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Honda Odyssey Tires/Wheels



  • I have a 06 Touring depax from 08 EX-L 255x65x16 my lite keeps coming on TMS check system any suggestions thanks Dan
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    I bought the Hankook Optimo 727's today. Less than $600 total, including a front end alignment.

    I'll post more thoughts about them later.
  • I am trying to decide if I should do seasonal change overs or buy a second set of wheels for my '09 Odyssey in consideration of TPMS. If the only issue is looking at a instrument panel message while the non-TPMS wheels are on the van, I will probably buy a second set of wheels. However, if when I put the OEM wheels on with the summer tires the TPMS system doesn't automatically start working again without paying the dealer to do something, then I will probably not by wheels and just do the change overs. Any experience with this?

    (I have been doing this for years on a '02 Toyota Prius and I have the dealer include the winter/summer change overs in the price of the snow tires and am very comfortable with this except that I need to be conservative in the timing).
  • The Odyssey's problem with road noise on rough surfaces has been well documented. I have heard of people spending a couple thousand $ at Car Toys for sound insulation with mixed opinions of effectiveness. Has anyone found an effective noise reduction solution?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,744
    I'm not quite sure but I think you will still need to have the sensors recalibrated by the dealer if you use the same rims. Call and check.

    IMHO, I'd go with 2 sets of rims and some black electrical tape during the winter.
  • gfm1gfm1 Posts: 4
    bought my 2006 Odyssey new with Michelin All Season tires. Noisy as hell. had to always adjust volume on radio in proportion to speed. Pain in the neck. At 36,000 miles I replaced Michelins with Toyo Versado LX tires. Cannot belive the difference. Radio can be set at one volume at any speed, and my wife and I can hold a conversation as if we were in our living room. Cost? If I replaced with Michelins cost would be about $800. Total cost of Toyos (including labor, balancing various and sundry Florida taxes, etc) $500. Couldn't be happier, try them!!!
  • I have Michelin's on my '09. I don't find the noise as speed sensitive as I do road quality sensitive. No noise on fresh laid asphalt but rough old stuff produces terrible noise. No noise on concrete with longitudinal grooving but they just scream on cross grooved concrete. Is it all tires or is there a lack of noise isolation and can that can be addressed by after market product?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    There are so many different models of Michelin All Season tires. Find the model then check them out re ride comfort, noise at
  • Just replaced terrible michelins with Yokohama Avid TRZ, 235/65/16.I paid $419.00 total drive out at a local Discount Tire. I love the tires so far, and I hope they will last more than 35k miles unlike Michelins. Awesome customer service with an unbeatable price.
  • I was just told by a Honda service rep that the Vehicle Stability Assist system would not work if the Tire Pressure Monitering System is not working. Is this true? If so, it doesn't make sense to use a second set of wheels for snow tires to save on seasonal change over costs as the cost to keep the TPMS working is at least as much as changing the tires on a single set of wheels.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Call Honda to clarify or check if anything like that stated on owner's amnual...
  • heukenheuken Posts: 11
    Hi, I am shopping for new tires for my 2007 Odyssey. I got 40k on the factory Michelin's, Any one have good experience with other brands?
  • See message 96
  • Had a conversation with a Honda service advisor who seemed to really know what he was talking about (no "I think", or "I understand"). He stated that the VSA system will not function when the TPMS is not functioning. The Honda implimentation of TPMS only allows for storing the registsration of 4 specific sensor serial numbers (unlike other vehicles that allow 8). So if you have two sets of wheels for winter/summer, 1. they both have to have TPMS sensors and 2. The sensors must be re-registered every time the wheels are changed in order for the VSA to work. If you didn't want to go to the expense of re-registering, he suggested using the wheels with TPMS sensors for winter when the VSA is most valuable.

    Looking at the whole picture (safety, cost) I have come to the conclusion to simply have the tires changed on original wheels each fall and spring due to the problems with two sets of wheels. I have been successful in the past at getting a tire dealer to include all those change outs with the snow tire deal buy adding about $60 to the cost of the deal. Will see how I do this year and let you know.
  • I did some internet research and found this:

    link title

    It appears it will do the job and then I found a discussion on another board.

    link title
  • We have just purchased a brand new 2010 HONDA "ODYSSEY TOURING MINIVAN ".
    It had been "Test-Driven" during the 84 miles to the NC Dealer who was selected.
    Though 2 hrs away from our home, they had miraculously produced the color that I, (the "wife") had desired. We checked reputation of car and dealership!

    After inital driving approx 40 minutes out -and while ascending a winding uphill Mt. Highway at 70 mph, - the V.S.A. LIGHT and ALARM sounded accompanied by sounds similar to a home "Sump Pump cycle". This was accompanied by HORRIBLE GRINDING NOISES - like driving on metal rims only. Thank god I, (a lesser-experienced-Driver), was not at the wheel and could easily have lost control by being surprised at 75 m.p.h between trailers.!)

    After turning VSA back-on the same scenario occurred --whether ascending or descending -- heavy turns or slight -- different speeds (incl 30 mph on local winding country road ).

    Next AM - we reported to selling Dealer who was completely unsympathetic to the danger, just denied any awareness of the problem, and suggested my husband, (an experienced middle-aged Driver with considerable background in Auto Mechanics ) "might just have left the safety brakes on"!!

    We then contacted nearby local Honda Dealer and insisted the Van be picked up on flatbed that morning. After Computer and Testdriving by different Tech/Mechanics with the same results - they concurred on the serious problem and said they were " stumped and never experienced this before". (Neither did we - after spending over 40K$ the afternoon before) . This Monday AM : Nov 2, a Honda Rep will be brought in and begin "Conference-Call Repair Sessions " with Honda Tech-Engineers. (Do I smell a recall situation brewing??)

    We're very concerned with the danger and a recurring lemon nightmare that might follow - and have been researching blogs on Goggle. Did anyone else experience this situation? and with what reasons and results??. Any tips or advice from professional mechanics or recommendations from savvy readers?? Should we keep this car? How do we protect ourselves -asap?? PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance.. Spikey09 Mom
  • I think it is great there is a potential solution out there however I am too timid to want to mess with my Odyssey's OBC for fear of something going wrong and having to pay big bucks to a Honda dealer to correct things.

    Since my original series of posts on this matter, I was able to purchase a set of Blizzak WS-60s from a local dealer at a price competitive to TireRack ($525 including everything) AND they agreed to do the fall/spring change overs at no cost as long as the snow tires last. No wheels to buy, no tool to mess with,... talk about a "no brainer".
  • New Update: TECHLINE by Honda America Conferenced-Call diagnosed the problem with our local Auto Dealership Service Dept. - SOLUTION: mail over and Replace the Entire "MODULAR" - thereby correcting: (1) Vehicle Stability Control Audible and Lite Alarm - and (2) very loud grinding noise (which is like marbles rolling and being ground up) - probably the ABS and TCS and (3) Hydraulic Pump-like Sounds resembling a Sump-Pump.

    NO LUCK - still the same problems - especially driving into a curve. HONDA is Clueless...Now we really have a problem and have lost faith in Honda's Reputation of Reliability. Plus we're "out" a $40K+ brand new car that we haven't been able to sniff or touch since we drove it home last Thursday... (Only the Selling Dealer, who has demonstrated the fact he doesn't give a Damn, is Happy!!
    (I promise a Reward for the Hero who solves this Lemon P :cry: problem)
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Use Lemon Law to get Honda buy back the car.
  • Thanks BigDadi118 - We've researched this option already, and even contacted local N.C. "Lemon Lawyers". It's necessary to pass the required :3X+in or 20 total business days in the repair shop period to qualify for "Lemonhood".
    Meanwhile, our distress continues as it is a week since we pickedup the new Van and it's still languishing at the AutoDealer Repair Shop.: Honda Tech now determined it was a defective "STEERING ANGLE SENSOR" - which was miscommunicating to the V.S.A.system with a "no signal" on turning the steering wheel...they're sending a relacement!!
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

    PS (Honda is now getting investigated by the Feds regarding the Safety of 2009 Brake Compaints on the Odyssey Minvan !! Hope our problem doesn't become another issue that will poorly brand the Odyssey for "Tradein Value". It's unfortunate that Honda needs outside legal pressure to force them to protect "SoccerMoms" and others! Wow, Honda sems to be buckling under in this hard economy and becoming totally "Americanized"in the worse sense of our unfortunate Automobile History --- what a great and priceless loss to their sterling reputation this will be!!
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