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Honda Accord VCM



  • :shades: I've been reading all the posts with great interest on problems some of you have been having with the VCM on the v-6 sedan. It was time to trade in our 2000 Odyssey for a nice riding sedan for the wife. With gas prices in Hawaii at $3.40 for 87, and $3.60 for 92 and still rising, we narrowed our choice to either the Toyota Avalon or the new v-6 Accord. They both reccommend 87, so we'll be able to save a little in operating costs down the road.

    The dealers are next door to each other so I set up both test drives back-to-back .
    The Avalon Touring was very nice and roomy, but more road noise than I expected. The Touring suspension was stiffer (compared to my 2002 Camry v-6 I drive) and bumpy. To be expected vs. the softer standard suspension, I guess. Good power and acceleration. Many view the Avalon as a "Senior" vehicle, so the Touring trim adds a little zip in appearance/performance.

    Went on to the Honda dealer and salesman pulled out a newly prepped v-6, no navigation (made in Ohio) with 20 miles. I tried my best to sense ANY surge in street and highway speeds watching the ECO light all the time. Opened the window to listen for any engine noise while coasting then flooring the accelerator.
    I did not use the cruise control, do not use one at all(no drive long enough on the Island). The only thing I noticed was a slight pause going from ECO mode to all cylinders firing. It was something that you have to accept if you understand the function of the technology. My wife, who does not drive aggressively or with a lead foot wouldn't care or notice. To have the v-6 power when needed for passing or entering the on ramp with the gas milage projected was nice. Car was quieter and smoother than the Avalon.

    The wife picked the Honda, her color and options. She was sold on the safety tests reports and the flip-down back seat(since we won't have the van). Our car comes in in March. I will keep the group informed after we put on some miles.

    I hope (knock on wood) that the car performs like the it was designed and advertised as.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    I would highly recommend taking the new one for a LONG test drive to make sure the VCM is not an issue before you sign on the dotted line. You don't want to join the same boat as a lot of us here.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Once again, this topic is about your experiences with the VCM in the 08 Accord and it is not about your opinions of each other.
  • It's probably already been shown

    Honda's Piece about VCM

    "On Accord Coupe V-6 models with automatic transmission, the V-6 engine features the latest generation of Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®) technology. This system can activate and deactivate the engine’s cylinders as needed to meet the demands of both acceleration and fuel savings. When maximum torque is required, all six cylinders are firing. During steady cruising speeds , VCM shuts down one bank of cylinders. In this mode, the audio system’s Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC) function generates out-of-phase sound waves to cancel out any undesirable noise that may be due to the harmonics of 3-cylinder operation. As cruising speed increases the engine moves to a 4-cylinder mode for extra cruising power. To help keep engine vibration from reaching the cabin in every mode, engine mounts automatically adjusts their firmness to help absorb energy. The transition between the three operating modes is completely seamless and goes unnoticed by the Accord’s passengers."

    Engine Vibration... obviously some people here are having issues.
    Seamless and unnoticed is inaccurate.

    Obviously all our complaints and worries won't be heard unless we do something further...
  • I also agree that it is not the grade logic. I have the surging and/or hunting on perfectly smooth and flat road.

    I also agree about false denials from the dealer about other complaints about the VCM. I was initially told that there were no issues, and then the story changed to mechanical systems will do things that you may feel. Hmmm, that's not what Honda's advertising states.

    I'm thinking along the lines of another of the more recent posters, in that I've learned a very important lesson. I just can't enjoy driving the vehicle, and since Honda and their local dealers are in denial, I'm leaning towards getting rid of it soon.

    As you said....never again.
  • Have you heard yet from the Honda Tech you talked about on another forum reprogramming the Transmission function (dealing with VCM Issues) at their dealership in the West Islip, NY area? He at Atlantic Honda or Babylon Honda?
  • golfrskigolfrski Posts: 262
    What did they actually do?
  • Like contacting an attny... false and misleading advertising would be my first guess for this story.... its simply misleading in my opinion. it is NOT seamless and it is NOT unnoticeable in my car and all of the 08 V6's I have test drove (7)., let the truth be told, its just flat out wrong. Even if one does not object to the VCM surging. and vibration.. its still not accurate the way its being marketed and sold on the lots.. I am not sure who said it here, I will have to go back in the forum but there was at one point, a prediction that this advertising will quietly dissappear... i bet that poster ends up being right.
  • itochuitochu Posts: 107
    No I have not - I will ask my questions again - followed up for clarification and will post as soon as I know something.
  • I just drove a brand new, (plastic wrap covering everything), coupe last night. I was unable to detect any of the reported problems. Yes the trans does slow down the car on hills, but we own an 07 Nissan Murano that does the same thing. I found no vibration when trying it at all speeds, cruise on and off. Is there anyone else out there that is not experiencing the problems? I am a pretty sensitive driver and usually bothered by the little things. I think we need to know when and where the cars were manufactured to see if it is limited to a production group. This was my 3rd test drive of the 08 V6.

    As a quick side note: They are going out of the dealerships as quick as they come in. This was the first coupe I was able to test drive. There were only 2 08 V6's on the lot, one blk on blk, with sold sign on it and the red 08 V6 Coupe I drove. There was a paper on the dash when I saw it in the lot that said it was being "swapped" to another dealer today. The salesperson said that they are going out as they come in and that they have no problem getting them and max wait has been 3 weeks but usually in a couple of days. If someone is not having problems please post so we can hear from you.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    I have not heard or talked with anyone having VCM issues with the 2 Dr. It is the 4 Dr that is the problem - at least so far. Overall Accord sales were down 7% for Jan (compared to 2007) Feb #'s are not out yet.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    The coupe with the manual trans does not have VCM.
  • I have a V6 Coupe AT.

    I have yet to feel the vibration like some of the others have here.

    On a 1hr all highway drive I made a couple nights ago, about 35mins in I could really feel the VCM kicking on and off. Now if you're used to feeling your Murano kind of jump, etc, and do the same general feeling then it probably won't bother you...

    Make no mistake about it... I LOVE this car. I wish that Honda didn't throw the words "seamless" and "will go unnoticed by drivers."
  • itochuitochu Posts: 107
    I test drove another V6 sedan the other night and made an observation about the VCM that may or may not be true of everyone or every car. The "harder" I drove the car, the less I noticed it. It was when I was babying it that I noticed all the surging and ECO light going on and off stuff. And no, duct tape over the ECO light is not the solution :sick: That suggests that the whole VCM issue is in people's minds, the power of suggestion from the ECO going on and off leading them to conclude something that is not really there. Wrong. But if babying it to get better gas mileage results in increased frequency of the changing of cylinder operation, and the accompanying annoying sensations, at least to some, doesn't that then defeat the purpose of VCM? To avoid the annoying shifting of modes, you drive it harder than you might a normal V6 and thus get worse mileage overall? Just a thought based on my personal observations and test driving experiences. :)
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    :...I for one wish MORE posters would post about their mileage in here, so people interested in VCM equipped Accords could get an idea of what to expect. ..."

    I usually put this info in the other thread but as you've said since it is also VCM related here we go....
    Drove the 08 V6 EXL w/ Navi another 400 miles within the past 24 hours, mostly freeway miles with some stop and go and some local streets. For those of you familiar with nor ca I drove on I-80 and SR 101 and SR 1 from Sacramento to Monterey and back. The total MPG for the entire 400+ miles was 27.4, I got 38 mpg on the trip computer when on long stretches of the freeway. To me that was great gas mileage and I contribute that to the VCM operation. I now have 3000 miles on this car and yet to notice any problems with the VCM. I wish i could tilt the head restrainer, though!
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    :...I for one wish MORE posters would post about their mileage in here, so people interested in VCM equipped Accords could get an idea of what to expect. ..."

    Pat, have you given any thought to dividing the VCM thread into "VCM issues" and "VCM mileage"? Kind of separating the Pro's from the Con's.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    "....Kind of separating the Pro's from the Con's...."

    Why not have the pros and the cons in one place. I think that would be easier for the readers to asses. Also "issues" thread could also include pros as well and on the same token "gas mileage" may have its own concerns (cons) too!
  • itochuitochu Posts: 107
    I only know that my friend with the 2007 V6 Sedan says he gets 28-29 consistently on the hiighway at 75-80 MPH speeds. BUT his car weighs about 300 pounds less than the 2008 model, and has the 3.0 liter engine. Can anyone with a 6 speed MT coupe chime in? What kind of highway mileage do you get with a non-VCM V6? That is probably going to be the most telling comparison about how well the VCM works saving fuel - coupes with AT vs.MT.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Yes, actually, I have given a lot of thought to that very question. Right now, I think this one umbrella is where we need to be. I think it is appropriate for people to post their positive, negative and neutral experiences with the VCM in the 08 Accord all in one place.
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