC and let Chevrolet sell the CUV Transverse.

    That's what I would do, but I'd also dump the GMC version of the Equinox for an upclass Buick 5-seater and give GMC an old-school SUV based on the next midsize truck platform.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    What next midsize truck platform? I guess I see a great need for a real mid sized pick up truck in the future, but I doubt anyone will be selling a mid sized framed SUV in the future. Then again with the new fuel rules, perhaps there will be a forced market for a small SUV that can pull some heavy loads higher than the 5000# or so the CUV's are capable of.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    I'm assuming (perhaps optimistically) that GM won't simply leave the Colorado and Canyon to rot on the vine. Sharing the hood and cab with the truck would cut down development costs for a mid-size SUV oriented toward off-road use. The Tahoe and Suburban are too big for that role, and the CUVs exist for the kiddie market.
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