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Honda Accord VCM



  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited October 2010
    I hate to say it, but in my opinion they follow some of the typical methods employed by companies.

    If you've watched some TV newsragazines and read enough about accusations that have been made against the big 'T' and others, this would include such things as hidden warranties (you have to complain to the right people to get the adjusted price), aggressive action towards any publication that picks too hard on their manufacturer provided review cars (pulling ads is the typical leverage, along with un-inviting them from those little junkets you read about in car mags). Burying owner complaints by either stonewalling until the owner gives up, or non-disclosure agreements in the case of lemon buybacks or other legal settlements. Standard Goliath stepping on David kind of things.

    Mine, well I am not spending the effort to put my head through the brick wall - the next owner will enjoy their low mileage Honda ;)
  • Friends,
    Today I expect to pick up my EX-L V6 Navi sedan from the dealership. I am sharing this with you all because I took it in there yesterday with what I thought was surely the cylinder activation/de activation so many of us have been experiencing with these newer Accords w/Auto trans & V6 engines. Last night I was told by the Service Department that they feel all the vibrations are not VCM-related but brakes related. I was unaware that Honda had issued a Service Bulletin for the Front Brakes and the Rear Brakes were actually part of a Class Action Lawsuit. What! I had not heard about this and I consider myself a avid reader of things related to cars, my own Accord or cars in general. So my front brakes will be covered at no cost to me and the rears will be addressed and I need to file a claim for up to 50% reimbursement as part of the lawsuit. This is my 3rd Accord in a row and this all caught me off guard.

    I'll update this posting after I drive the car over the weekend. I hope this was in fact the cause of the steering wheel shaking and vibrations through the car. It would be a relief it it wasn't the VCM, something I so wish Honda would have skippied in this generation of Accords. My only hope is that the next Accord, 2013 model year would be my guess, will be really nice when equipped with this engine and a proper 6-speed auto trans. I haven't driven the VCM engine/trans combo in an Odyssey or Pilot but I can't imagine it's that much better than in our Accords.

    So hopefully this information is helpful to some of you as I was unaware. Looks like anyone with a 2010 V6, or other models for all I know, have a free set of front brakes coming to them. My car only has 12K miles on it and the vibration has been present for the past 1,000-2,000 easily. I just thought it was the inherent poor design of the engine & VCM. Heck, the car is not even a year old and I never suspected I'd be having significant brake issues on my Accord. This isn't a G37S or anything! Hah.

    Philly Mike
  • Look into the brakes. I too have a 2010 EX-L V6 and was told yesterday that there was a service bulletin to address the front brakes in the 2010 Accords(don't know if this is also true for the 4 cylinders). The rear brakes also probably need to be replaced as mine were with 2mm of wear and replacement was suggested. My car has just about 12,000 miles and I do drive aggressively however. BUT I was also told that Honda did also have another Service Bulletin out for the rear brakes on my 2010 Accord V6 which would have allowed the dealership to replace those as well for no cost to me. That aint happening due to a class-action lawsuit that must cover a LOT of Accords or Hondas. Now I have to pay for the rear brake work and then submit a copy of my receipt to whatever law firm is managing the disbursement of funds. I might get 50% reimbursement.

    I can't say that your vibration issue is related to the front or rear breaks but if your dealer hasn't already addressed these areas for you I would call them on it. I am also having the dealership rotate & balance the rims as well as align the vehicle. When it comes to vibrations or noises I am a freak with my cars. I aim to keep the car in tip top shape and things like this are definitely concerning. Best of Luck and let us know how you make out.

    Philly Mike
  • Just got back from the dealership and already filled out the form to get some form of reimbursement for the rear brakes. Here are some details from the form I needed to send in:

    Rear Brake Pad Repairs for details and the form itself
    Browne et al v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
    Case No. CV09-06750-MMM(BTBx) (C.D.Cal.)

    On the ride back from the dealership my Accord did feel a lot better than when I dropped it off. I did however have a lot done over the 2 days it was there - tire balance & rotation, alignment, new front pads and resurfacing of front rotors, new rear pads & resurfacing of rotors. So it ought to drive nice, or at least for a few weeks...

    Philly Mike
  • I hope they solved your issue. Most everything done to mine either just moved the shake to a different speed range where it peaks, or did not do anything.

    My front brakes were done awhile back, didn't help the shimmy, and only took a few months for the brakes to start acting like the rotors are a little warped again in the front.

    Luckily mine has not required rear brakes yet, and the dealer insisted that they had checked both inner and outer pads during the PA Inspection. Still running the original pads from 08 around 22k miles now. That is the beginning of the range where most people have needed rear pad replacement.
  • I just discovered this forum . Reviewed edmunds car reviews before I bought this car and thought it checked out OK .Wish they would have posted these problems and I would have stayed with Toyota . Too late . Now am stuck with with a car that vibrates badly and according to the dealership (after having been there for 27 days)and the factory , they have done all they are going to do to fix it . The service manager was honest enough to tell me I was not going to like the way it drove and he was right .I talked to a factory rep in California and was told that this is all they would do as per Honda policy . I contacted BBB and an attorney that specializes in lemon laws and quickly realized the complexity of pursuing this . This was the second new Honda I bought in the last two years and will be my last . It puzzles me that a company with such a good reputation treats their customers this way . My only recourse now is to discourage as many potential buyers as I can from doing business with this company . Anyone care to help ? highblade48
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I am right there with you. I absolutely hate my car. Worst purchase I ever made. I hate every second I drive this thing. It pitches, surges, pauses, vibrates, ECO light flashes on and off for no reason. Honda knows this and is doing nothing about it. They try to convince you its your imagination! Totally inexcuseable! I will never buy another Honda as long as I live. This company no longer exists in my mind except to discourage others from making the same mistake. $30K piece of junk!!
  • """This company no longer exists in my mind except to discourage others from making the same mistake. $30K piece of junk!! """

    Ironically Consumer Reports just named Honda the most reliable automobile manufacturer and Honda sells roughly 400,000 Accord's every year. Good luck with your 1 man smear campaign.
  • The Eco light, while offering little benefit, does not go on and off for nothing. Your level of aggression towards the throttle, be it intentional or a reaction to the terrain your ascending or descending, will indicate if the current situation is sipping fuel, light on, gulping fuel, light off. Any knowledge of how an internal combustion engine works will tell you that stomping on the throttle returns poor fuel economy, treating it as if it were an egg shell you have no desire to crack will reward you with good fuel economy. No ECO light, upshift light (80's VW's) and other wiz bang devices needed, aggression or caressing have always had the same effect when it comes to MPG's.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I will only tell the truth of my experience. Its not smearing if its the truth. Honda knows how to make four cyl, but the 6 speed automatic with VCM, no way.

    Also, just google "Honda VCM problems" and you will get many blogs and forums complaining about it in the Accord, Pilot and Odysee. So I don't think its a one man smear campaign. Its the truth. Do you think everyone is lying just for the fun of it?
  • Part of the reason it rates good in CR is the way the surveys are categorized. The vibration would only be one area, typically thrown under brakes or tires, rather than drivetrain or engine.

    And mine hasn't broken down, or required other repairs. So the vibration is annoying, but not really considered a major problem.

    Compare that to some other cars I have owned, like the bmw with a t-stat recall (mine acted up - either too cold or almost too hot), and an electrical gremlin the dealer couldn't find.

    Or the chevy truck with a water leak the dealer couldn't seem to fix, and so on.

    Still, I would prefer not to buy this car again, but in comparison there are many cars that I wouldn't buy at all. And I find myself tending to compare this one against buying a Avalon, BMW, or Lexus - most of which are more money for a smaller car.
  • My 2009 V6 coupe didn't have any of the problems stated here, and I suspect the actual number of people with serious issues regarding this is less than 1% of all Accord's sold.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    edited November 2010
    That may be true. I'm not upset so much with the defect. That will happen to all manufacturers. I'm upset with the lying, ignoring, snowballing. Just like with the brakes where they won't admit fault. A good company will admit their mistake and fix it. Especially if its only one percent. Apparently Honda only responds to class action suits.
  • The desire to sweep defects & problems under the rug is NOT unique to Honda. This behavior is used by most other Asian auto makers and even some US automakers. I can't say how the europeans handle it, as I've never owned a european car.

    I had a real bad experience with a new Toyota Tacoma pickup in 1995. After multiple trips to the dealer with NO fixes to multiple problems, Toyota simply gave me a new T100 truck rather than admit the Tacoma was a problem-ridden piece of junk. The T100 was much better.
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I totally agree. I just expected a higher standard from Honda. Honda was always my favorite brand. My 1987 CRX Si was my favorite car ever. I never had a problem with any of my Hondas.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,355
    So I really don't have any "skin in the game" so you can choose to believe me or not...I really don't care.

    Seriously, I NEVER ONCE heard of this from anyone in our store nor had our Service Dept. I drove at least six V -6 Accords and I tried to replicate this situation but I never felt a thing.

    I don't doubt that a few people are feeling "something" but I sure don't know what that may be.

    It's just too bad that somone may read these comments and cross a great car off of their list and end up buying something inferior.

    I always thought the 4 cyl Accords had more than enough power and that's what I bought for my wife.
  • My personal opinion on these VCM "problems" is that I'm sure some exist, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the folks that have been complaining actually do have a vehicle that does NOT perform/behave as it was designed to. I also firmly believe that these vehicles should either be fixed by Honda, or replaced. After all, we're talking about mass-production machines primarily built/assembled by people on an assembly line, and mistakes CAN be made. It is truly unfortunate that Honda insists that there is no problem. That isn't the way to win the hearts & minds of their customers.

    All that being said, there really aren't very many different people actually making these complaints. Yes, I have googled VCM and other derivatives several times and have found some, but really not many complaints CONSIDERING the number of vehicles we are talking about.

    Perhaps if you lived at a high(er) altitude as we do, you might have a different opinion about 4 cylinder Accords, or 4 cylinder anything for that matter. Altitude changes everything, and 4 cylinders are dogs at altitude. Not completely terrible mind you, but driving at 8000-10,000 ft on the drive to Denver, 4 cylinders have to stay in the slow lane and get along as best they can, which isn't too good.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,355
    Living in the Seattle area at near sea level, I hadn't thought about the people in areas such as yours. I've always said that I didn't think anyone actually "needed" a V-6 in an Accord but I can see now that I was wrong.
  • Same here. I wished I had seen these postings. If I had, I definitely would've gone with a different car. I bought my accord in July and it took four visits to the dealership before they agreed that, yes, the car does shake. But it took another visit in order to learn that according to a Honda rep., the shaking is normal and there's nothing they can do and that most people don't feel the shake or don't mind the shake and it only affects a few "sensitive" people like me.

    I'm done with Honda. And I will never recommend Hondas to anyone ever again.

    Not to mention shady car salesmen who talk big but never back up what they say. The dealership where I got my car actually suggested that I upgrade to a V6 to get rid of the vibration. But I see from this forum that the V6 appears to have the same issue.
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