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Honda Accord (2008-2012) Maintenance and Repair



  • Do you really need an original Honda pipe.. I know what I would do, nothing from what you are saying or if it bothered m, go to my local mechanic who I trust and he knows how to use a torch ,too. or go to Meineke or Midas... It may be 434 but I bet it will be another 400 for a HOnda tech to install it.. They are also on commission.
  • jhrostjhrost Posts: 32
    Thanks for the comments. I did take it to Monroe to get an estimate. The guy claimed that they don't yet stock replacement mufflers for this late of a model of Accord, because not enough of the originals have gone bad yet for it to be worthwhile for them to carry such an inventory. I think he said 2007 is the most recent year for which they have Accord replacements. He did offer to get an original Honda part for $790 ($350 buck markup, lol), but said that the labor charge for putting it in would only be $95 and that they could install it in an hour once they had the part. He didn't mention any welding option, though I didn't specifically ask. Those are not bad ideas though about checking for someone who does custom jobs or asking the mechanic who works on my older 95 Accord. I didn't think he specifically did mufflers, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  • By crimped, is the pipe actually crunched more than half way flat? If its only a small reduction in diameter, I would likely let it alone. If it does happen to fail early, you may have traded the car by then - or at least aftermarket parts will then be available for the exhaust.

    If the damaged area is far enough from the muffler, I don't see why a good independent specialty shop wouldn't be able to just cut out and replace the damaged portion of pipe.

    I guess that would require skill with a pipe bender, and either welding or clamping the replacement piece in place (if there is room for clamps at that location).

    Most chain shops are into using their own replacement assy's and generic pieces to clamp together a system, versus a true custom exhaust shops work.

    My mother did something similar to a dual section of pipe at the front of her 99 v6 accord by sliding forward over a parking stop in the snow. It flattened it some - and it's still on the car now seven or so years after it happened. This is in the section that would be stainless due to the catalytic converters downstream covered by the 80K emission warranty.

    The assembly you talk about was replace on hers after six or seven years after developing a hole from corrosion - so unless the current car has a FULL Stainless Steel exhaust system, they aren't going to last forever anyways.
  • jhrostjhrost Posts: 32
    Unfortunately the opening is probably less than half of what it was. It got crunched pretty good. I tend to keep my cars for a long time, so this is something I would have to live with (I bought my 95 Accord new back in October 0f 1994 - the 17 year anniversary is coming up next week .... it's still running great .. in fact in many ways I prefer it to the new Accord).

    The specialty shop option sounds good - I just have to find one, as I'm living in a small town. Thanks for the comment.
  • A 50% reduction, I would expect adds a good bit of back pressure at high rpm's, likely cutting down on the peak horsepower by some amount.

    Factory exhaust systems typically have more back pressure than custom performance ones, since most factory systems don't have mandrel type bends in them to start with - so they actually reduce the pipe diameter some at each bend.

    From what I can find in other forums, some people looking for a performance cat back system for this 4 cylinder model have mostly gone for a local custom fabricated exhaust system using aftermarket muffler. Typically a garage in the 'speed' or 'performance' shop category.

    I hope you can find an serious auto shop that does custom exhaust work, to do what really sounds like a fairly straightforward repair versus the usual remove and replace.

    Best wishes.
  • hondalovahondalova Posts: 189
    When last we left our superhero, we were getting "springy" noises from the rear package shelf area. Dealer tightened something that made that better but not totally fixed.

    Now getting increasingly annoying "body flex" sounds from the rear of the car every time I back out of the garage or take a turn that flexes the body at all. Can't tell if its the fenders, the trunk lid, or just a rear window needs to be re-sealed thing, but its drivin' me nuts. Brand new Honda shouldn't sound like a 10 year old bucket of bolts.

    Anybody dealt with this, know of any TSB's, or got any info. that might help?

    -FS :confuse:
  • ej2010ej2010 Posts: 12
    Hi... I have just done the B1 service on my 2010 Honda Accord with 13K miles. Cost me 89.99 at local dealership.
  • Went to charge battery and connected the jumpers incorrectly. Radio and controls gone for navigation display, Dealer suggested a new Amp. Were can I get a used one and what is the part number. I know its up behind the glove box.
    Then a week later the heating and air conditions and the controls have failed completely. No heat and no AC. Do you think there are related?
    Oh Lord. This is gonna cost big.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    A reporter is looking for owners who have had premature wear on the their Honda Accord and Honda Civic brakes. If you would agree to be interviewed by this reporter, please send your contact information to by Wednesday, December 14, 2011.

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  • That would mean all of us.... Never knew they could make brakes and rotors out of tissue
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    I know that this reporter has been looking into the issue and trying to gather consumer experiences for about a month now, so feel free to respond and add your experience.

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  • drkyungshindrkyungshin Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    I(actually my wife) bought 2008 accord at buena park, ca. Buying experience was O.K.
    But after buying the Buena Park honda really sucks. After buying new, probably after a week driver's rear tire was blown out at freeway. I don't know why but when I aked them their attidude was none of my business. This accord is my 5th honda and When my wife wanted to buy camry, I insisted my wife to buy accord. I was a little bit sorry for my wife, but anyway there could be a defect, andwe passes that problem.
    Now is the problem. About 2 weeks ago when I had a chace to dirve I heard some strange noise( usually my wife drives accord). When my brother(he has accord cntour) drives he told me that this could be either wheel bearing or transmission so bring it to dealer.
    I thought which deale I go. I live Brea, CA but buena park was closee to my work so I went to there. Big mistake!!! I left my car but I needed a car that day so I rented with my own money.( I know some dealers give courtesy rental car but they don't)
    That evening dealer left me a message that the car is O.K. and I can pick up my car.
    Next morning when picked up I can stil hear the noise and that time I asked one of my friend who is mechanic to check .
    When he checked, it' because of wheel bearing and it will be covered warranty so go to dealer.
    last thursday I went the dealer again and told to supervisor. we test drive together, he said sorry but he also told me that AI also had a mistake. What mistake!!!
    he told me that i descrived metalic squeeking noise but this is whirling noise. what a bull [non-permissible content removed]...
    If they are experienced mechanic no matter what description they have to find out the problem. Anyway i left again. that time it took 2 days. I kept calling and left message when I can fin my car, but no answer. Finally friday around 2 o'clock they called and said the car is ready. Thank you for quick reply!!!!
    Now this time When I brake it sound like DA. DA DA-- sound like abs brake sound.
    this morning bck to dealer again. My wife don't want to drive accord so we switched car.
    also my wife told me never honda again...
    This is my 5th honda nd I loved honda. Before there was no problem, and I was happy with my previous honda. This time maybe my bad luck.
    But Buena Park Honda's attitude makes me really angry.Never go to B.P. honda for service..
  • qlxfqlxf Posts: 3
    I got brand new Accord LX automatic. Only several hundreds of miles on it now.
    There is a high-pitched whistle/squeak noise when I drive it especially at speed of 25 to 50. I could not hear similar noise when I drive another same car.
    Anyone has any idea? Please check the link below. (maximize your volume, especially since 1:20) BmcWiRMoaMSdc

    Also, I opened hood and I heard high-pitched screech/squeaking noise . I don't know if it is related the noise heard inside of the car. h32WPae-RfFW4
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I watched your video. The video was a good way to show your problem. Good for you in doing that. I have an '05 Accord I4 and, from the beginning, it has had this light whistle sound when traveling on the highway or interstate. I don't know whether that is the sound that you are experiencing, since yours is the model change. From what I can hear, it sounds the same. When I bought mine new, there were others on here who complained about the same thing. Quite honestly, you may never be able to get to the bottom of it. I wonder if it is in the gearing.
  • qlxfqlxf Posts: 3
    Yes. The light whistle is bothering me a lot. I brought my car to 3 different dealers, they told me it is normal. But when I told them I could not hear any noise in another car, they could not give any explanation.
    So annoying.
  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited January 2012
    I'll have to get some headphones, as the level was too low for the laptop on the driving video.

    As for the under hood video, it's hard to get a feel for how loud it would be standing up with the hood open for comparison. It sounds loud, especially the hot knocking sound from the engine (i assume the oil is full), and the rattly lawn mower noise from the accessory drive (makes me think of the ac compressor at the bottom, but you are showing the power steering pump). The top belt driven unit is the power steering pump, the one below is the alternator, and wayy down on the bottom (not seen in the video) is the AC compressor.

    If the whine is from the engine or its accessory drives, it should be reproducible while parked by running the engine in the rpm range where it is when driving those road speeds.

    I've had one car where there was an air induction noise in the engine at certain rpm, creating a whine.
  • If your trying to narrow down the source of the noise, you might want to try a mechanics stethoscope. I've used one of these, and although their cheaply made, they get the job done.

    Just be careful when using it near rotating parts.

  • qlxfqlxf Posts: 3
    Yes. You have to use headphones and maximize your volume to hear the whistle.

    I notice it is most obvious when it is at 1500rpm or a little bit above (1600rmp).
  • ahqahq Posts: 37
    I'm about 1.5 years into a three year lease on my 2010 Accord LX sedan. I've encountered similar noises from the rear trunk/cargo area or parcel shelf from time to time. Sometimes I don't hear any sounds for days, other times I start hearing the sound as soon as I back my car out for 2-3 feet. It's a ticking, tapping, clickety clacking sound. I didn't have the dealer do a complete teardown and investigation yet, but I agree with you - this is maddening for a Honda, let alone one that is relatively new. I may buy the car at the end of the lease, but after this sound and various interior creaks, I'm not so sure.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    I bought a one owner Accord with 37K miles last Nov. The car has a faint and constant whine that is more noticable at take offs and more than idle speed RPM. Above 30-40 miles, you can't hear it. It has nothing to do with transmission in any gear. When I test drove the car, I did not hear the noise. I never test drive a car with radio on or windows down.

    I checked the power steering fuid level and it is full. Does anyone have any idea what this whine is coming from. It almost sounds like power steering pump, alternator, or water pump.

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