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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair



  • dcfcdcfc Posts: 5
    Took the :lemon: Rogue back to Nissan today. Nissan rep denied we had app't. The guy (who works independantly), had come to check over the car, also was told he didn't have an app't.(even though the rep had sent him an email confirmation!) So-off to a great start! After insisting I would sit there all day if I had to, the very rude Nissan rep agreed to see us. Anyway, the independant guy was very pleasant and checked over the :lemon: car and we got all our money back. Deposited it in our bank on the way home.
    That was only possible because we were forced to take Nissan North/USA to the BBB (who did a superb job). Nissan were given every oppurtunity by us to remedy this matter beforehand. They chose not to and we were passed from one department to another, each promising to do different things to help us. No one did. They said Nissan USA was to blame and vice versa.
    We understand cars go wrong sometimes. That's life. We just wanted a reliable car to drive, with customer service to fall back on. We never got that. We will NEVER set foot in a Nissan showroom again.
  • Yeah that is right. I live in Florida where it rains about every day and I was looking ing the mirror when I saw water dripping from the back window. I pulled over to investigate discovered that it was actually leaking. I then said "well maybe it was raining real hard and the water just dripped in somehow and this was just a one time thing", but no I am here to let everyone know that this is not a one time deal and it happends just about everytime it rains. I am making an appointment at Nissan to have this looked at. I will see what they say. Had to put towels in the back under the hatchback. :(
  • Just wondeing if anyone knows whether the transmission problems on the Rogue have been fixed. I thought I read in this forum that all the trannies built after a certain date (Dec. '08?) were supposedl OK.

    I am in the market for a new car in about 6 weeks. Almost all the CRVs by me have been sold, and most of the RAV4's too. Nissan dealers still have a good supply of Rogues though.

    Has anyone bought an '09 AWD recently and had problems with it?
  • Just saw your post. I am on my second has about 5K on it & has not been right since put in. I took to another Nissan dealership. They believe an internal belt is cracked/slit. Looking like my probs are going to be coming to an end - one way or another. Nissan has refused to "man-up" & I had to get a lawyer. The lawyer says I have a strong case...should be going to court Nov or Dec...unless Nissan chooses to settle prior. I have been fighting problems since Apr/May 2008. Good luck to you.
  • Thanks for the info. Supposedly the transmissions built after Oct. '09 are "fixed".
  • 4600 km and 4 months later my 09 Rogue needs a new transmission. Classic gurgling and popping sounds coming from the engine at low rpm. Dealership has to order the part from Japan. What sucks is I asked when purchasing if the 09's are having transmission problems and was assured that only a few 08's had problems and the 09's are fine. What a crock!
  • What sucks is I asked when purchasing if the 09's are having transmission problems and was assured that only a few 08's had problems and the 09's are fine. What a crock!

    Wow, do you really think that those people at bestbuy will tell you that "don't buy this HDMI cable in the store b/c you can buy it online for 90% off"? or

    Will those recruiters at colleges tell you that "don't come to my school b/c we don't have as good program as other schools"?
  • I bought an Orange 2009 Rogue SL AWD in July of 08. One year went by with no problems. I have 25,400 miles on it. I thought that I passed the window of possible transmission issues. However, in August, I started to hear a knocking and pinging under the hood. It reminded me of my Dad's 86 Olds Cutlass Supreme when I would put cheap gas into it then drag race with my friends.
    I took my Rogue to the dealer (an actual friendly one). We drove together and it didn't make the noise. They said stop by anytime. I asked if they heard the Urban Legend of Rogues losing transmissions at 4 thousand or 10 thousand miles. They said they never heard of it. Scary.
    Anyway, the car seems to run fine. I have power and my mpg is still the same. I actually love this car aside from this issue. I plan to keep it after 200,000 miles as I always run my cars into the ground. It has only a few flaws (that I can live with). I am a teacher, I have MS, I have a wife who is having our second baby in 5 weeks. I don't have the energy for a fight here. I just want the car to be ok. I hate having this pit in my stomach. Will I be worrying about this car the entire time I have it?
    What's my plan? I plan to take the car to Nissan this week for them to observe. I have a feeling it will make the noise this time.
    Suggestions on how to approach them?
    Key things to say?
  • Fom what I've read on this forum, you should document each visit, even f they can't duplicate the problem.

    Maybe it was just bad gas. I don't think that's the transmission sound.

    Good luck, with everything! God bless! :)
  • Just read your message for the first time. I bought my 08 Rogue new 12/31/07. Nissan has replaced the lifters, put a new short block in, and installed a new transmission. I still have engine problems and transmission problems. I am suing Nissan after doing everything except beg them to negotiate with me. I can tell you that it is important to make sure you get a maintenance sheet each time you visit the dealership with a problem for them to inspect...even if they cannot duplicate the problem. It is important to stay after them - especially during the first year of your new purchase, which it appears that you are beyond. If you continue to experience problems that they "cannot duplicate" and you feel you are getting nowhere, call Nissan1 - Nissan Consumer Affairs - and complain. I did all of this and asked them to purchase the vehicle back...and then to negotiate with me. Nissan flatly refused to do anything. However, the process will provide additional paper-trail that will be needed if you pursue later. Good luck.
  • Just wanted to let you know that my engine was making a pinging noise as well... I bought my Rogue in March '08. Two months later (approx 3000 miles) I heard the pinging noise constantly throughout all rpms... Nissan replaced the catalytic converter... If you have the same pinging noise as I did please note that it is most likely not the tranny.

    The tranny has a very peculiar noise of its own. The tranny noises are being tied to approx 5 - 25mph in deceleration with and without breaking. It is a loud, almost gurgling noise from the front of the car (particularly noticable in parking lots). This noise started occuring in my car at 5000 miles. I am having the transmission replaced for the first time this week at 15000 miles. I have been waiting in hopes that Nissan has solved the problem, but the service rep. told me that Nissan is "still doing research on the transmissions, and that likely installing a new one will not solve the problem."

    I also thought I would inform you that I just had what a local service person (non Nissan, i live 2 hrs from the dealership) tell me that the Shift Cable Boot fell off my car. The most recent trip in to the Nissan dealership, I showed them the paperwork and asked that they document it in my car's service file.

    The best I can say is keep trying with your local Nissan dealership to diagnose the noise, ask them to look at the Catalytic Converter as that is where my pinging noise came from. Also, definately document every trip to you take to the dealership. I personally dont plan on fililng with the BBB as my car is over a year old and so the lemon laws would not apply to my car. I do plan on purchasing a new vehicle though before my warranty runs out becuase I dont want to be stuck with costly repairs. The car isn't even 2 years old and the Cat and Tranny have been replaced... What will happen at year 3, 4 & 5?

    Best of luck you.
  • same as you guys, i'm hearing gurgling & popping sound while im on a low speed around 5 to 15 mph... especially during turning in parking lots... It is my new car and i don't have any idea what to do about it... because most of the guys are saying that nissan will replace the transmission but after months the gurgling & popping sound will come back... so what's the used of replacing it? it's just waste of time. eventhough it is the scenario, do i need to bring it to a nissan dealership for repair? will i be liable for the expenses? or the gurgling & popping sound is normal and we should just live w/ it.
  • Yes absolutely take your car to a Nissan dealership if you are planning on having a new tranny put in. If your car is still under warranty, then no you should not be liable for the expenses. So far with the new tranny & cat. converter, I have not paid a cent.

    You do make a good point about the necessity of getting it fixed. At the moment Nissan is saying that is NOT a safety concern. The reason I chose to get mine fixed is that should they decide in 2 years that it is a safety concern (and my car will be out of warranty at that point) I then don't want to be stuck with shelling out the money for a new tranny. Just something to take into consideration.
  • thanxs for the info! ur absolutely right! i should use my warranty. i dont want myself to be stuck paying for the expenses that i shouldn't have.
  • I have to say that we are trading our Rogue tomorrow, I'm so upset about it. We bought it brand ne off the lot in November 2007. A month after having it we started hearing the noise coming from the transmission. We mentioned it for every oil change and of course they could never hear it. Finally 2 months ago, at 15200 miles, they heard it and called the tech line right away. They said to put a new tranny in it, so thats what they did. Well irs been about a month and guess what, a new noise is back, coming from the same area, but slightly different, its more of a rattling, almost like something is going to fall out!!! I'm so frustrated with it, granted I haven't taken it in again, and they were vey nice but I just can't get over the fact that this is happening to a Nissan with 15000 miles on it. It makes me worry about whats going to happen when the warranty is up? And yes, some would say "well it's free if it's still under warranty.", I say whay should I continue to make payments on a car that probably isn't going to make it past the warranty. Again, so disappointed, nice to know we aren't all alone, but shame on Nissan for not doing more, think of all the others that don't complain or research it on the internet. I'm trading it tomorrow for a Rav 4, hopefully we will have better luck, crushed though, I really like my Rogue. :(

    CVT Program DetailsDear Nissan Owner:

    On behalf of everyone at Nissan, we would like to thank you for choosing to drive a Nissan. One of the many technologically-advanced features of your vehicle is the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), an innovative transmission that offers smooth, seamless shifting, while tailoring the vehicle's output to your driving style.

    While Nissan is proud to offer this technology on many of our models, a small percentage of owners of early models equipped with CVTs have expressed concerns about the cost of repair of their transmissions after the warranty expires. We take these comments about the cost of vehicle ownership seriously. We strive to provide an exceptional ownership experience and are implementing a thorough Customer Satisfaction Program to address this topic.

    First, to provide you with additional assurance regarding your overall cost of ownership we have doubled the warranty period for the Continuously Variable Transmission in your Nissan. The existing powertrain warranty coverage of 5 years/60,000 miles will be extended at no cost to you, for CVT repairs, replacements or related towing, to 10 years/120,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    This extension is effective immediately and requires no action on your part. The remainder of your powertrain warranty coverage for components other than the transmission remains unchanged, at 5 years/60,000 miles, and your basic warranty coverage also remains unchanged. All other warranty terms, limitations and conditions otherwise apply. This extended transmission warranty is also fully transferable to future owners of your vehicle.

    Second, Nissan will reimburse customers who have previously paid to repair or replace their CVT, if the repairs would have been covered within the new extended warranty period. Even if you no longer own your Nissan we will reimburse you for past CVT repairs that would have been covered under this extension of the warranty.

    Further, in the unlikely event that your vehicle's transmission should need repair beyond the extended warranty period we are working to decrease the cost of repair and have already reduced the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of a replacement CVT. In addition, we continuously strive to enhance our products, and have made ongoing improvements to our CVTs over the years.

    Nissan is taking these actions to demonstrate our confidence in the CVT technology and to show our commitment to stand behind our products.
  • The problem is that there're still those who think that 120K miles is not enough. They expect their engines to last 200-300K miles. ;)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Well, yeah, my Nissan will be ten this December and it's over 135,000 miles. Where's my lifetime warranty? :P

    10/120 is nothing to sneeze at eh? And if they were losing lots of warranty dollars on the CVT, it'd be hard for Nissan to justify the warranty extension. So good for them.
  • Glad you got a good engine. Mine went lame at less than 5 months & Nissan finally decided to do something...only changed short block. They had to change the tranny, too. Finally got rid of the piece of junk last week. Still had engine & transmission problems. Still have my lawsuit in place.
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