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Honda Accord (2008-2012) Maintenance and Repair



  • Definetly change ALL the fluid! Using a synthetic is optimum, the current ATF breaks down with heat! BG synthetic works great! Plus they give you a $2000 Warranty change it before 36k then do it every 30k .no brainer and I work at a Honda Dlr
  • I test drove a 2009 EXL V6 yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. I am currently negotiating a final deal. In the interim, I read in detail the posts on the 2008 and 2009 Accord, and I am concerned to say the least. My biggest concerns are oil consumption, gas mileage and the braking issues that an awful lot of folks have commented on.

    My '05 has been absolutely flawless, with the exception of a winshield creak that the dealer fixed back in December 2005.....I think I really need to reconsider getting a new one.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Remember, you're on a thread for repairs. There's not a "2008-2009 Accord Everything's Fine forum" so that all you read here makes it look worse than it really is.
  • dpmeersmandpmeersman Posts: 273
    My initial test drive of my 08 EX-L V6 Sedan back in Sept 07 left the same impression, I absolutely loved it and went on to purchase it. I can only offer my experiences regarding your 3 concerns. No squeaks or grinding from the brakes and a knowledgeable friend inspected them recently and felt I had about 50% life on the rear pads @ just under 20,000 miles. Front brakes weren't inspected as the rears seem to be subject to most of the negative comments. Sticker is spot on as far as fuel economy goes, 22 MPG overall for 20,000 miles. I've seen one tank @ a low of 17.5 mpg's and one @ a high of 32.16 mpg's many 28-31 on the hwy and many 19-21 city. I live in a hilly section of New England. The 2 oil changes that have been performed were both around 7,500 miles and in each case around 6,000 miles I had to add a quart. At nearly 5,000 miles since the last oil change it is down just a small amount on the dipstick, maybe a 1/2 a pint, nothing that requires any additions.

    I don't regret the purchase and mostly the love is still there, just not in the absolute range.
  • Thanks for your insight and impression, DP. I appreciate it.

    You also make a very good point, graduate.

    I will let you know what I decide. Thanks!
  • bduedebduede Posts: 2
    I just had the rear brakes replaced on my 2008 Accord LX-P at 31,000 miles. The dealer said they were at 0% and also tried to say it may be due to the parking brake being adjusted too tightly at the factory. Thus, they made the replacement free as a "one time goodwill." I foolishly did not as how much was left on the front brakes. Time will tell if this happens again at 60,000.
  • Well, I made my decision and purchased a EXL 4 cylinder. I will let you know how it works out, as I put on the miles.

    My son is happy...he got the "flawless" 2005 EXL V6! :D
  • yen_s_liuyen_s_liu Posts: 2
    My 2008 Honda Accord has a humongous paint problem! I bought my brand-new Honda Accord in May 2008 at Round Rock Honda in Texas. A couple of months later, I noticed there were spots all over the car, the hood, roof, door, trunk top. In July 2009, I took my car to the dealership for problem analysis, and they told me it's caused by bird dropping and tree sap. They estimated to re-paint the car would cost $3,300. I trusted their judgement because I bought 4 Honda's from this dealership. In good faith, I took it to a body shop to repair the damage, which I used before. After the owner of the body shop examined my car, he concluded the paint is defective. In August 2009, I contacted the dealership and opened a case with Honda Customer Service. The dealership set me up to meet with Jerry Meade from American Honda Motor Co., from Dallas, Texas. Mr. Meade was very belligerent and re-iterated the paint damage is caused by bird dropping and tree sap. Mr. Meade's attitude was so hostile, at one point of time during our meeting, he threw the key of my vehicle back to me. A day later, Brian Magana from the Customer Service called me back. Brian stated the cause of the damage is environmental elements and the case is closed. He further stated there is no escalation and will not return any future calls from me. I retained an attorney, and under his suggestion, in November I located a paint/coating company in Pennsylvania to test the paint. In January 2009, I received the report , and the report concludes no organic contamination on the paint. In April 2009, my attorney wrote a letter to America Honda Co. and the dealership with the report attached. Within a week, American Honda replied and re-confirmed their prior decision. As I discussed this with my attorney to explore the possibility of taking legal actions, my attorney explained to me that the estimated cost is around $20,000 without the attorney fees. My attorney told me this case is not cost effective for me to pursue. I have been a loyal Honda customer, and America Honda will not help with the paint problem when their product is defective. Most of all, I feel very hurt. I feel I am powerless when it comes to going against the giant American Honda Co. I have pictures, report, and statement to show the facts, but I won't be able to legally make America Honda to step up the plate because of the cost involved.

    I am looking for help. If you have any viable solution, please contact me at
  • foxwood_21foxwood_21 Posts: 31
    Honda agreed to replace my hood there a hole in it and also replace the evaporator the anti fungus coating is coming off its the coating on it
    this work is being done next week,, I have to rent a car as honda has no rental program unless you have the honda care .
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    You could try another Lawyer. This Lawyer obviously doesn't think your case is strong enough to win.
  • Filing a lawsuit and taking it through a trial is very expensive. About twelve years ago I looked into suing my previous homes builder over a water issue in the basement. The lawyer said that I would need to put up about $10K as a retainer to cover getting it through trial. After the trial, if you win you can request the costs be placed on the defendant, but the inverse is also true should you loose.
    Quite often you will read that in the case of a car company, they will make the person take it all the way, then offer a settlement right before the court date for the trial (if you look to have a good case). Sadly it is cheaper and easier to fix it yourself than sue, unless there is a small claims court you can use instead. I envy people that have a lawyer in their family when it comes to this stuff.
    The normal cure for this issue is to trade it in with a moderate layer of road dirt at night.
    The paint on my car has a couple pinhead size areas under the clear coat with no color, and a thin white circle around it - from what I can find online they are probably 'solvent pops' on mine.
    The jury is out on my car in general, but it feels more 'americarish' than I like - I miss the old low dash, and the better build quality on the older ones.
  • edk57edk57 Posts: 6

    How the new block is working for you? Did the oil consumption issue fixed. My car is at the dealer now to replace the short block, should I be aware of any issues when its time for me to pick it up. Thanks
  • rbbrickrbbrick Posts: 37
    Yes I have 6800 miles on the new short block and heads. Slight oil consumption 1/2 quart in 3200 miles.... it should get better over time.. But runs better than the old one more torque and smooth.
    I broke it in carefully during first 600 miles - no jack rabbit starts or high revs over 3500 rpms
    Thats about it .
    Roger :)
  • guitar4himguitar4him Posts: 19
    I need to replace the wipers on my 2008 Accord. There is some kind of weird cover over most of the wiper....they aren't exposed like most other vehicles. Anybody changed theirs yet who could offer some tips as to how to remove the covers without damaging them?

  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    It sounds like you have "winter blades" on your car. If so, you need to replace the whole assembly, not just the rubber wiper part. If you do an online search on "Trico winter blades" you will find pictures to verify that's what you have.

  • guitar4himguitar4him Posts: 19
    I looked up the Trico winter blades that you suggested. This is not what is on my 2008 Accord. I've been changing wipers blades on cars for 30 years. What's on my Accord is unlike anything I've ever encountered before. The carrier for the blades is plastic and is in several sections. I'm still at a loss as to how to approach a replacement.

  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 818
    There is also a "beam blade" which looks like a frameless blade. I see Trico shows pics of them on their web site. Try and select the Neoform or Innovision blade.

    Good luck

  • rkirchoffrkirchoff Posts: 65
    I have an 08 accord ex-l v6 and when my wipers needed changed, I opted for the new Rain-X wiper called Latitude, , and I am extremely happy with them although they are a bit pricey. I installed them in less than 1 minute each.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    Did you try the Honda dealer? I'm sure they'll replace the blade inserts for a modest sum. The Rain-X website has their Lattitude blades priced at $39 before shipping/tax. It will be less at the dealer.
  • I saw they were odd when I bought my 08 EX-L V6. They reminded me of a new style called 'flat blade' wipers.

    For the how-to, have you checked the owner manual? Believe it or not, they have the directions on what looks to be page 332. if you don't have the manual, I found a pdf online at:

    You can buy just refills from the dealer or online at: (scroll down to find the wiper refills).

    The exploded parts breakdown is shown here:

    From a press release, here is what they called them:
    • Flat-blade windshield wipers provide modern and upscale look.

    Hope this is what you needed.
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