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Nissan Rogue Real World MPG

Please report on your Rogue MPG.

Include your odometer reading, city/highway mix, driving style or anything else you think may help others compare their mpg with yours. Thanks!


  • 2WD SL
    ODO:1200 miles
    Type of Driving: 70% city 30% Highway
    Style: No fast accelerations but 75-80mph on the highway.
    MPG: 25.5 consistently on multiple tanks
  • New owner 2008 Nissan Rogue SL 2WD
    ODO: 600 miles
    First tank of gas.
    70% city / 30% hwy
    25.0 mpg

    I love my new Rogue...

  • AWD SL
    ODO: 700 miles
    Second tank of gas
    70%city 30% Highway
    Style: No hard acceleration
    MPG: 24.7
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    I just purchased a 2008 SL AWD Rouge and with 850 miles and i am getting
    17miles per gallon, i called the dealer, they are telling me it is not broke in yet and are telling me it may be becase i use the regular 87 octaine unleaded gas.
    at a travel speed of 65mph the engine rpm is 2200 with the overdrive engaged.
  • odometer is at 6800 -- purchased in November....equal amounts of highway to town driving. I use regular gas and have consistently gauged 24 MPG. (SL AWD model)
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    I am now @ 5000 mi and getting a whopping 19.89 miles per gallon, the dealer has stated there is nothing wrong because there arent any indicator lights on.
    does any one have any ideas what to do?
  • cdmuilecdmuile Posts: 152
    So many factors involved in gas mileage. One thing I would do is watch the tach. That CVT could maybe not be going all the way "up the slope" (or is it down?). Don't know if an Indicator light would come on or not. Your mileage is definitely not good.
  • Just got my 08 Rogue last Thursday SL 2 wd and am getting 26.5 for the first 450 miles. I swapped a 07 Murano for the Rogue and found that with the CVT you have to drive like an egg is under the accelerator otherwise the power kicks in.

    The first 100 miles we got 32mpg but that was running 45-55 through the country.

    Dislikes: rear seats do not recline for the kids on long trips

    Pros: 1. mileage as posted so far and the car it not even broke in
    2. comfortable seats 3. adequate room 4. great storage 6. plenty of power for "driving"
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    It seems there is something wrong with my Rouge, I am still getting only 19mpg with over 5000 miles on the car.
    The dealer is saying there is nothing wrong with the car and instructed me to call Nissan Customer service, I did as instructed, Nissan customer service told me they called the dealer and then resited what the dealer already told me ("Your gas milage is normal") and there was nothing they could do to help me because there was no trouble light on the dash panel iluminated.

    Nissan Buyers Beware, if there is a problem with you're car and there is no trouble light iluminated on the dash the it seems the dealers cannot trouble shoot, The dealer mechanics seem to rely on the car to tell them what is wrong.

    I asked what the RPM verses speed peramiters under normal driving conditions with overdrive engaged are, I asked if it was normal for the car to Turn 4500rpm @ 55mph with the over drive off and their top mechanics did not have an answer, all they could say is "There is no trouble light on the dash illuminated so there is nothing wrong with the car."
  • I'm puzzled. Overdrive off??... if I were posing the question it would be what is your RPM at 55mph with shifter in D, overdrive engaged. I would also disconnect the battery for a little while to reset the computer. I've been rock solid at 23-25 mpg with a high of about 28 on a roadf trip. I have a lightfoot around town but run with the flow on the interstate 70-80 mph.
  • I've been driving SUV's or crossovers since 1997 and have adjusted to proper throttle input for better efficiency. With my Rogue, I mostly average 22 to 25 mpg. My driving is mixed, with more highway than city. All highway is very close or more than window sticker. On highway, i'm normally 70 to 80mph. The lowest I've recorded is 18.9, all city and some warming up for the cold. My best mileage is 28.1. My current odometer is 6500 and had vehicle for 3 mos. I'm on my second oil change and I've noticed that my mileage has crept up slightly since my first oil change.
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    can someone with Rouge AWD SL tell me how many RPMs @ 70 mph with and with out the overdrive engaged?
  • 2008 Nissan Rogue SL FWD
    70 mph on flat road - Cruise Control and OD on: 21000 RPMs
    70 mph on flat road - Cruise Control on and OD off: 46000 RPMs

    The only time you should use the vehicle with the OD off is on steep grades.
    See page 5-15 in the owners manual. " Use the overdrive off mode when you need improved engine braking"

  • Sorry.... To many 0's in my last post.... :surprise:

    Should be: 2100 and 4600 RPMs

  • 2WD SL 4400 miles

    70mph, Shifter in D=2100 RPM
    The SL with paddle shifters doesn't have the overdrive switch, I think that is only on the S without the paddle shifters if I'm not mistaken, but down one click on the paddle at 70 mph raised the rpms to 2700.
  • I have the SL 2WD without the Premium Package so it has no paddle shifters and no manual mode. My shifter has only Drive and Low with an OD button on the left side of the shifter handle just below the knob.
    Like you Tic I am getting 25 MPG with 70% city and 30% hwy driving. I now have 6800 miles on my Rogue.

    Even without the manual mode shifters and the Premium Package I love my Rogue.....

  • Kenn2, have you found out anything further on your MPG problem?
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    No, I am stuck, I now have 5800.0 miles on my Rouge and getting 17 to 19 mpg, on the freeway.
    I called Nissan customer service and they told me this milage is normal and the car is functioning properly (they just repeated what the dealer service dept told me).
    At this point i will take any advice i can get.
    If i knew the milage was going to be this bad I would have purchased a full size SUV or full size one tone truck that could carry a camper and tow a boat.
    Any ideas what action I could take to get this fixed?
  • So we gave you the RPMs at 70mph. How many rpms does your Rogue turn at 70 mph. I see where your going with the question, this would determine if your CVT is getting into its highest ratio.

    Who is your dealer? What region are you in? Who have you talked with at Nissan? Give us some more info so we can be sure your not selling CRVs. ;)

    There is nothing normal about 17-19 mpg, unless you are driving in a manner that wastes gas. Have you tried any of the suggestions that are commonly found for low fuel milage? Things like: Disconnect battery for a while to reset computer recorded driving habits, limit warm ups on cold mornings, drive easy. Don't use the air condtioner unless you need it, the Rogue's climate controls are little strange and the compressor does come on when it is not needed at times and you have to manuly cut it off, I know new compressors a efficient but its still wastefull.
  • skaywskayw Posts: 5
    Rogue SL AWD, OD 3500 miles.
    I have a daily commute 70 miles RT most of which is on 2 lane highway with lots of hills and curves.
    Currently 23.5 MPG. MPG has increased with each fill up (starting out at 22 MPG).
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