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2000 Isuzu Trooper possible misfiring

I have recently had a new engine put into my 2000 Trooper (dont ask me why) I haven't driven it for a month and it drives great. However for the past couple of days whenever the car is in motion the check engine light blinks on and off and I smell gas. I know this means problem so I call Isuzu service and was told its misfiring. That was a couple of days ago. Today I back the car out to find a pool of what smelled like gas in the driveway and the gas gauge seems lower and then when I put the car back to the original spot there is another pool in the place the car was in park. Does anyone know what may be the problem and does the car sound safe to drive to the dealership?


  • Hello,, I had a check engine light on my 2000 isuzu trooper where the code fault mark the EGR valve that i replace fixing the fault. Now, 3 weeks later is stalling when stop and or in "park". While running and normal speed works fine but the check engine light flashes on and off .The code marked is PO405 and PO300. Could this be another faulty sensor or does the coil or Spark Plugs needs to be change?
  • check your intake manifold gaskets.when the vehicle is cold start it up and spray brake clean,carb.clean all around the intake manifold gaskets and see if the rpm,s rev high.if so there leaking.they will cause the complaint your describing.let me know what you
  • bear01bear01 Posts: 1
    1 have a 1998 trooper with 3.5L engine. i get a code p0300 (RANDOM MISFIRE). vehicle starts normally and idles fine. as I accelerate, the vehicle accelerates normally up to aprox. 25-35 mph, the ck engine light will start blinking and the vehicle seems very sluggish until suddenly the check engine light will glow solid and the vehicle will now accelerate normally. I've changed spark plugs with the ones recommended; I've replaced fuel pressure regulator; fuel pressure is normal. The engine was replaced with one from a pretty well regarded salvage yard, but can't tell if timming belt was changed. with vehicle at idle, pulling coil plug off each spark plug on right bank, cyl 1,3 &5, (One at a time) there's hardly any difference in the idle. Repeating the same process on the left bank (cyl 2, 4, 6), an immediate misfire begins on each cyl. compression is great on both sides.
  • My Isuzu Trooper 2002 model had multiple over heating issues. Engine started mal functioning. Three cylinders not responding at a time. Only three plugs working at a given time. Changed the engine and the problem persisted. Only this time switching from one side to the other. Changed the brain box, a couple of sensors, cleaned the manifold. Still the same. My mechanic is confused. Need help. Please what advice can I can do. Will appreciate any help.
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