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Honda Accord VCM



  • jon0721jon0721 Posts: 25
    I am driving a car which has great acceleration and on paper beats a 1970 427 Vette in 0-60 and 1/4 mile and many other "muscle cars" of my day and getting 26MPG AVG.
    0-60 1/4mile
    2010 Honda Accord Coupe 5.3 14.2
    1970 Chevrolet Corvette 427 6.1 14.3
    1968 Chevrolet Corvette 327 7.7 15.6
    1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS-350 8.0 15.4

    A little " VCM noticing" is a small price to pay...... :)
  • Not sure where you are getting your 1/4 mile time from but here is a comparison that you should worry about and its not a 40 year old car on skinny bias tires. This test was is posted on this site and this is the VCM 1/4 mile time.

    Our fuel-economy logbook surprisingly shows the Mazda to be the easiest on fuel, and our observed average of 20 mpg exactly matches this car's EPA rating for combined average mpg. Perhaps because this 3.7-liter V6 offers the highest torque at the lowest rpm, the Mazda 6 doesn't have to be driven as aggressively as the Accord or Altima to get the job done. The Accord's 268-hp 3.5-liter V6 managed only 18 mpg in our hands, while the Altima's 270-hp 3.5-liter V6 recorded just 17 mpg. (The Altima V6 also requires premium fuel.)

    In terms of real power, the Mazda 6 went through the quarter-mile in 14.7 seconds at 95.6 mph, while the Accord did the task in 15.6 seconds at 91.0 mph and the Altima did 15.0 seconds at 95.2 mph.
  • All those numbers seem good to me except for having to buy the premium fuel. In our area that's at least $0.30/gal more so that alternative would be eliminated in my case. Also, drag racers in my area drive muscle cars and many end up in trouble with the law. We are averaging around 1 vehicular homicide/3 years for drag racing. A life jail sentence is typically imposed.

    Other factors need would need to be evaluated before I could make a decision.
  • "Not sure why you would expect 1/2 the engine to wear out twice as fast. All 6 pistons operate at all times. Just no fuel to some of them"

    Here is another dumb question. If the all 6 cylinders are moving why wouldn't you just reduce the overall fuel flow to all of the cylinders and not worry about vibration and noise eliminating radio waves and all the other stuff Honda tries to do to cover up the noise & vibration? What are you saving by turning off the fuel to 3 cylinders? You are still moving 4000 pound and you still have all of the friction of 6 cylinders? If you say less fuel then I would say design it to distribute the lower amount of fuel to all 6 cylinders
  • The engines are already being run as lean as possible to cut down on pollution. Reducing the air fuel mix further would bring on knocking, causing the engine computer (assuming the car is equipped with a knock sensor) to reduce the timing to prevent detonation and possible piston damage - thereby cutting power down even more, but with tougher to control results.

    IMHO - VCM is an oddity, just like the old 4-6-8 engine Cadillac made for a short time in the eighties (hopefully the VCM engine is more durable). More marketing spiel than anything. It helps a certain segment of consumers convince themselves to buy the more powerful car by helping a specific area of fuel consumption. Until physics are repealed, buying a smaller engine in a lighter car is the only way to get big increases in economy across the board.
  • I know in my/wife case that VCM played no role one way or another. We like Honda (based on experience) and wanted a V6 Accord (size we wanted). All our criteria were met whether or not it had VCM. We test drove it (35 mi). We are pleased and neither of us can tell the VCM is even there. I was rather surprised when the speed control down-shifted on a steep grade to hold the speed set. I suppose if one didn't know better that behavior might be attributed to VCM. Our car is quiet, comfortable and gets good fuel mileage. Also, it is dependable which is more than I can say for many cars we have owned. It burns regular fuel and for the price it was a steal. What's not to like?
  • I'm not necessarily a VCM hater, but I do think that it is more gimmicky than needed. On the highway I find that using the cruise is best, as the somewhat delayed response when I am adding power manually causes me to over do it a little. Overall I like the car, but mine has had a steering wheel / vibe issue since day one. From many past experiences with new cars and dealers, I can say that trying anymore to get it fixed is wasting my time - so its a live with it and ignore it, just like the little VCM mini-shift sensation (normal, and I have never called it an issue on mine at the dealer).
    I kind of miss the old style Accord - before the ACE body structure resulted in a higher dash/cowl, much like the typical US make sedan where you sit down in a tub with high cowl and window sills.
    The car has grown way up, and lacks some of the earlier Honda magic and touches (if they inflate the Civic a like amount soon to match, it might be a better choice). Mine has the most paint flaws of any vehicle I have owned since my 96 Chevy Silverado pickup. It feels big, bulbous, and cheaper than the older Accords. My impression of the four cylinder base model 08 Accord (loaner) was it screamed rental car inside, after being used to the V6 navi.
  • We can debate 'till the cows come home the benefits or lack thereof VCM tech. I still feel a Honda engineered 6 spd auto would have yielded similar or better fuel economy without the mild occasional reminders of the VCM activities under hood. That being said I just finished an article in a car mag calling the last generation BMW M3 automated tranny harsh shifting in manual mode and clunky in auto, and we are all aware of the money one would have to lay down to own that vehicle.
    After a few problems with air travel of late, my wife and I have decided to drive from New England to Florida for a few Red Sox spring training games. We'll take 2 days down on pure interstate and 4-5 days back a mix of interstate and Blue Ridge Pkwy. This will be the longest trip we've been on in the Accord EX-L V6 and we'll see if I'll be willing to write any other posts with a title similar to this one. I suspect that I will.
    Are there other family sedans that chew up interstate miles more comfortably and quieter? Sure there are, but most lack the crisp handling and feeling of being connected to the road that you still get from this Accord, although this generation has taken a step backwards in this regard from the previous generation. My car will have just been serviced @ around 30,000 miles when I embark on this trip, so I'll have the tires rotated and balanced before leaving. At their current 28,500 miles they are noticeably more noisy then new but that is to be expected. I'll post my thoughts after the trip, with what should be several tanks @ 30MPG or better.

    Happy motoring to all!
  • You have to remember I'm coming from a 98 V6 Accord sedan. Our 2009 is so much better there is no contest. If the model "peaked" a model year or two earlier than our current, I'm sorry I missed it.

    The higher hood line is now mandated so all cars are in the same boat there. We still get that big window/windshield feel - as good as the 98. So I'm not totally following your observation there (unless it is a model I missed). For people that want a smaller car than the current Accord, it just seems like that is what they should select. Why buy the Accord when you want something smaller? Doesn't make any sense to buy one and then complain because it is too big!? I see where a lot of people do that. Sort of unbelievable.

    Same deal with the 6-speed. If that is a must have, then buy a car that has one. Don't buy one that doesn't and then complain about it! Our 5sp auto seems pretty much flawless to me. Would I like a 6-sp? Yes, if it is as smooth and dependable as the 5-sp and gives 2mpg better mileage. I'm sure it would cost more. So it's a little hard to say how much better deal it would be, if any.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 178
    Our new 2010 Accord is the 2nd Honda we have had with VCM, and have had no problems with VCM whatsoever. No vibrations, noise or any other "indications" that the system is in different modes. Possibly our senses are not as acute as others, or equally possible that our cars have somehow been assembled a bit more carefully, or that our system(s) have simply functioned perfectly, while others may not.

    Interesting that so many can feel/hear the transitions.
  • Nor have we had any squeaks, rattles, or groans.

    Yesterday, we were driving in an extremely heavy rain on the interstate. I noticed the stability control LED suddenly lit like a fireworks show. I immediately slowed since I suspected we had begun a slight hydoplane. I never could even feel it in the steering or throttle but I'm sure it had started (we saw many cars that had slid off the roadway.) This is our first car with SC and it is a life save. Our insurance company doesn't give much discount though. Seems like they should. Maybe people don't slow down when they see it lite up. They don't know how to use antilock brakes so no discount there either.
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 178
    We only had squeaks & rattles on our 2007 Element, after only about 6 months. I really did NOT like that car, although my wife loved it, and was PO'ed at me when I got rid of it.

    That Element was simply a poor choice for older folks, I think. Super noisy on the highway, really poor gas mileage, and the AWD system (same as the Crosstour, BTW) only cut in after you started slipping BIG time. I hope they have done some "Fine Tuning" on the AWD in the Crosstour.
  • We have a Pilot which we like. Seems just fine. Pretty good fuel mileage too with lots of room.
  • I just traded in my 2008 V-6 Accord for a 2010 Honda EX-L with almost all the bells and whistles of the '08. Rather than be miserable I decided to do what many of you non-enthusiasts suggested--I got rid of it.

    On the way to the dealership to pick up my new Accord a couple of nights ago I was reminded of how much I Ioved the 6-cyl engine when I had to make a power move to get on the interstate at rush hour. Man, it's nice to push the accelerator and get instant response. About 2 miles up the road I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper 65-mph traffic and on a slight upgrade when the hunting for the right cylinder combination began. Then I was reminded of why I was making this drastic move.

    It should work out though. I've got 190 horses on this model and that's adequate, if not exhilarating. I expect to get beter mileage and when it's time to move on to another car I'll have something of higher value to sell or trade. For all you folks that don't noticeVCM, or if you do, don't care...I salute you. And for all of you guys (like me) who can't leave a scab alone and are constantly picking at it--do something. But don't abandon Honda, they'll get it right eventually. There are other good Honda's without VCM. ;)
  • I am sorry you had such a bad time of it with your 08. Not sure why some v6s have the vcm problem. Ours doesn't. So, there is at least one good Honda with vcm. Anyway, it's a shame your dealer wouldn't/couldn't fix it for you. The big 4 is a nice engine/car though. I'm sure you will enjoy it now that the "hunting" will be missing. I am not sure I would have been so forgiving of Honda though.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53

    How did your arbitration go. I just leased a 2010 Coupe V6 automatic and HATE the way it drives on the highway and when the ECO light is on. I am in the process of drafting a certified letter and sending it to Honda management and my dealer.

    Thank you
  • I had an '08 Civic Si with 5,600 miles on it that was already leaking fluid from the differential and the seats were already looking horribly worn. It also rattled to no end. So, stupidly I decided that it must be because I had a cheap Honda and bought an '09 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 5AT. That car only lasted 3,600 miles in my garage. First of all, the VCM is the most annoying techno garbage that I've ever heard of on a car. There is no way that people can not notice this junk. It would lunge back and forth in and out of ECO mode all the way down the highway to my home. On the interstate as you would start to go up a hill it would kick from 3-cyl to 4-cyl mode and make this awful droning sound until you pushed the gas down to kick it into 6-cyl mode. VCM was completely unacceptable for any car, regardless of price.

    Also, the paint was chipping around the back tail lights from poor fit, the headliner was hanging down on one side in the back seat, the rims all had clear coat drips that were dried and broken off (down to the metal), the interior made constant cracking noises, the "grade logic" (LOL) was so bad that when the car was cold it would shutter horribly up the hill by my house when it changed gears. The passenger seat had two missing bolts holding it down and had to be repaired!!!!!!!!! The driver seat track was warped, and called "normal". The electric steering jerked at low speeds when turning.

    Long, long story short: I drove two brand new Hondas for a total of less than 10,000 miles and will never own another. Both cars were junk. We drove other Accords so that the dealer could blame the problem on all Hondas and they all did that same idiotic VCM junk. You have to be clinically disabled to not notice it. Never again Honda!
  • Wow. You could have had a really nice 6-sp manual coupe without VCM had you just known. Too bad. The coupe is the way to go if you don't like VCM. Turns out, the VCM in my wife's sedan works just fine. Go figure.

    I have a pilot. Had I been getting one for myself, I would have gone for the coupe. It is stunning. But, the wife wanted an auto and it was/is her car. Maybe you will have better luck with your next car. You may want to give it a good long test drive first.
  • Are you really sure you had an '08 Honda Civic Si, in addition to your '09 Honda Accord Coupe???

    To quote you from a post you put on this forum a little over a year ago on 1-29-09, regarding your '09 Honda Accord Coupe, "...This will be my last Honda for sure. I have been very, very disappointed with this car and it was my first Honda. It makes me mad, but I can afford to laugh at how stupid people who love Honda are and write this car off as a total loss..."

    In view of this, I question your credibility, when you go on ranting about a car you may or may not even have. Let's be truthful here.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If it sounds too bad to be true, it probably is. :sick:
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