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Hyundai Tiburon Electrical and Lighting Problems



  • adamtomadamtom Posts: 1
    hello guys.
    i am adam from America.
    this is my first time to be here.but i need you help.
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    Eeveryone looks good,i don`t know which is better for my car(Hyundai IX35 ). Could you give me some advices.God bless u,thank u.
  • jse_gajse_ga Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I just bought my 04 tiburon in Jan. The only problems I noticed was the driver's window didn't work right and the next day my speedometer started messing up and I found out my cruise didn't work either. It would just randomly quit working or jump twenty or or thirty +/-. Then I started noticing my mpg started going down just a few less then it had been( reg oil change). The thing that worried me is it started to feel like it was shifting slightly harder then usual. My fiance thought I was just being over whatever about my car. Then I got pulled over cause a cop said my brake lights weren't working only the middle one on the hatch. I told him that they worked when we checked them and then went straight home and checked and they worked. A few days later my fiance noticed the same thing but it wasn't that they didn't work just way too dim to see in the day time. Now I notice that my headlights dim when it shifts and that the dash lights don't work right. The dim switch doesn't work and they come on dimmest and randomly turn to brightest at their convenience while driving and stay that way. I think it's electrical and he wants to replace the whole lamp housing and everything without getting it checked. Is their any way I can check simple stuff before taking it to be seen about? We do most simple repairs and up keeps at home to save money. Both my dad and step dad are mechanics but don't have much experience with hyundai and can't come check it out without taking a day off.
  • pheonix3pheonix3 Posts: 6
    Start by removing the battery cables and cleaning them and the battery post. If the cables have after market end on them replace them.Make sure the battery is full of fluids in all cells. Then put the cables back on the battery. Then get a voltage meter and check the dc voltage at the battery with the engine running(should be between 13.4 volts and 15 volts). Then switch the voltage meter to ac volts and check again with the engine running, if there is 50 or more ac volts showing you probably have a bad alternator. If after doing all this you still have the problems then temporarily connect a large gauge wire from a metal part of the engine (keep it away from moving parts) and connect the other end to the body somewhere that will make a good connection. Drive it for awhile to see if that helped. It sounds like a voltage fluctuation or a corroded ground wire. If these don't work then start looking at the BCM computer (but it doesn't sound like it). Good luck
  • jse_gajse_ga Posts: 2
    I took it to the shop to get them to look at it because the cables were fine and I don't have a voltmeter. When I checked the cables I found out my battery wasn't fastened down right so I got them to fix that too. They said that my alternator belt was loose and I had metal shavings on my speed sensor. How would metal shavings get on a speed sensor and how come when I looked under the hood I found a crack in my radiator they didn't even see when they checked everything out and topped my fluids off??
  • How do you replace the blower motor switch on a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon? My blower works on speeds one and two, but will not work on speeds three and four. I was told it was the resistor, but that was replaced and did not fix the problem. I was then told it was the switch. I'm going to do it myself to save some money, just have no idea how to replace it.
  • I had a similar problem (mine worked on 3 and 4 but not 1 and 2) and did lots of research. Ended up learning that something in the electronics of the blower switch can cause the casing to melt a little so the clips don't work well or at all. This mean the potentiometer gets a bad connection, hence only working on a couple of the settings. You can do a temporary diy fix by glueing the back end to the cylinder, but that'll eventually fail and you'll need to just replace the whole thing. look for diy guides on I know there's one in there someone cause that's what I used to fix mine. Good luck!
  • You can get the part at That's were were you can order the relay from(sorry I don't have the order number off hand). I'm going to tell you prepare for a days work. You have to pull off the whole BCM, front panel and be a mental wizard to unplug a lot of the connections. Once you get it off You need an Temperature adjustable pen solderer (I used a HAKO Fx-888 soldering station), a solder sucker or copper flux solder absorber. You need lots of heat to melt this. I've worked on circuit boards before being an electronics technician in advance engineering and this stuff is tough to melt. You have to be careful when you remove it! DON'T! drop any solder on that circuit board or kiss the whole thing good bye(RIP). When you solder it make sure it beads and use a magnifying glass to make sure there are no cracks. The bead should look like a smooth silver mirror Hershey kiss. If the bead appears ruff, sullen, and not shiny you need to do it over. When done plug the cables in the best you can into the BCM without putting on the covers on let it hang there. Turn on the car and hope the blinker problem is gone. If you see smoke... or a poof ..You messed up big time. If it works put all the things back together. You just saved about $900.00 bucks. That's the good news. The bad news is the Tiburon 2003 gt has a massive electronic problem. I've changed both window motors and 1 regulator. I still have a problem with the door locks and the windows after I changed them. You may read on other sites to hit the door if the windows don't work then it's the motor. Well make sure you hit it by the speaker. If you hit it by the controls you will shatter the plastic inside the housing and non of your switches will work. I believe now , There has to be a universal chip that controls the voltages going to and from the doors, Windows, and sun roof. You need to have a schematic of this car which every electronics person needs to operate. A surgeon needs a map of the human body. If I had this map I could figure out the problem part causing the aggravation for so many people. I love my Tiburon and will never get rid of it. If your like me you want to fix it. So good luck. Hope this helps all Tiburon users.
  • I have a 2003 Tiburon. The tach is flipped all the way around, and the rest of the gauges flip back and fourth. When I take off all the gauges take and like shut off, like a loss of voltage.

    I have checked for a bad ground or frayed wires, also checked to see if the clutch pedal is rubbing anything.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • My battery had to be replaced the other day and now my radio, ac/heat, and cab lights don't work.I checked the fuses and the relays and they're good except for the 10A fuse for the radio under the dash. That one keeps blowing whenever I start the car. The power locks work, but only when the car is on; they don't work if the car isn't running. I'm trying to see if this is something I can maybe fix on my own or with the help of a friend, or if I need to take it to the dealer to fix. I don't have much experience with electrical work, but I have a brother who's a mechanic in the Marines to help me out. He thinks the body wiring harness is screwed, but I have no idea what that means other than sounding expensive. I appreciate any help on this matter.
  • These cars have a massive problem with what I believe is the BCM(body, motor control). It happened to my 2003 GT and I am debating whether to by a new car or replace the BCM. The affects are Blinkers staying on(I Changed the relay in mine) auto doors not working, windows not working, (DON"T REPLACE THE WINDOW MOTOR THAT"S NOT THE PROBLEM), Radio sometimes turning on by its self or shutting off, alarm not working and key ring not allowing entry into vehicle.
    The problem is 2 fold, the chip starts to go bad and the wiring used in the 2003 Tiburons may not be up to code on the cars if there is one.
    Additional power sources can short the BCM. Once the BCM starts to short other components including the radio, GT, may start to go. You need to do something before this happens.
    Basically what I believe happens the BCM Chip(non fixable) get leakage and breaks down over time. This changes the current coming from the chip which results in the electrical failures the car is now facing.
    The thing that gets me fired up is the car has fuses that don't blow. When a short happens its suppose to blow a fuse. This does not happen from what I read from other post. Probably because the short is internal(can't get to the fuse). The other thing is removing the BCM is a project by itself. It took me half a day pulling it out and putting it back in just to replace the relay. A mechanic is going to charge you $800 in labor to do it.
    So let me say before I give you my opinion I love the 2003 Tiburon had lots of fun with it when it worked.
    Heres your choices 1 replace the BCM and wires that were damaged. A mechanic is going to charge about $1500 bucks. You could do it by buying the unit for $600 and installing it yourself. There's guides on the net how to remove it and Hope to heaven the other electronic components are not damaged. 2. Buy a new car 3. Find the voltages the failing components are running on if they all are 12 volts run a wire to the inputs from the battery with a switch in between and attach them to the dash or door. Good Luck. If I replace my BCM will update.
  • agentml99agentml99 Posts: 1
    I am having similar problems as to those mentioned and more. I have a 2007 and I have only had it for about 6 mos. it has a little over 60,000 miles on it. (of course this makes me past the warranty by about 1,000 mi./a few months) A few months ago my stereo started to turn off and on for no apparent reason. You would think if there was a short it would happen when you hit a bump or such. NOT!!! Then it started to do it when I would turn on a signal, or step on the brake, etc. Now understand it doesn't always happen. Sometimes it will go days without episode and then just start up again. It seems like the minute I tell someone about it and they get in my car of course I look like I am imagining it because it runs fine. Now recently it is affecting other things like I will be driving down the freeway when all of the sudden its like I lose power for a split second...all the dials on the gauges will drop and the car will jerk and then it is back to normal. The last few times I have put gas in it doesn't register until I drive it for a while and it now feels like it is hesitating...almost as if the e-brake is on. (but it is not) and at times it feels like the RPM's are running too high. So my question is could this be due to the BCM as well?
  • I am having the same exact problem but, my car kills itself once turned off and then I have to keep trying and trying until it finally turns on, also whatever this electrical problem is, its killing the battery, autozone now hates me for all the free batteries I keep getting since my car kills it within a few weeks

    Have ypu figured out the issue!? I'm like so ready to throw in the towel and get a new car. I love my 2008 tiburon but this BS is getting ridiculous!!!!!!
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