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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi. I leased a 2010 Rogue in February 2010. It is the 360 AWD version.
    All seemed well until a month ago when I got up to 22,000 miles. This is when I noticed a whistling sound when on the highway and the accelerator is depressed. It seems to happen around 65mph. Of course the dealership claimed they couldn't duplicate my concern. I am making another appointment and will ride with them this time to point out noise. Has anyone else experienced this time? I was thinking of buying out the lease, but not sure now.
  • tzwu1034tzwu1034 Posts: 2
    Beware of a metallic thump when reversing with wheel turned or going forward. If it feels like your AWD is slipping or grinding it may very well be! I had these issues at just over 500 miles and took it into the dealer. The rear differential is shot and the car isn't road safe, so take it into the dealer immediately! According to the dealer, this is a manufacturer's defect and they are replacing the $2,000 part for free under warranty of course.

    The mechanic explained that bolts were stripped on the inside of th differential and the thumping noise I heard was the entire diff moving around...once again, if you have any doubts get it checked out by Nissan. Oh, and it will take nearly a week to get your car back so make them get you a rental.

    I will keep up to date if anything further is found...
  • Update to my previous post. The vehicle need a new transmission after only 23,000 miles!!! I am done with Nissan and their CVTs.
  • how did u file lemon law stuff..
    my husband and i are considering it as we have a baby on the way and cant afford nor do we want a car wiht so many problems.
    also how long did it take?
  • we have had this car for five months and it had 43k miles on it over the course of 5 months it now has just folled over to 50k.
    my friend and i were in town last saturday i thought something was wrong but she told me i was crazy,but as we got into town where the stoplights where my car would not accelarate the cars in front of me would continusly be a good 100 feet ahead of me before my car even registered i was pressing the gas.
    i thought it was the oil since i was overdue but i took it to the grease pig in fay,ar and they said that everything was fine and my oil wasnt bad at all, so needless to say i left wihtout getting it changed.
    we then proceeded to go to th place we bought it and they told us it wasnt there problem that we needed to go to nissan. we went and they also didnt do anything as it ran fine for them and also fine untill i got home.
    blah blah it did it again once.
    but yesterday i got into my car to go to the store and i thought my car was going to blow up.
    the rpms would staty at 3 even though it was floored it sounded like i had it in neutral, as i turned it sounded like i had drums in the back of my car.( being 81/2 months pregnant makes me a little paranoid) my da is a mercades mechanic and told my husband and i it wasnt drivable so this morning we had it towed to the dealer can someone please tell me what is going on?????
  • jc2010jc2010 Posts: 31
    policewife. I'm in the same boat as on the way and can't afford putting ourselves at risk. This is awful. You have to look up your state's lemon law. You can do this online. For example, The issue must be attempted to be repaired 4 times within a 2 year period or 18,000 miles. Because this happens to us on long trips we will miss the cut off for it to be a lemon. Were at almost 14K miles already and it will be 2 yrs old in March. Find my post under CVT recall...I put some info in there regarding who I've contacted thus far to complain, etc. I'm also in touch with Nissan corporate trying to work something out. I do not feel safe in this car. I do not want to be crossing the GWB or going through one of the hudson tunnel crossings with a baby in my car and getting where to go. It's insane. Let me know if anything and GL with the car and the baby!
  • I had the same problem as you are having! I bought my rouge 2008 in feb of 2009 and I heard niosecs like you are hearing since March 2009 I took it into dealer 3 times and had to scream at them that something needed to be fixed and that I knew it was the transmission because I had read on here about ewvertyones problems so in Oct of 2010 with only 15,000 miles on it they finailly replaced my transmission, but 3 days later I started hearing that same "rattleing" niose so I took it back to Nissian dealer and they refused to hear the niose and told me to just keep driving it... To make a long story short, I couldn't take it anymore and got so frustrated that I traded it in on Jan. 31st,2011 with only 18,000 miles on it for a 2011 Ford Escape Limited !!! I have had my new ford for over 6 months now and am sooo happy it's twice the car the rouge was....
    Nissian sucks!!!
  • gjk916gjk916 Posts: 3
    Just had my rogue at the dealer today for the same complaint service manager states that the noise is coming from the holes in the roof rack were the optional crossbars would mount. He said his guys checked the alignment of the glass and it was okay. He then stated they put electrical tape over the mounting holes and the noise went away. He took me out to show me the holes, and they had already removed the tape. I'm a little skeptical to say the least, especially since I noticed a little water leakage at the car wash. I will try the electrical tape trick myself, if this doesn’t work for me than it's off to a new dealer.
  • I just bought this car recently, and I've read the manual and watched the DVD on the automatic a/c. The middle dial which controls the temperature does not "blink" twice to indicate that the a/c has kicked into auto mode. I can get a recirulation light and the outside air light, but when you press the dial about "1.5 seconds", I don't get any blinking, as demonstrated on the DVD. It's not a big deal - but it's a brand new car and I'd like it to work properly... I've made an appt w/the dealer to bring it in...Any ideas what this could be? Maybe a fuse? I wonder how complicated this will be to's such a small issue...I have nightmares that they'll take the whole dash apart! Thanks for your imput.
  • Need to replace the rear pads on my 2009 'S'. Anyone know if the OEM pads are ceramic or semi-metallic? I know the DX pads are premium pads and will they provide better stopping power than the ceramics?

  • Update:

    The new differential lasted all of 1,500 miles. The car is now at 5,000 miles and is going into the shop for the second replacement differential (this makes 3 in the car now in the first 5,000 miles). I'm not sure if I feel safe in this car any longer because of the possibility of the wheels locking up due to differential issues. Do I have any options?

    Original Message:
    Beware of a metallic thump when reversing with wheel turned or going forward. If it feels like your AWD is slipping or grinding it may very well be! I had these issues at just over 500 miles and took it into the dealer. The rear differential is shot and the car isn't road safe, so take it into the dealer immediately! According to the dealer, this is a manufacturer's defect and they are replacing the $2,000 part for free under warranty of course.

    The mechanic explained that bolts were stripped on the inside of the differential and the thumping noise I heard was the entire diff moving around...once again, if you have any doubts get it checked out by Nissan. Oh, and it will take nearly a week to get your car back so make them get you a rental.

    I will keep up to date if anything further is found...
  • noticed my wife's new rogue will not hill hold in Drive (rolls backward), never seen this in any automatic and my new altima and two previous muranos (CVT's) held on hills. Anyone having this same experience? Thanks
  • lb24lb24 Posts: 2
    I've had my Rogue for 2 weeks now and it only has 500 miles on it. While I was driving yesterday the car started thrusting back and forth and was making sounds as if the car was running out of gas, except I had a full tank so I knew that wasn't the case. A few minutes later the check engine light came on and the thrusting got worse. Of course this happened Saturday night and the dealership is closed on Sundays so I have not spoken with anyone yet about the situation. I will have it towed to the dealer tomorrow and will update on the problem later. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • lb24lb24 Posts: 2
    it ended up being a bad ground cable... it was fixed quickly!
  • I bought my 2011 Rogue in December 2010 and just noticed this when I drove to NY in September. I brought the car in for service and they said that the newer Nissan's transmissions are not meant to hold on hills. I feel like I'm driving a stick shift and am looking behind me to see how close the car is to me.
  • I had purchased a new Rogue last week. I was very unhappy with my experience at the dealership and I have complained. I feel I was scammed and I took the bait hook line and sinker!! It doesn't help that my front head light went out and now I'm told its the assembly not the bulb and my car is the first one they have had with this problem!!! I hope my misgivings will not continue. The dealership is telling me they want to make me happy but all I hear is" we want to make you happy". How do they plan on making me happy?
  • Has the problem been fixed? And how? I'm having the same problem and they can not seem to find the problem.
  • I have a question. I have 2010 Rogue and noticed that on my window/door lock control that the door lock and window lock do not light up. The images are there but they do not light up I have been in several cars and they did in those. I have the right accessory package but I'm being told that is not the case. Can anyone tell me if they have the same issue.
  • I also have a leak in the back but it's in the spare tire compartment. Don't notice any water leaking in from anywhere. Strangely there are 3 drain plugs under the tire. I wonder why.
  • Had a flat rear tire, drove to the auto shop with the spare, got 2 new rear tires, then its making noise when I drive, a mechanic checked it out and said its the differential and $2300.00 to repair. He also mentioned the car is still new and it shouldn't have had this kind of damage. Taking it to the dealer and hopefully its covered by warranty. Any comments or suggestions, please.
  • I bought a 2011 Nissan Rogue SV in September. Since the first weekend I owned the car I had issues with the radio, experiencing popping noises, and then having the navigation/radio panel shut itself off. The dealership replaced the radio about three weeks ago, but now I'm experiencing the same thing again. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm wondering if others have had some sort of resolution.
  • The same thing has happened to me! the first time I took it in the man at the dealership said they've been having many issues with the speakers. However, when I went back and dealt with another employee they made no mention of this and even tried to tell me my speakers were fine. However, my persistence paid off and they replaced the speaker- only it was the wrong one. I'm still experiencing popping noises, not just from the original speaker but now from both sides. I plan on taking mine in tomorrow and perhaps get this resolved. Did you have any luck?
  • We bought this car 2 months ago has approx 1900 miles. we noticed a slight noise during the first month . It seemed to originate near the gear shift lever and would pop up randomely when the vehicle was in motion . A couple of days ago the engine stalled in heavy traffic. We took it to the dealer who sold us this car. Luckily the noise could be reproduced during the testdrive with the service rep. He thinks it is a transmission issue and siad that he needs to talk to Nissan Tech line. We have to waittill tuesday as the tech line is closed for the holidays. He mentioned that the noise is even worse when they tried to replicate it and also mentioned that the cars computers registered the stall but there was no reason given by the onboard computer as to why the engine stalled. We were provided with a loaner car.
  • ysabysab Posts: 1

    I have a rogue 2011 sv fwd. it's been a year since i owned it. And here is my story, whenever i turned the engine off after using it for short or long drives, there is a minimal clunking metallic noise i hear everyday which lasts around 5 minutes to the max. It is just minimal and coming mostly from all tires or underneath the rogue. To thes describe it better, they're like coins being rubbed against each other.

    I just wonder if this is normal or anyone is experiencing the same?

    Thanks much.
  • I know what you mean. I purchased a 2011 Nissan Rogue SL in March 2011 new and in Oct of the same year I started hearing a wind noise which gets louder as you speed up. If I close the sun roof cover it is less, but for paying 28000.00 for this car, this is not exceptable. I am taking it to the dealership to see what they can do. I will update on what I find out. :(
  • why my 2011 rogue sl awd has a mpg very poor in the city about 13-14. I driven already 7000 miles , hwy mpg is good . the dealer told me it's ok, not for me i can't accept a mpg very low . Anybody know anything
  • Driving habbit and weather can affect the mpg. Try to replace a K&N air filter, it is worth.
  • Hey, I've been wanting to update you all on the sunroof whistling issue. Meant to get back to y'all a LONG time ago, but just haven't had the chance and kept forgetting. My bad! Anyway...I took our Rogue to Nissan MONTHS ago and told them about the whistling noise coming from the sunroof. They test-drove the car and heard the noise themselves. They called to let me know that sunroof was misshaped and that was what was causing the noise. They ordered a new sunroof, which they installed in the car, and the noise has totally gone away! Since then, the car has been nice and quiet, as it should be (road noise when raining, notwithstanding). I do believe there is a TSB out there for it. So, if you're experiencing the same thing, then Nissan should get it fixed for you.

    Ever since, we have been enjoying our "Black Betty" thoroughly. I really enjoy the Rogue. It's been comfortable, very reliable (no problems other than the whistling wind noise issue, which has been fixed), and now, after it having been broken-in (close to 8K miles, now), I find it fun to drive, as well. I've even grown to love the steering: it's not as direct and fun to drive as my last Mazda, but it's close. The Rogue, though, is definitely faster and still handles well.

    I was looking forward to testing out the Rogue more in the snow, but we haven't had a real winter here in NYC. We had two days of snow all in all and my experience in the Rogue in the snow was fantastic. Was wishing I had more snow days, but hey, I'll keep wishing.
  • Not that I know anything about why this is happening, but I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I have an '11 AWD, too, and the city mileage is atrocious. If my mileage is purely city, computer displays an average of about 15 to, stretching it, 17. On the highway, though, it does great: I've gotten up to a 30 average, but more like 28/29.
  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had an alternator problem. I purchased my 2012 Rogue in November. A 1,500 miles in traffic I smelt a bad burning smell and saw some smoke, I called my salesman and said to drive straight to the dealer. It ended up needing a new alternator! Since they replaced it, I notice my car vibrates now. My husband filed my tank up completely, we drove about 130 miles and the gauge never moved. The next day, after driving about 5 miles, it finally moved to half a tank! Sounds like the 2012's are having the same problem as the 2011 gas gauge issues. I also experience the loud noises but I do not have a sunroof. It gets really loud the faster I go and when it rains, it sounds like it is raining in my car! Any suggestions are greatly recommended. Thanks :)
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