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Buick Century Electrical/Lights



  • I have a 1999 Century, equipped with remote keyless entry. When I press the trunk release button on my remote, all I can hear is a "clicking" inside the car, but the trunk doesn't open. I've checked the fuses, and tested the connections, and found nothing wrong. My car was one of the lucky ones that didn't come with a trunk button inside the car, so I have to get out and unlock it with the key each time, which can be annoying. Speaking of which, is it possible to wire a push switch into the power trunk motor on the trunk lid? I would be very interested in doing this.
  • My wife has a 2004 Buick Century. Lately, (and I confirmed this last night when I was driving it), her headlights have been going out. They went out last night, and I hit the bright switch and they came back on. I switched back to low beams, and they stayed on. The problem didn't occur again. Obviously, this is a nerve-wracking thing, thinking this could happen at any moment. Any fixes out there?
  • I had the same problem a couple years ago. The problem kept getting worse until my lights wouldn't work at all unless I held the high beam on with my hand which wasn't easy while driving and also makes oncoming traffic not too happy. My local dealer told me it was the switch that works the High beams and pretty much everything else in that area and it would cost $700 or more. The part alone was over $350. I found one at a used part store for $125 and installed it myself in about 2 hours. It wasn't easy but worth the hassle for the money. It has worked fine ever since.
  • my girlfriend has a 1990 buick century 4 door 6 cyl. somebody split the cover on the electrical wiring and cut some of the wires im trying to find a schematic or wireing diagram that will tell what color wires go to what. the power windows only work from their respective door switches not from main drivers control also lost the dome lights. the radio just has static no controls. and drivers window doesnt go up or down.i replaced the circuit breakers in the fuse block no luck. can anybody help me out . dealers couldnt help said vehicle to old.
  • i have a 2000 buick century, what does it mean when the security light goes on?
  • hi, i got a ´91 century buick limited and i was wondering if someone could help me telling me how does the luck and unluck system works when changing from park to any other position.

    i´ve seen in any buick that when you change form park to another possition the car lucks automatically, but my car does not do it

  • i have a 2000 buick century, what does it mean when the security light goes on?
  • ken68ken68 Posts: 6
    Hmm.. seen that light before got the ignition key with a chip in it? Did the car start and keep running?
    My 2002 Buick Century has a key with a chip on the shank. It surounded by a black rectangle.
    It means your key(chip didn't read)..... That could be a bad thing if the ignition switch is failing cuase it will quit and not start at all.
  • The low beam has a metal diffuser,kind of a "venetial blind". Can I remove this or will it melt the lens...there's none on the high beam, and these bulbs are so dim. My wife says no one even "flashes" her when she drives with the high beams on. Oh, and yes, we've already done the recall. It's a 1999 Limited.
    Thanks for your input.
  • I am installing a cd player in a 2003 Buick Century. Can anyone show me a wiring diagram or tell me what colors the wires for the stereo and speakers are.
  • I have a 98 Buick century that has the starter trying to engage while the engine is running. This does not happen all the time but can not operate the car because of this condition. I have had the starter and crank relay replaced and it still does it. The mechanic has check the wires in the loom but could not find problem.
    Any suggestions on what might cause the problem.
    Dale Westrick
  • ehzehz Posts: 1
    can anyone help me programming my remote--keyless entry--on a 1995 Buick Century. Much appreciated.
  • nd07nd07 Posts: 1
    The front drivers side window goes down when car is started It will not go back up until the car is put in drive,or sometime it will work if you hit the door. I sometime can hear a click when I hit the switch Is there a relay in the door?
  • '99 Buick Century: Can someone tell me what to do to solve this nightmare?

    Symptoms in order of occurrence:
    1st: driver's side front window, rolls down, but won't come back up and vice-versa; sporadic issue (began 3 years ago)
    2nd: Instrument panel and running lights (tail lights) go out; ongoing issue-I've changed headlight/lamp switch 3x to remedy this...something's blowing it instead, I think; ongoing problem. (began 2 years ago)
    3rd: trunk won't open...I can press the button on the key chain and inside the dash, I can hear a click from inside the car, but nothing while standing by my trunk; began as a sporadic issue, is now ongoing. (began a few months ago)

    What I've done to try and remedy these issues:
    #1-changed/checked all fuses, including those under the hood.
    #2-As mentioned above, replaced headlight/lamp switch 3x.

    Has anyone else had these problems with their car? If so, what did you have to do to fix it?
  • My 1999 Century does the same thing but it does have a trunk release button inside the glove compartment--It still won't open.
  • My 1999 Century does the same thing but it does have a trunk release button inside the glove compartment--It still won't open.

    I opened the trunk and looked in the plastic casing over the wiring between the trunk jam and the trunk lid. It looked like the wiring was cut (by the hinge?) and all the wires were crossing. I spliced them all over again and everything worked great.
  • Thanks! I will check that on mine!
  • Recently had a mechanic replace the starter on my 1995 Buick Century (6-cyl). As I drove the car back home, I noticed the ABS light was on. Further investigation revealed that -- although I had turn-signals, the radio worked, and fuses I could examine in the glove box fuse panel were good -- I had no headlights, no brake lights, no interior lights, no courtesy lights, the power locks didn't work, and the radio reset everytime I turned-off the ignition. (Didn't check cruise control or hazard lights.)

    Is there a connection?

    I think there are four fusible links in wires going to the starter motor. Could one or more of these have been damaged during starter replacement and cause all this? Or (I hate to think it!) could the car's computer have been rigged during diagnostics to cause it?
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