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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair



  • Yes we have. We bought the new Rouge in April '08. At about 5500 miles we strated hearing the "NOISE". The service tech couldn't hear it at first. I did get it to make the sound and he heard it. He then drove it and he said he got it to do it worse. They contacted Niaasn tech line. They said that they were aware of the problem. The sound got worse and at 6800 miles they replaced the Trans. This would be the second transmission being the first came in the car. Then at about 12000 miles it reapeared. they didn't hesatate to replace the trans. The service manager could only say that it "must" be fixed but he could not guarantee it is a fix.
    I'm sorry to say that the trans is already "grawling". The dealer won't do anything to help me and so far Nissan just want to give me a 100,000 mile warranty but I said no way. The attorney general office avised me not to. We I guess to lemon law suite is the next step. Has anyone ever done this in the state of NC. Has anybody been trough a "buy back" from Nissan. Hope this might help someone.
  • candle4ucandle4u Posts: 10
    Well, I'm not sure if the lemon law would help. I'm in NY, and I have just recently gone to the BBB and filed a complaint. I have also contacted Nissan USA with a complaint as well. This is what got the owner of the dealership contact me. He was quite upset that I went to the BBB, but you know what, it got his attention. I just got my car back again last week, after bringing it back in the shop. They heard the gurgling noise last Sat morning, which is what made them say, leave it hear, Ill compare it to a new one and we'll take it from there. Meanwhile, Nissan USA advised it dosen't fall under the lemon law because all 10 times it's been in the shop they say, "can't duplicate customer's concerns..." UGH....They are brining the regional Engineer Matt here next week to review our concerns and check it out. We spent 2 hours last weekend at the dealers. They had the nerve to try to ask me to trade it in for a Marano....LOL And then, give me nothing for my Rogue...I wonder why. I am at 20000 miles, I know it's a lot but I've been having the same issue since I bought it. Nissan USA has told me that it dosen't qualify for a "buy back" or trade. I don't know what to do now, but deal with it. It's ashame. I can just hope that this Matt guy, engineer sees that something is wrong with it. I really believe the techs that work there, are all trained and told not to admit to what they really hear, see ect. Oh well. I hope someone on here gets a good resolution to share with us all. Thanks!
  • My dealer actualy told me to pursue the lemon law. I will contact the BBB Monday. In NC we have to go trough BBB Auto Line and they will assing a meator for our case. Nissan WILL buy the piece of junk back or just pay my off to get me off of there back. If that dosn't work then I will get me a lawer and sue them. I won't just give up.
  • kbz1960kbz1960 Posts: 4
    Hi, I don't own a Rogue but have been considering one. There are so many stories out there about this transmission problem. It started in 08 and I read that back then the word was, problem don't know what to do, no fix wait, fixed, no not fixed, yes fixed............ on and on and now on this forum I see the same thing but only now into Feb of 09.

    Does anyone have a clue or does Nissan have a clue of what is official on this crap? I have drove a Rogue and really liked it but I don't want to deal with this crap if I get a "bad one". I was thinking of a FWD one but I see the problem has jumped to at least one of those.

    Is anyone following up anymore on this issue?

  • candle4ucandle4u Posts: 10
    Kudos to you, kbz1960 for waiting on getting one. I am still following up with Nissan. I have heard back as of last week from Nissan USA, that they do not have to buy my vehicle back, or trade it in for me. (As there is nothing wrong...) I have an apt with the area engineer that apparently only deals with things like this. He's flying in on Tuesday for me to meet with him at 9 am. I'm going to be driving it with him, and have to include a written description of what the vehicle does. Just within the past week, not only do I have the "gurgling noise" but it's also idling a lot higher and will go up and down while in idle. I will post back on Tuesday or Wednesday next week and give all an update. I have almost 21k miles on my car...does anyone else have close to this on theirs?
  • kbz1960kbz1960 Posts: 4
    Hi candle4u, I'm so sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. Do you have an AWD or a FWD? I hope that Nissan does right by you. I have reading on another forum where people have gone to the BBB or said that they were going to file a lemon law and all of a sudden Nissan approved a new transmission for them. Also where I read some had good luck getting a new one other not so much and the info on there is a fix etc.

    I really hope that they either fix yours or you can get them on a lemon law. I will wait awhile and maybe they are just going to lose a potential new customer.

    Good luck!
  • This thing with Niaasn is just ridicules. We have had two transmission put within 16000 miles. Empire Nissan in Wilkesboro, North Carolina is the dealer where I bought the Rough. I did call the owner’s personal cell phone (He messed up and gave the number) I told him how dissatisfied the I was. I told him that he was not a man of his word and he got really mad at me. So then I called BBB Auto Line and things changed, or so I thought. BBB ask me if the Rouge was fixed and I told them it was already making some noise. They got in touch with Nissan and the man from consumer affairs called me and told me the he has filed for a buy back. He did want me to take it back to the dealer and let them check out the car. I told him I didn't want to but he told me I had to. I called BBB and ask them if I had to and they said that I did. As long as we are in litigation. I knew that they would not hear the noise, because they wouldn't want to. So I did just go trade this piece of junk off. I did not trade it for another Nissan. Because of this I will NEVER buy another Nissan. I will and have told everyone not to but a Rouge or any Nissan. There is more to this night mare but I don’t have time. I hope that this info will help someone.
  • Well, finding this board today has turned my stomach.

    My '07 RAV4 was totalled this past October when some jerk ran a stop sign, t-boned my passenger side, and sent me flipping down the road. I only had a broken finger and some bulging discs in my neck (which I'm still in physical therapy for) but all things considered feel pretty lucky.

    I decided to replace it with a 2008 Rogue because it has a slightly better safety rating. The Rouge I bought was a demo, so it had about 5k miles when I drove it off the lot in November. After I had it about 4 weeks or so, I was driving slowly in a parking garage, and noticed a strange grinding sound which I thought was coming from the front driver side tire area. I immediately took it to a Nissan dealership who told me they couldn't hear anything on their road test. Then they let me drive it and the service tech rode along with me. Once I pointed it out, he heard it. They checked the car one more time, but still found nothing wrong. He told me to keep driving it until it got worse and did it all the time, then maybe they'd be able to figure it out. A pathetic answer, but I didn't know what else to do. It has stayed the same pretty much ever since. I notice it mostly in parking lots and when I'm going very slow.

    I think I have about 12,000 miles on it now. Maybe a bit more. Yesterday morning I was in a school zone doing about 10 mph and for some reason the grinding sound was louder than it had ever been before. It was enough to scare me so I took it back to Nissan at lunch. They called me back late yesterday afternoon and said they couldn't hear anything. I said there was definitely something wrong and I didn't want it back until it was fixed. They asked if I would let a manager take it home for the night so they could spend more time with it. Their road tests are only 15 minutes, which obviously isn't enough time. I wasn't really big on that idea, but I wanted to make sure somebody heard it. Sure enough, I get a call this morning. They heard it this time. And, as you can imagine, it's the transmission. They told me I could come back and get it today. It would be safe to drive for now. :confuse: They said they would order a new transmission for me which will arrive in about a week. I'll post back here with updates. Want to stay positive here, but this really doesn't seem like it's going to be good.
  • candle4ucandle4u Posts: 10
    Well, I'm done with this. I have met with the area specialist for the North East, Matt. Of coarse I was able to get the noise to occur while I was with them. I left the car with him, and an hour and a half later he told me he still couldn't do it. Ugh..I told him about this forum and all of the problems everyone was having. I also advised that there is someone else from the NorthEast, either Main, CT, on here that was also having the same issue. He advised me that he has never heard of this "noise" before and that they would have to go through him if it was. Has anyone had to have the area engineer look into this for them??? Anyone from the Northeast? He did visual inspections, electronic inspections ect and advised it is not the transmission. He believes the noise that I'm hearing is the fluids running throug the dashboard when the fan is on..Well it makes noise when the fan is off. I'm so upset right now. Oh, he also said that the car didn't need a new transmission back in July. So basically, I have wasted my time, and money. kbz1960, can you tell me where the other forum is about the BBB complaints people filed that you found? I have also filed a complaint with them on the dealer, but now I guess I have to on Nissan. Oh, I have an AWD.
  • kbz1960kbz1960 Posts: 4
    What happened to they were ordering you a new transmission. I just don't know anymore about this issue. All of the stories are sounding so familiar. I wasn't aware that any fluid run thru the dashboard in any car. I have no idea if you have the same problem that the others that I have read about had. They described it more as a rattle. Here is a link to the thread. link title . I hope it's not the same thing and that you are just hearing normal noises. Maybe you should check some of the other posts on the car and see if it might be something different than the cvt?

    Good luck
  • I live in NJ - have 6,000 miles and am the proud owner of my 3rd transmission (no typos....6K and 3rd trans). The last time I brought it in, the dealership told me the Nissan engineer was there and took it on the test drive and they couldn't hear the noise - "everything they heard was normal'. Later that day, after the Nissan engineer left, I took the Service Director and the Tech for a ride, they both heard it, callled the Nissan Tech line and replaced the trans for the 3rd time. Everyone that has had this issue needs to call and log their complaint at Nissan Consumer /affairs
    Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 685003
    Franklin TN 37068-5003
    (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
    Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
    Monday through Friday "

    Once all complaints are logged, let the class action suit or recall begin (I'm not an attorney, but would gladly support such a cause). We all deserve new vehicles and compensation for the time and frustrations we have experienced.....of course, Nissan knows about this issue and are ignoring it!!!
  • Moreroguerage, it's funny to see you post the address to Nissan because I didn't really think about the fact that I work in the building RIGHT NEXT DOOR to their corporate office here in Franklin, TN. If this new trans next week doesn't fix my problem, I might just walk over there in person.
  • Walking next door is all fine and good, but the only way we are all going to get anywhere is to get this crap documented - on our end and on Nissans. If you file a complaint, they need to open a case and log it. Make sure you keep the case number. When/if Nissan is asked to produce the list of complaints related to this issue...there should be hundreds, if not thousands.
  • Oh People, I am so sorry that you have also bought a product that is NO GOOD! I would like to tell you that someone from Nissan will help you, BUT the only help you will get is from one person to another, you know the blame game. Our Family also purchased a 2008 Rogue loved everything about it EXCEPT the growl and the uncertainty if the transmission was going to come out of it. You could go down the road and it would just gear down for NO reason, it would jerk and grind. We kept carrying it back, and we had the transmission replaced twice. It became a safety issue for our family knowing there was no fix and Nissan had no concern, the dealer nor the company. We tried doing everything by the book filling a complaint with the company, all that was, just playing phone tag with someone that really did not even care and talked like a politician. Again trying do the right thing we called the BBB(North Carolina) and filled a complaint Nissan called within 2 hours after the complaint we requested the vehicle to be a buy back, all they wanted to do is give a 1000,000 mile warranty; well, this might be OK if they knew they had a fix, we declined the offer. Next the offer was to make a few payments on our account, that was not an option,the vehicle was paid for. Finally a call came in on Friday to tell us that Nissan was not going to buy back the JUNK (THEY didn't even want ther own JUNK).
    I also explained that he might want to find him a new job before he gets laid off because a company that can not help out there customers sure want be in business long.

    I suggest to each of you with this problem start making copies of all the blogs you read with the problems you have and when you call BBB they will want to see these along with all the bills you might have for any repairs YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING'S DOCUMENTED!!

    I think Nissan is getting there dealership to side with them in saying there really is no problem, our dealership said it's ONLY audible, I said it wasn't audible when I purchased it and shouldn't be audible now.

    I Love My Edge it is more roomy and more reliable, this is the vehicle I wanted first but the Rogue had a lot to offer for the money, (I did not know I would be buying a clearnce vehicle with so much trouble and no company backing).
  • How does the "buy back" work? Do they give you back the amount you paid for the "JUNK" or do they give you today's market value (as you know as soon as it's off the lot, the value declines significantly). I also got money for the trade in that I gave them and the "JUNK" is paid in full. Any thoughts or info you can provide will certainly help me to push them to do something right for me, the customer.
  • I am sorry you are having a hard time trying to figure what to do. I am also sorry to tell you it is not as easy as it sounds, the last call we received from Nissan was to tell us to keep working with the dealer and that is a real joke! Like I said they all are working together and against the consumer, they forgot to think about word of mouth and internet, that would be a BAD way to do business. I hope the best for you maybe you should do like our family, just bite the bullet while the value is still decent and trade for another vehicle (oh yeah another brand and then make sure they know you did not buy another Nissan). Good Luck You are in our Prayers!!
  • sharkgbsharkgb Posts: 3
    Does anyone have a 2009 with the same problems as the above posters? Looking at the '09 Rogue vs. '09 CRV. Tested both. Rouge blew the Honda away in cabin layout/luxury but I think the posters problems are scaring me back to Honda. THANK YOU.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 182
    You bet me to the punch as I was going to ask the same question.

    To date I know of very few issues with 09s. Not that aren't any but just not aware of them. Of course when I ask my local dealer all I get is denial to any issues current or past.

    Typically,,,, when I buy a new vehicle I wait until the third year of its initial release. Have found over the past 30 years that most of the bugs are worked out once the third year hits. While I'm very interested in one, this bit o' history would make wait until the 10s are released before I jumped into a new Rouge. Just FWIW.
  • dcfcdcfc Posts: 5
    Yes I do. I have a 2009 Rogue, with only 3500 miles I had the transmission placed, now it has 4400 miles and I am told it needs another replacement transmission, as it took them 2000 miles to identify the growling sound as being the transmission and given that I have signed up for a 36 month lease, I equate that to approximately 20 transmissions at $5000 a piece (parts and labor). You would think that Nissan would grab the bull by the horns and resolve these issues once and for all. At least for me it is a lease, therefore I just keep taking it back and complaining, if I had paid $30000 screen price straight out of my pocket I would be truly gutted.
  • nishawnishaw Posts: 4
    I bought my SL AWD Rogue in Oct '07 and in the last few weeks I started hearing a rattling noise coming from "somewhere". I took the car to the dealer this past Saturday, since I was nearing the 36K mark. They told me a screw was loose from the Heating Shield. Not sure how that could happen. I'm starting to wonder about this car. I also hear this different noise when I turn on the AC, dealer told me it's "normal".....not so sure....
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