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Honda Accord VCM



  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    No, Honda changed their advertising to reduce complaints or maybe even lawsuits (IMO)

    So, if you bought your Accord before Honda changed the wording, you should be able to sue (false advertising). What are you waiting for?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    I understand what it's like to have a lemon - I turned in a car I had in the mid-90's back to the manufacturer. They handled it with no questions asked after they reviewed the numerous repair orders, parts replaced, and actually confirmed all the problems I was having with the dealer I was working with. You need to make sure everything is documented and verified by the dealer. If the dealer will confirm the problems you're having, meaning it's not operating safely or as it was designed to, and then escalate it up the ranks, you shouldn't have a problem turning it in. Good luck to you.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    I had 6 people drive the car and I told them nothing. The came back and said two things.

    1. The car is very jerky in general. Mostly when coming to a stop.

    2. The car surges/de-surges on the highway like it's trying to shift.

    Based on what you state, you should have no problem in duplicating the problem with the dealer service dept. Do you accompany them on a drive so you can demonstrate what the problems are?
  • To be fair to elroy, I was thinking the same thing when I read it.

    It can't be THAT bad (the advertising) or people would've already sued over it and won, right?

    DISCLAIMER - I'm not discrediting, nor do I intend to discredit your accounts of VCM troubles.
  • you dont know what people are doing....
  • I did go with them. They said this is "normal operation" of the VCM and that all the V6's do that. They said I just need to get used to it because this is my first VCM car. Bahhhh. Whatever is right.

    I understand the dealership needs to give the company line (There's nothing wrong with your vehicle) and it also may be true that not all V6's act this way. However, since I'm in a 36 month lease, I'm not going to be very satisfied with the car and probably be very bitter towards Honda for not doing anything to help me.
  • Put it this way, it's bad enough for me that when I drive the car, that I think about it constantly. My wife says she could live with it but she's not driving the car to work day in and day out.

    I consider myself an enthusiast as most people on this forum probably do -otherwise why would you be on a car forum ;) So you most likely expect more and are more critical than the average driver whose probably just cares how to get from point A to point B.

    The dealership I bought the car from said he's had 12 or so people complain about the VCM once. They never complained again according to him. So, you might be right, that it's more of an annoyance than a critical issue for 99% of the people who drive them. However, what about the 1% who it drives up the wall? :mad:
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    Please - caps off.

    If Kegobass statement about VCM being okay for 99% while 1% being annoyed by it, then Honda did their job. No company can please 100% of people 100% of the time. From Honda's perspective, if VCM is operating normally, what can they do to make the 1% happy? Certainly not give them their money back for buyer's remorse - which is what it appears to them. Can I feel the VCM working? Yes. Does it vibrate, shudder, jerk and shake like the few posters here state it does? NO. Believe me, I'm not trying to belittle all your experiences, but based on the some of the descriptions of VCM operation detailed in this forum, you would think the car is flying apart. Broken motor mounts, wheel/tires out of balance or out of round or some other mechanical problem could be the cause, but these are easily found and corrected. I hope you all find resolution for your troubles, but you may have to face the music and decide that the Accord is not for you, nothing more or less.
  • I would agree with that statement Anthonyy. I don't feel that it's affecting the safety of my family or anything like that. However, even if I'm a one-off, I would expect that Honda take care of me and not dismiss the possibility that perhaps my car is having issues. It's very frustrating to go to the dealer time and time again to be told there's nothing wrong. I think you hit the nail on the head with your final sentence. :D
  • please direct us to any post since Oct 2007 that describes:

    "descriptions of VCM operation detailed in this forum, you would think the car is flying apart. Broken motor mounts, wheel/tires out of balance or out of round or some other mechanical problem could be the cause, but these are easily found and corrected"

    noone has ever described the VCM "shock", surge or shudder to that degree. or even the vibration. this is a simple issue from my experience and perspective.. its a poorly designed suspension compliment OR faulty design overall in how the motor mounts, ANC etc work in concert.. if a car shimmy's, vibrates its typically a bad tire, bad wheel.. if those two compenents are removed from the equation whats left axle and suspension. the fact that "most" drivers can "drive" out of the vibration accelerating to 80mph providing a normal smooth opertation tells me this is a suspension issue.. anyone have any constructive thoughts?
  • my mom owns a 08 accord v-6 without nav, bought 3/08. I have driven it numerous times-no problems with it.
  • Big Lawsuits (especially class-action) against a "reliable car-company" that are actually won would make business news.

    Working for a news station, I've heard nothing about it, even on the AP wire.

    Would love a link to something, by all means. :)
  • By now it should be obvious to everyone that Honda has figured out that there is a design flaw with the Accord VCM (call it variable mis-firing). I've taken my 2008 Accord in numerous times for the vibration problem. During several of the first service calls the service manager and mechanic test drove the car with me and commented that the vibration in the car would drive them crazy on the highway. During the last service visit, the repair order actually stated that the vibration in ECO mode is a normal characteristic of this model. Please note that there is no such warning in any of the marketing materials provided by the company.

    Given that everyone is now receiving the same response from their service dept, it's clear that Honda has directed the service departments to state that it is a "normal characteristic" of the model.

    To anyone who is considering buying or leasing a V6 Accord with VCM, please seriously consider shopping around for another car until Honda gets its act togther on the newly designed Accord and stops with the subterfuge. For those of you who have an older Accord and are thinking of trading up to a 2008 or 2009, consider yourself warned that this is not the same quality of car that you were accustomed to in the past. (I'm not sure it's the same company; Honda owned up to problems in the past and did not mislead customers as they are now.)

    In addition to the vibration from the variable mis-firing of the engine, there is considerable road noise on the highway and on rough payment so much so that it can be challenging to hear the radio at times.

    If you do decide to get a new Accord, please take it for an extended road test without the salesman so that you can actually pay attention to the car's driving characteristics. See also Edmund's long term test of the 2008 Accord.

    In hindsight, I would not have purchased a car that was intentionally designed to mis-fire at certain speeds coupled with a systems that creates noise so that the driver doesn't hear (or is distracted from the sound) of the engine mis-firing along with computer controlled engine mounts designed to re-direct the vibration from the mis-firing.

    At the moment, there are a lot better cars for the price to put up with a car that is annoying to drive.
  • Agree 100% with this post. I noticed that the new Pilot commercials are touting the VCM...something about 3-cylinder mode, etc. Wasn't paying much attention to the ad at the time and have not seen it since. I will lay claim to preventing a friend from buying a V6 Accord within the last week, my very small contribution to trying to make Honda hurt.

    Honda needs to take a lesson from Johnson & Johnson when the Tylenol scare erupted in the 70s or 80s: fess up immediately, make it right, and continue to thrive. In the absence of Honda doing this, I'm one of those bigmouths who will make sure that not just 10, but 100, of my friends are aware of Honda's disdain for consumers who have gotten stuck with this vehicle.
  • I don't have any personal experience with 2009 Honda Accord V-6, but I just want to make a point, which seems to have been missed in the mails I have seen in this forum.

    The cylinders in the Honda V-6 are normally fired at equal intervals (0, 120, 240, 360, 480, 600 , 720 deg and so on). Running the VCM in 3-cylinder mode allows these cylinders to be fired at equal intervals (0, 240, 480, 720 deg and so on). Running the VCM in 4-cylinder mode does not allow these 4 cylinders to be fired at equal intervals (these may be fired at 0, 120, 360, 480, 720 deg and so on), Thus, the engine will potentially run rougher in the 4-cylinder mode than either the 3 or the 6 cylinder mode).

    A Buick engine ran into a (similar) roughness problem when they converted a V-8 engine into a V-6 engine around 1980 without an engine redesign, with the cylinders firing at unequal intervals (0, 90, 180, 360. 450, 540, 720 deg and so on). After couple of years of roughness complaints, they finally went to a crank offset system to allow the engine firing to occur at a constant 120 deg interval.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    On the flip side and to provide balance to this discussion, I am really puzzled by this vibration problem you're referring to. I have an 08 V6 and either my ECO light goes on and off but the VCM is not working and it's staying in 6 cyl mode all the time, OR it's actually working as it should and I don't have the vibration "problem". As I have stated before, I can tell when I'm in 3 or 4 cyl mode, but the engine is not vibrating or shaking, or shuddering or acting in any way suspicious that anything is wrong. There are times when the only change I notice is if I have to accelerate around another car, the ECO light goes off and I feel a surge of power as all 6 cyl's kick in. I really think Honda has taken the idea of variable engine displacement to the next level. I love the fact I have a 3 cyl, a 4 cyl, and a 6 cyl engine reside under the hood. My Chev. Avalanche has the 5.3L V8/4, but it only runs in 4 cyl mode when slowing down, going downhill, or on a very flat road. The slightest pressure on the gas pedal and it kicks back to 8 cyl. With my V6, I am able to accelerate modestly without kicking it out of ECO mode. I love that! And the statements of road noise, yes I can agree with you on that. But my previous 06 EXL V6 also had some road noise so it's not uncharacteristic for the new model to be any different.
  • jhinsc - that's great that your 08 accord does not have the vibration. Consider yourself lucky. The dealership that I purchased my 08 from had the saleman and I take three other 08s for test drives after I complained of the problem. They all very noticeably had the same problem and were asknowledged by the saleman and reluctantly later by the Honda factory rep. I notice that your other vehicle is a truck. To bring balance to the discussion, I might suggest the reason you aren't noticing the vibration is that you're switching from driving a truck to a car. Under such circumstances, you're not likely to notice the vibration as you go from a truck suspension and handling to a car with softer suspension and very different handling.
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 397
    elliot2, I actually drive the Accord more due to my job, so your premise of switching between car and truck makes me immune to feeling vibrations is not valid. I'm curious - what does he vibration actually feel like? If you can put it into words.... Does it shake the car, steering wheel, pedals, seats...? For example, if a tire is out of round or out of balance, you know something is wrong. If a rotor is warped, you can tell when you apply the brakes. Both situations can be fixed. The reason I ask: I suspect my car runs the same as yours, but I don't see or feel it as vibration. I see it as running in 3 and 4 cyl mode and it's a characteristic of the engine. It's not a vibration, it's the engine running in a different mode. It's not annoying, intrusive or unpleasant. While driving, I'm always trying to coax the VCM to engage as quickly as possible after getting up to speed. Another example: anyone who drives a 4 cyl and V6 (non VCM) of the same make/model will tell you the V6 almost always runs smoother and quieter in almost all situations, especially at idle and low speeds. But it doesn't mean there is something wrong with the 4 cyl because it's not as smooth or quiet.

    I think Honda is on the right path with VCM. Once they combine it's use with 6 or 7 speed auto transmissions, I believe they'll be able to extract more mpg gains from larger displacement engines. Honda is well known for their technological advancements for engine and auto design and function. VCM is a concept and technology that although they didn't invent, they have perfected it much further than any other auto company could to date.
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