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Honda Accord VCM



  • I have driven both previous accords and camry. The issue for me is not the shift or surge of the VCM engaging it is the untolerable chassis vibration that I believe is occurring due to the unbalance of the engine during cylinder de-activation. The active engine mounts are not working as good as advertised and I would not expect a $30K car to be anything but completely stable. The car feels like it has constantly unbalanced tires. When the time comes to replace this sales car there is no way in the world that Honda will get our business if I have to put up with this for the next two years.
  • The vibration only occurs at speeds above 50 mph. Around town the car is perfectly smooth, and the vibration is not in the steering wheel. I feel it in the seat which leads me to believe that it is coming from the power/drive train. I have already had the car tires replaced and road/load balanced. Am I the only one who is having a constant vibration at speeds above 50? If there a fix I am all ears, please help. Thanks
  • I have not heard of anyone having a constant vibration above 50. You should take it back to the dealer and demand they look into the likelihood that this ludicrous VCM contraption is malfunctioning. :mad:

    Perhaps they can turn the VCM off. However, your fuel economy will probably drop to 17 city, 25 highway, my guess. :D

    I'm trying, Pat.
  • I agree, I have had my V6 Coupe for a month now and yeah it's "different" feeling but I understand the benefits of the technology and thusly it doesn't bother me at all. It has been out long enough to be tested. The loner I have the car the more "normal" it will feel. I LOVE the V6 Gas Mileage though...My HHR was a weak 4 cyl and I get the same avg MPH!!! Yeah I'll take the little shudder now and then........The benefits far outweigh the annoyances,

    I have found cruise control keeps the ECO light on where as my control is less smooth. I try to drive with the ECO light on all the time. Its a challenge.
  • There is something about a lot of vehicles one needs to "get used to"

    The hard ride of a BMW 335...hit your head on the ceiling running over a paper cup.
    The less than expected cushy ride of a $35k Maxima.......
    The lackluster acceleration of a 2.4 Chevy engine in a Malibu
    The jumpyness of a G37 Infiniti...
    The engine noise and constant AT shifting of a Honda Accord 4cyl
    The LACK of all engine sound in a Lexus!!

    Its just a matter of what one desires and can "get used to" All vehicles have their personalities. I like a more visceral driving experience. I like "knowing" the engine is running. I like a softer ride with decent handling. The Altima Coupe had neither. The Infiniti had both but in the end simply wasn't worth $10K more...I test drove the Maxima and expected a far cushier ride and well ''"sport suspension" is the rule there.

    The BMW was my brothers.....He sold it after 4 months, and bought a ES350 because of the ride (and fuel pump issues)

    Yeah we all have to get used to that which is new and different. Some can some are OCD about their cars and will NEVER be truly satisfied.

    Here is something else I noticed about my Accord...I can actually feel the transmission downshft into 1st at very low speeds YIKES??? :cry: :cry:
  • " I would not expect a $30K car to be anything but completely stable. "

    Honda Accord is not a $30,000 car!!! Its a $20,000 car with $10,000 in "options" And I don't know anyone who paid even $30K for any Accord. If so......... their bad..
  • Ok, by now, I have driven probably three dozen different V-6 Accords and I ahve been along on many, many test drives.

    NOT ONCE have I felt or experienced this "problem" and it has never been brought by a customer.

    Apparently you and your customers "got used to it" :) :) :) :)

    Some people should not buy new cars. Expectations for many will never match with reality.......Those people wonder why Honda Accord owners buy Extended Warranties..They expect Honda to be free of all defects.

    We do (and they are far less expensive than a Chevy) because we live in the real world and know even one issue can cost more than the $655 I paid for my 0 deduct 80K 84 month Honda Care EW. At that price its hard NOT to buy one. At twice that price it's hard not to buy a Malibu EW even with the 100k PT warranty.

    I expect there will be issues. but far less of the kind that just keep you going back and nickel diming one to the tune of $200-300 per visit to death.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,362
    It's hard to "get used to" something we can't feel.
  • Unfortunately, there are many drivers who don't feel much while driving, including a flat tire. You've seen them along the highway when they finally pull over because the tire came off the rim.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,362
    Yeah, right!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Isell, your opinion that no VCM issue exists is crystal clear. However, it is just as clear that others are experiencing events that are problematic for them.

    It is not helpful to anyone for you to keep popping up here telling people that what they perceive does not exist. Your opinion is noted. Feel free to move on.
  • A recent 350 mile round trip had my wife questioning if my transmission was slipping. I reminded her that once again she was perceiving the imperceptible, at least as advertised by Honda. I do not consider her a person who is in tune to the driving experience, her Mazda Protege frequently has tires 7-10 pounds under inflated and would remain that way if not for my watchful eye. While I've grown accustomed to the drive-line shudder that is VCM, at least in my iteration, there are times that it can be quite noticeable, particularly now with the colder New England temperatures. The upside is that I got 28 MPG. Not bad for a car that was full of gear, both trunk and back seat, with 275 hwy miles up to 80 mph and 75 miles stop & go, rural mix. Bear in mind that other cars of this size will get equal and slightly better mileage using a 6 speed auto tranny and not have the feeling associated with VCM.
  • Pat

    So by this logic the posters who repeatedly post the same complaint regarding VCM over and over are deemed to have exhausted their opinions as well correct ?

    Some of these posters no longer even own a Honda product.

    At what point are these posters who have beaten their points to death told to "feel free to move on"

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • I agree Pat. I do not have an OCD with cars, but I am particular enough to expect a smooth ride free of steering wheel and chassis vibration. I am convinced that the chassis vibration I feel at 60-75 MPH is related to the VCM and it would be interesting if HONDA would reprogram the VCM to only shut down to 4 cyclinders so that they could keep the engine balanced. My dealer has rebalanced the wheels again, cut the rotors, and now just ordered a new set of tires. This will be the second set of new tires and this is all being done under warranty. For a car that has 20K miles on it and could be considered out of warranty I am very appreciative of the help. It also tells me that Honda realizes this is a problem and is attempting to keep the consumer happy. I just wish they would fit the root cause of the problem. FYI - I test drove a brand new 2010 V6 with NAV (same as my car) and it had a worse vibration at 60. This is not in my head and is the first car I have ever had with this type of vibration that could not be easily fixed. Still very frustrated.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    People who are having issues with their VCM are free to discuss them here. If we can help with solutions, that's what we'll try to do, whatever sort of solution that might be.

    It is not necessary for people who believe that VCM issues do not exist to keep saying that over and over here in this discussion. The issues clearly do exist for some people. Those who don't believe that the issues exist and who have made that clear over a vast number of posts do indeed need to feel free to move on to other subjects.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,732
    Has Honda come up with a PROM rewrite that eliminates VCM completely? That would be great for checking to see if VCM operation is causing a vibration from the motor end of things.

    If Honda hasn't, is there an aftermarket company that provides computer chips or alterations to effect that end. Someone out there is enough of a geek that surely they could try the altered programming and then rewrite the origional programming back. It's a shame to have to wait through the 36000 mile warranty period before being free to try a test like that.

    This message has been approved.

  • Yeah we all have to get used to that which is new and different. Some can some are OCD about their cars and will NEVER be truly satisfied.

    Hallelujah!!!! Couldn't agree more. The guy who says that Honda's lost their business? Fine. Move on, dude. The rest of us don't care. Go buy your Camrys with wallowy suspensions and contact your dealer with "Oh, Toyota needs to fix this floaty marshmallow ride, where I couldn't feel a boulder if I drove over it, or they'll never get my business." At which point they should go buy a Buick.
  • "People who are having issues with their VCM are free to discuss them here".

    Thank you.
  • you missed the entire point of my post, whether coincidental or on purpose.
  • I am more interested in hearing about the problems and views that people have with this car (I have a 2008 Accord V6 with NAV) and how the problems were resolved, not a personal attack on the people posting their problems/views.
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