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Chevrolet Suburban Noises and Sounds

mmcswainmmcswain Posts: 4
edited July 12 in Chevrolet
I have a 1999 suburban and in the last two days I constantly hear the clicking of my blinkers even when they are not on. The clicking will stop when the brakes are applied. Is this the relay about to go out or is this some type of short? Thanks for your help in advance.


  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You are going to need to do a little more investigatory work. Go and try a number of combinations of things, and observe what is right, and what is wrong with your lights. When a bulb is on, you will need to pay attention to the 'brightness' of the bulb as well.

    Start first with having someone just apply the brakes, and notice whether all of the brake lights come on correctly (and are of equal high brightness), as well as center stop lights.

    Now have someone turn on the left turn signals, and observe both the back and the front turn bulbs. Now do it with the brakes applied and observe whether the bulbs are acting correctly. Do the same procedure with the right turn signals.

    Now turn on the parking lights (you may want to do this at dusk), are all the parking lights on correctly front and back? Now do the whole right/left turn signal sequence with braking tested as well.

    I'm suspecting you will see some unexpected blinking at one or more of your lights.

    Let us know which of these yield some results that are unexpected.
  • I tried everything you suggested and everything worked like it should. Any other suggestions?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    So when the clicking is happening, what are the lights outside doing...nothing, or is something blinking?

    When it is clicking, is there an inside indicator light blinking?

    When it is clicking and you then turn on the turn signal, does the clicking change?

    Have you recently added a trailer hitch/wiring to this vehicle....or changed any of the bulbs in this vehicle?

    What trim level is this suburban? LS/LT/LTZ

    And have you wiggled (or turned on and then off), your 4 way blinker switch.

    And does this clicking occur without the key in? In the accessories key position? or in the engine ON position?
  • Im going to try to answer thes in order so,

    When the clicking is happening nothing is happening outside of the vehicle

    during the clicking the inside indicators are not working either

    when I turn on the turn signal it is in sequence with the constant clicking

    No bulb changes and no new wiring

    LS model

    I haven't tried the 4 way yet but I will

    It happens in the accessory position and in the ON position.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I don't know the answer to your problem.

    You don't 'appear' to have a typical bulb filament problem, as you indicate you are seeing the correct intensities of the bulbs flashing....and everything externally is working absolutely correctly. The only thing that I would probably do to prove it if wasn't a bulb problem (because your problem might be much more expensive), is to actually remove all of the exterior bulbs and see whether you still had the clicking. If the clicking goes away, then you really do have a bulb problem and can start putting them back one by one until you find the culprit which caused the problem.

    In my 2007 Suburban, by looking at the service manual schematics this turn signal circuitry is actually controlled by a computer called the Body Control Module, which sits up underneath the dash by the steering column. What I don't know is whether you have this BCM in your model or not. In my previous generation Suburban, the flasher is a solid state plugin flasher. So I'm not sure which type you have. If you have lights (like dome lights and exterior courtesy lights) which brighten up slowly and dim down slowly, then you probably have a BCM.

    If can find a solid state plugin flasher, then that would be the next most likely possible culprit (besides the bulbs). If you can't find a plugin flasher, then I think you are looking at replacing the BCM.

    Perhaps someone else who may have actually had your problem can jump in with the resolution.
  • Thanks for all your help!
  • I had my transmission checked. No problem, but whenever I turn a certain way I hear this strange noise. Sometime when I pull of after stopping there is a little slip and after that there is no problem.
  • I have a 97' Tahoe with 130k miles.....and when the engine runs cold or warm runs perfect, but as soon as it's hot, like after 15 starts the noise, when I accelerate it makes this slapping, valving noise, I changed yesterday the Throttle Position Sensor, and it's a little better, but not's driving me crazy.
    Any ideas on what can I do? THANKS!
  • I have a 2005 Suburban LT3.

    When the car is turned on after being off and I go to 8-9 mph there is a "Pffft" sound in the driver's side door. It only does it the one time after being shut off and does not do it during any stop and go or regular driving. Only after the engine has been shut off and then you drive it does it make the sound.

    It's been at the dealer since Monday and I just got a call today saying that believe it or not this is a normal noise for the Suburban. Don't know whether or not to believe them. Is this a normal noise?
  • i own a 05 2500 burb LS2.i don't hear any noise like that.are there any other conditions to this sound? i am a chevy dealer tech . - tom m -
  • No. no other conditions in which it does this.

    Only one time when the car is started and you get to 8-9 mph then there's a "Pffft". That's it. Can drive for hours in stop and go traffic and it won't do it again - until I turn off the car (i.e. - parked to run into a store etc). When I get back into the car and start it - it will do it the one time at 8-9 mph.

    According to GM (says so on the paperwork ;-) this is a normal noise.
  • so, what was the resolution? my tahoe is doing the same thing.
  • When i start my truck...2001 sub....within a minute there is a humming sound almost like a little motor working overtime coming from what seems to be under the truck around the rear driver side tire any ideas what this may be?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The two motor devices you might hear are a fuel pump (usually can't hear this, unless it's going bad), and the air pump for the auto leveling suspension (if you are a higher trim level with this option, you can definitely normally hear this pump).
  • I know its not the fuel pump because i can hear it cut on when i turn the key (when it runs for a few seconds and cuts off)....So im assuming it would be the other is there any way of stopping the sound and what do you mean by if i am a higher trim level?...
  • I have a 97' Tahoe with 130k miles.....and when the engine runs cold or warm runs perfect, but as soon as it's hot, like after 15 starts the noise, when I accelerate it makes this slapping, valving noise, I changed the Throttle Position Sensor, and it's seems a little better, but not's driving me crazy. A mechanic I asked told me might be the Lower Intake, another one told me the Upper Intake....should I change the gaskets only? would be enough? or I should change the manifold too?
    Any ideas on what can I do? THANKS!
  • debbudebbu Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Sub. and have chirping noise from engine. Had the belt replaced twice and chirp was gone for a while now it is back. What else can we look for?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I don't know specifically for your model year, but usually the air suspension isn't available on an LS or LT1/LT2 trim level, is optional on LT3, and standard on LTZ.
  • godbeheregodbehere Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Suburban 1500. It has about 84k miles. I makes a noise when you are in reverse but does not make a noise in forward. It sounds like something is rubbing. Any ideas?
  • ahightowerahightower DFWPosts: 461
    I got new tires put on today (at Wal-Mart). Just after that, and ever since (dirven about 40 miles today), there is a squeaking noise coming from the front left tire area. I can recreate the sound by gently rocking the vehicle back and forth, in park, engine off. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but it is definitely coming from the left front tire/suspension area. It makes the noise almost continually whenever the vehicle is in motion, even on smooth roads. It is not dependent on braking or accelerating or turning. What do you think it might be? Did they perhaps set their jack on the wrong spot and bend a suspension component? Is it likely a "lube chassis" grease gun sort of job? I hope they didn't do significant damage. I appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks.
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