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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair



  • Everyone needs to read all the forums about these issues, since consumer complaints has logged 3 very dangerous incidents: 2 owners got into accidents and the air bags did not deploy at all, including the side curtains. One woman took her Rogue into the dealership twice about the airbags, since the first dealership 'test' didn't fix the light on problem, (same as ours). She then went to start the car one morning and the air bags deployed.

    A few owners are posting complaints about windows exploding (new to me). One guy said the rear quarter window exploded and one said his sunroof shattered. The dealer fixed the sunroof saying it was defective.

    Our 2008 FWD is lunging forward badly during downshifting (it's even scaring me now). This will be the third time back to dealer, so far we have had no luck in getting anything resolved.

    Just lately we are also getting very loud lifter noises, but only sometimes. Sounds like the valves are going to come through the heads, is anyone else experiencing this?
  • New to this forum. Just saw your posting. I bought my Rogue new 12/31/07...was looking for a Japanese made vehicle...guess choosing the Rogue was a big mistake. After only a few months the engine sounded like a diesel...took in to dealer several times, but service said that they could not reproduce. This past winter the noise changed & sounded like lifter noise when the vehicle was cold. Left overnight so they would have cold...service heard problem then. Nissan had dealership change the lifters. Still heard the noise & got increasingly louder when cold...gave it 2 weeks before I took it back in. Nissan told the dealer to put in new short block...Was initially told that Nissan Tech Line said they were aware of the problem & that a piston supplier sent a bad batch of pistons...supplier had corrected the problem. I called Customer Affairs & asked Nissan to purchase the vehicle back & told the specialist on call back what Tech line had said. Then the story changed that tech line had said I must have a bad piston. The review board said NO. I called back & called response...called the 800 number & an internal message was sent for the CA specialist to call me & was told she would call me back this past Mon...Tue called the 800 number another internal message was sent & asked for a message to be sent to the specialist's supv. Got a call from the supervisor...I explained that the vehicle should qualify under the Lemon Law...asked if Nissan would consider negotiating. Got a call back from the original specialist today (Fri 05/01/09) & was told that the board had decided to not do anything to help me. The dealership's service mgr now says that the #2 piston was bad & scarred the cylinder wall. I would be all in for a class action!
  • Just got the Rogue back from Universal City Nissan yesterday (third time in for the transmission) they said nothing wrong with the car at all. I had printed up all the postings from this forum as well as 3 others. He basically could care less. My wife has to drive down a grade every day on the 405 and it's scaring the hell out of her.

    They gave us a 2009 Altima for the rental car. Transmission (they have a CVT as well), shifted perfectly with no problems, very smooth. I mentioned this fact to the service advisor and he didn't bat an eyelash.

    We still have the air bag light going on when some people sit in the front passenger seat, turns out Nissan has that set for over 120 pounds only. So my wife's co-worker, who has cancer, has no air bag protection in a Rogue. Be advised the same goes for all of you, a 119 pounds or less front passenger has zero air bag protection in a Rogue. Am I crazy or is the federal standard 40 pounds or less has to be in a car seat?!

    We have had it and are contacting a Lemon Law attorney next week, will keep you all posted.
  • rogueagentrogueagent Posts: 1
    New to this forum .
    I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue SL AWD. Bought it in July of 2008.
    I think it might be me or just bad luck, but many bad things have happened to me + this car since I Purchased it .
    I bought this car in haste, as my old 1996 Honda CR-V had had its run, So I fell in love with this car.
    I've been in 3 Car accidents with this car ( VERY Minor, Dent/Bumper stuff -- Not my fault )
    And lately, the strangest thing happened.
    I was driving home on a hot and sunny afternoon from work, on the Number 1 Highway I take to and from work, and I was the only one on the road for at least a kilometer both ways, When, All of a sudden, My Sunroof Exploded !
    It scared me so much ! It sounded like a bomb went off right above my car.
    I stopped to the side of the highway to investigate, and I was bewildered.
    Drove back into town, went to my Nissan Dealership, and I was SOL there. They claim it was a rock, But How? No cars around me, and I didn't go under an overpass, and there was no rock, and the sunroof appeared to have exploded OUTWARD. They told me it was an insurance claim.
    So now, I have to Fork up 250 bucks + Possible Premium rate increase to get a new sunroof installed. FRUSTRATING !
    My son told me it was possible, but rare that my car is almost airtight, and that the heat caused the air in my car to expand, and thus caused my Sunroof to burst.
    Kinda thinking twice and hitting my head about my hasty purchase.... sadly.

    So, If anyone has any similar scenarios or anything to say about this 'incident', please let me know. :cry:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Exploding sunroofs are rare but they do happen. You can read about other's experiences in Exploding Sunroofs! and Mitsubishi Outlander Exploding Sunroof.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Afraid I learned an expensive & valuable lesson. I have had engine problems with my 2008 Rogue. Only took in specifically for this twice during the first year...Have found out that many states' lemon law requires 4 trips within the first year. I went thru Nissan's Consumer Affairs dept...What a joke!!! I even called them back & almost begged them to even negotiate with me...They again said that they chose not to do anything for me. Have talked to a lemon lawyer and am told I will have to file under the federal lemon law. They say they will ask for a replacement vehicle or half the sticker...I don't want to keep the vehicle. Hope you have better luck.
  • happynot1happynot1 Posts: 1
    I have 5400 miles on my Rogue and the transmission is being replaced. I have been reading about numerous problems with the transmissions.
  • Believe I now know why Nissan will not buy back. If they buy back, the title will be I have been told. Just secured the lawyer (Krohn & Moss - no recovery/no fee) last week. They say the BBB must be contacted before they can take to arbitration & that they handle that part of the process...then arbitration...if no resolution, then they will file the lawsuit.
  • dcfcdcfc Posts: 5
    We live in Ohio and have a BBB hearing app't June 23rd. Have already had 2 replacement transmissions (by 5200m) and on driving it back home from the 2nd replacement, was making the familiar noises. Told dealership and awaited their 'regional specialist's' response. (Whatever happened to good, old fashioned mechanics!) Days later, phoned them again, to be advised that the specialist had been told by Nissan USA that he wasn't to even look at our car until after the hearing! By this point, it's now high reving and lurching forwards. It's under warranty, so they cannot refuse to look at it! We drove it to the dealership and left it there last Saturday. Down to one car again. We understand that a 3rd transmission will mean 'lemon', so we just have to wait & see. We are due to go on a road trip up to Maine very soon. Looks like we'll be in our VW Passat, as they will only offer an Altima (had one for 2 yrs - gives my wife backache & stiff neck) or another Rogue (yeah - right!) as a loan car.
    The starter motor makes a high pitched noise whilst it's turning over aswell. Getting to the point where we make bets on what'll happen every time it's used! Sad, but true.
    Will keep you all posted on the outcome of our BBB hearing. We have stated from the 1st replacement transmission that we've lost faith in the Rogue and wanted out of the lease. There was a Quest on the lot that was reduced to the same price as our Rogue. We wanted to do a straight swop, but we were told, weeks later that unless we paid $1,500, we couldn't. Common sense should have told Nissan USA that they would have saved themselves a headache & money by doing this. At $5,000 per transmission, we are now on #3 and no end in sight! We do not want another Rogue for obvious reasons. The laws need tightening up here. Why are these people allowed to keep selling faulty/dangerous goods? Will it take a fatality to make it happen? Maybe all those involved at Nissan USA would like to volunteer to put their loved ones into these vehicles? Would be interested to see how many bigwigs there actually drive these things? Meanwhile, our Rogue sits outside the dealer while we fork out $$$$ every month!
  • csi007csi007 Posts: 26
    The rogue was on the short list for my company vehicle and with what I have read here and other places I will steer clear of the Nissan's until they get their act together again.
  • dcfc,

    Please do let me know how your BBB meeting comes out. My lawyer more-or-less told me not to expect anything from it...was just a formality. I believe they said this process should take around 40 days. Lots of luck to you.
  • I am also a "not-so-lucky" owner of one of Nissan's Rogue Lemons which was shipped and sold in Texas. Just filed my case with BBB as the Consumer Affairs department, who claims to be "working for the consumer" is a big joke. I have been tossed back and forth between the Service Manager at the dealership and the Consumer Affairs Department for over two weeks, trying to get a DTS Technician to come and inspect the car, at the suggestion of the Service Manager at the dealership after they replaced the transmission, right front strut and a piece of the steering column, only to still have the rumbling vibrations at slow speeds along with a clunking/spring release noise when you start to excelerate in drive. The frustration got the best of me, even after driving with the Service Manager last week and duplicating all of the noises I have encountered since the transmission was replaced (I made it to just over 10,000 miles!!! Yeehaw!) I took the next step in notifying the BBB and I'm interested to see how the hearing goes as I guess I am heading down this same path. Does anyone know what can be done to make Nissan responsible? Has anyone considered calling their local TV station to see if they will do a story on it and put Nissan in the news for this line of faulty vehicles?
  • dcfcdcfc Posts: 5
    WE HAVE WON OUR CASE! We were given the 'repurchase' decision that we hoped for. Hearing went well and our judge was very thorough in all details - which helped us a lot as we went with facts and Nissan could not fight the truth. Awaiting Nissan's contact to see when to take car back etc. This could have all been avoided, had they simply followed through with their promise of customer care.
    We found the BBB & judge to be excellent. Would recommend anyone else in our position to give them a try.
    Bottom line is, keep all documents, make a note of days/dates, names, etc. You'll need it, if you ever have to challenge these so-called consumer-friendly businesses.
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    I had the same problem with a 2007 Toyota Rav4 and their so called customer care. :lemon:

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Congratulations! Let us know what happens and whether there are any problems with Nissan satisfying the court's order.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • dcfc - My lawyer told me that if repurchase, then only a few states (WI, etc.) required the buy-back at the mileage on the first maintenance log...otw, they repurchase at the current mileage on the vehicle. Hoping that this is not the case for you...with 35k on my vehicle I was told they would only have to give me 2/3 of the vehicle sticker price. Let us know how you come out.
  • dcfcdcfc Posts: 5
    We have now signed & returned the papers from Nissan for our :lemon: Rogue. So far, they are complying with the Ohio Lemon Law. They have to pay back everything to us - all payments etc, tax, the lot. The law is that you shouldn't be a cent out of pocket. I am aware that the laws vary from state to state though. (Sympathy to anyone else).
    They have 30 days to follow through.
    So, now we are awaiting their contact for a person who'll visit us, check over the car's condition etc and issue the cheque/we sign the title over etc. So far, so good.
  • hess5hess5 Posts: 6
    I have a 08 Rogue sl, I bough it with 28K on it. I like it a lot and it has a lot of extras. The only thing I do not like is that I have a shimmy at low speed. I took it to nisson and they said it was the nature of the beast. The tires on it have only 2k miles on them. Today I took it to another place and had the tires balanced and rotated. but no help, as I still have a small shimmy through the streering wheel. Only between 15-20 miles per hour. I asked the worker today if I could have a tire out of round or a bent rim, he said no. Does anyone else have this problem. Harry
  • I just bought an 09 Rogue, it has about 300 miles on it now. Up until about 300 miles, I did not hear this noise. Whenever I depress the brake pedal, I hear a click sound like a switch going on or off. This is different from the click that you hear when you first depress the brake to move the transmission out of park and into drive.

    I took it into the dealer and they said this is absolutely normal. Could it really be that Nissan manufactured a car that clicks every time you step on the brakes?? Does anyone else hear this? It's not very loud and I could have possibly not heard it because I had the radio on most of the time, but I swear I would have noticed on the test drive.. Thanks in advance.
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