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Pontiac Bonneville Water Leaks



  • can you send me the pic for the fix thanks
  • rocky74rocky74 Posts: 15
    Could somebody please send me the fix or the link or whatever also? Thanks.
  • hi, 03 pontiac bonneville, i have water leaking in from driver's side door, making its way to the back seat area and leaving a puddle of water in the back seat. now passenger side is starting to leak too. please help, I cant take it anymore!
  • After reading through the post's it all started to make sense. I have replaced all 4 regulators on the windows of the car (another) fine design flaw. After re-assembling the door panels it didn't dawn on me that the water panels needed a new dose of sealant. It's been a rainy fall in the Chicago area and winter is right around the corner. The moisture inside the car is bad. Sucked out as much as I could but my windows are all fogged up every morning. Can't imagine what it will be like when it's frost. Removing the panels should be a snap now that I am a pro at it. I'm pretty sure the carpeting and padding need to be remove to make the car habitable again. Any suggestions on best place to get new carpet ? Now it's on to my next Pontiache issue...Drivers window is the only one that works. Any suggestions ? Thanks again for all the tips. Pontiache
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,694
    Are you sure it's coming in the door? Do you see water running out from under the inner panel on the painted metal at the bottom of door and dripping on the door seal?

    Or do you have a sunroof and the drain tube that goes down the windshield pillar and through the floor by the emergency brake has disconnected?

    If it's the door it's the inner plastic layer that should be caulked with a butyl caulk and shaped to direct water into three V-s and the drain holes back toward the outside of the door and out the drains on the bottom that are OUTSIDE the rubber seals around the entire door. I have pictures if you use your carspace email (upper left corner of this page in green striped area--it says My Carspace. I can send to your carspace email.

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  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,694
    People dry out their old carpet. It's best to remove from car (remove front seats) and then you remove the rubbery undercarpet. Hang them on clothesline on sunny day... It's that underlayer that's hardest to get dried without taking out of car.

    You don't say what year car you have. Some people have found when driver's door module can't communicate with the other three doors on the network it's a connection in the line between the 4 that joins under the driver's front seat. The connection corrodes on cars with water hanging around under there (sounds like yours at least now) and the networking from the driver module doesn't get to the other doors. Do the power door locks work on the other doors from the driver's door? I'm not sure if that's also networked, but the window problem has been found to be a simple corroded connection by a few people. Pull the carpet back and try to find the line under or among the power seat rails.

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  • Yea, now it makes sense. The wet carpeting and underlayment. The passenger and both rears do not work from their individual switches and do not work from the drivers door module. Will check the connection under the seat. Also; thanks for the heads up on the drain tubes issue. We'll check those out as well. Pontiache
  • I'm going through a lot of the leak issues with my 03 also. Supposed to have been fixed under warranty several years ago. Remember, the battery cavity under the rear seat fills with water from the passenger side and can overflow into the drivers side on turns as well as run back out under the carpet on the passenger side. My leak is not through the doors but comes in through the front. All I have to do is run water down the windshield to have it flow onto the floor in the right front.

    Any ideas here?
  • I have noticed this is a common thread but I am a newbie and need help. I have a 2001 with a sunroof and have water leaking into the passenger side. It started a couple months ago. The car will leak when it sits but not all the time. It leaked yesterday in the parking lot but not in my drive last nigh (I vacuumed the water out last night). I checked it and no water this morning. I left for work (35 minutes drive) in the pouring rain and when I got to work the rear floor was full of water. Almost 1/2 inch on top of the carpet. I have checked the doors and under the dash for leaks and found them dry. I did notice my trunk carpet was wet this morning also.

    Any ideas of where else to check. Need some serious help with this one. :confuse:
  • No sunroof, wife's car, please send pics for the fix
  • Hi imidazol97,
    Can you also send me the guide for drainage repairs?
    - 2000 Bonneville
    - No sunroof

    I noticed water on driver's front floor. I pulled up the carpet in the front only to find that it was wet under the seat and on the floor near the rear seat. Again, only on the driver's side. I have removed the seat and am drying the carpet out. But I haven't found the source of the water yet.

    Is the A/C drain tube in the firewall on the Passenger side or Driver side?
    Could water going into the cowl find its way into the cabin somehow?

    I also noticed that most of the weep holes in the rubber seal around door openings (not on door itself) were not punched completely during manufacturing. I had to use tweezers to remove excess rubber from weep holes.

    Tonight, I will check to see if water is coming in through the door. Perhaps, I need to caulk....

  • I have the same problem in my 1997 Bonneville. Could someone please send me the fix as well? Thanks.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,694
    I sent data to your email account.
    Go to the top of this page and in the light green bar under the Home in the dark green bar is a link, My Carspace. That is your carspace page which includes and email account. The email address in the account is your username,
    Some may not receive email from outside Edmunds Carspace. But it works sending emails within Edmunds.

    Good luck

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  • I just checked my Edmunds email account, and there wasn't anything in it. Could you please try again? Or I could just give you my email address and you could send there? Let me know. Thanks!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,694
    Click on my user name in a post I've made and you'll see an email address listed.

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  • I have a 96 also, I have had a water problem on and off. I found my answer myself. it may be coming from under the windsheild wiper area. take the wipers off and remove the screen cover, there is a air intake channel about 8 inches x 4 inches under a plastic sheild. I had to modify the sheild. and i also bilt up a lip around the channel with calk (quad). its for exterior siding. I havent had any water problems after i did this modification.
  • Interesting. Was it coming in on just the driver's side or both? I'll have to have somebody take a look at that.

    I have water coming in on the driver's side, pooling in the back, and the dealer wanted $600 to replace the rubber around both doors. I'm not convinced that's the issue, although the doors do leak. So now I have a few things to look at. Wish I had a someone handy with these things so I don't have to rely on the dealer or service station.
  • It was mostly on drivers side, but it came on passenger also. the water damage caused a couple of other problems. (electical). It had corrioded ground wires under carpet. on the drivers side next to the rocker panel. My car wanted to stall out, windows would stop, seats would stop, and the air bag light came on and stayed on. now I have a bad air bag module. I also have issues with my dash cluster. all caused from water. It didnt happen over was caused from leaking for about ten years.
    PS. drill a couple of small holes in floor front and back. this will allow the water to stop building up.
  • Wow -- I had the same thing. The car stalled out on me about a month ago, and it was due to corroded wires under the carpet. Cost me almost $400 to have that fixed. Replacing the wires also took care of the one rear window that wouldn't go down, but the car still gets wet, and lately my airbag light comes on, too. Does that mean that the airbag won't work?

    I'm not sure I want to drill holes in the floor -- isn't there a safety hazard with that?

    I'm not really handy with cars, so I have to figure out who I can take this to. Thanks.
  • I was told that my air bags wont deploy. Drilling the small holes wouldnt be a safty hazard. all cars come with flood plugs under the carpet and rubber sound deadener. the plugs pop out to drain heavy water. I just drilled a couple small holes where the water built up the most. a couple of 1/8 of a inch size holes. the air bag module would cost over $400.00. I am not getting it replaced. the car is very nice, however I cant keep sticking a ton of money in it.
    PS. look for a auto electric garage, and see what they recommend. I hope all info was helpfull, Good luck. John.
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