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Nissan Rogue Real World MPG



  • I have an 08 Sl with premium package and 1400 miles. The least I have gotten is 26.5 mpg and the best on a tank is 29 mpg. It sounds like the TCU (transmission control module) is causing issues and disconnecting of the battery may solve the problem. Where do you live? If you are in NYC or LA sitting in traffic 2 hours per day your mileage is going to be terrible. No miles=no mpg if you are idling.

    At 60 mph, I am turning 1900 rpm. Most of my mileage is rural and some in-town driving (not city-there is a difference) and about 350 miles of the 1400 being straight interstate and the mileage kept creeping up to 28.5 mpg running 75 mph. I would check tire pressure to make sure you have the minimum 35 psi (I run 40 psi being a mpg person - I hate giving the oil folks my money). I consistently get 2+ mpg out of my '05 Frontier than anyone else.
  • roguer08roguer08 Posts: 3
    I live in a hilly town and it is still the dead of winter here. MPG in town has been a disappointing 17-18 with 1,500 miles on the car. Highway MPG at 72-75 mph has been 21-22. These figures are calculated at fill up, not based on the onboard computer, which consistently reads alittle higher than real world mpg. When I fill up and then go 50 on a flat road, just moseying along, rpms at 1500-1700, I can get 27-28, but unfortunately, most of my driving is in town, w/ short hops, the car barely warms up, lotsa hills as well as stoplights. Just the worst kind of situation for gas consumption. Gas is 10% ethanol, 87 grade. Car is SL AWD leather, moonroof, Bose, bluetooth, etc. Enjoying all those interior comforts and hoping MPG will improve a bit with warmer weather and more miles on the car.
  • jim1234jim1234 Posts: 4
    I think what folks forget when calculating MPG is that there are many variables, for example--when someone says "40% hiway, 60% town". Is that 60% in a congested suburb of a large city or is in East Sidelia, Kansas (population: 1276). Do you idle a lot? Do you warm up your car in the driveway? Does someone other than you drive it? Is the surrounding terrain hilly or flat? I remember when I was interested in a Dodge SUV a few years back and asked a guy in a parking lot, "what gas mileage do you get?" He stated about 22/25". Then he told me to sit in his truck which I did. I just happen to push the mileage button and lo and behold it said "13". WOW! Optimistic!
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    I took a 3000mile trip across the planes, driving from full to empty on most tanks and got a woping 21 mpg.
    Your message sounds alot like the dealership and Nissan cusomer service when I complained about poor fuel econimy, the problem must some how be the consumers fault, we must be dumb and not know how to calculate fuel consumption.
    The fact is some of these cars for some reason do not get the milage that others do and the dealership or Nissan do not know why or where to begin looking to figure out the problem.
  • catcurvecatcurve Posts: 3
    hi one of the things that i like about the rogue is the mileage, i don't expect an average of 27 mpg that the dealer stated,but to read about kenn's 19 mpg also scares me . is some of it the awd vs fwd difference? I didn't read each and every note so i don't know.

    hoping to get a car thru the costco buyer's club. so far i was quoted $20,195 for a 08 s rogue with awd. ie no satellite radio etc but hope to have that installed in after market.

    the dealer made an interesting comment on the phone. since the car was on the lot would not have to pay 600 above invoice that is standard costco fee, 400 off or something like that since it was already on lot. i assume he is talking about the delivery fee.... i have to call costco. but if the delivery fee is 600 then it seems it should be an all or none and not 2/3's off. anyone buy their rogue this way. the dealership is 1 hour away so test driving more locally before going down.

    any advice appreciated. it seems there is no way to test mileage on a model before you buy it????? jeanne
  • catcurvecatcurve Posts: 3
    hi is it safe to run with the tires at 40 psi, i thought they could explode or something>>>also what grade of gas are you using . does that make a difference you think with mileage>>>thanks jeanne
  • carnut21carnut21 Posts: 38
    I do run them at 40 psi COLD; the tire starts not to be above 43 psi or something but please check the label on the since I am not a tire expert.

    I ran a Murano 24,500 miles the same way (39-40 psi) without problems and run my Frontier at 37 psi (35,500 miles)

    I run 87 octane; nothing else and NO ethanol; ethanol kills gas mileage since the energy content is lower

    Not sure about the other difference with regard to mileage but as stated earlier we avoid jack rabbit starts, anticipate stops, avoid congestion where possible, and make a game out of gas mileage. The current tank we have in the car is showing 27.8 mpg and the least we have gotten is 26.5. It is a FWD unit and not AWD.
  • catcurvecatcurve Posts: 3
    thanks, I understand this is just your opinion/practice and that you are not liable for any problems if I try this ....jeanne
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    find out if the dealer is willing to fill up the tank and let you test drive this car, if so you can zero the odometer test drive on the freeway for 10 miles and then fill up the car and calculate the milage manually.
    some of these cars get excellent milage and some do not, and if you get one that does not you are stuck, the dealers will not help you and niether will Nissan Customer service.
    The dealer will tell you "after break in period on the power train your milage will increase" and it will a little bit but not much.
    Refer to the forum befor you test the vehicle to give you an idea what all the other Rouge owners are getting before break in.
    if you test drive one and do not like the milage do not buy it, and test drive another, repeat this until you get a good one.
    Remember once you buy you are stuck with a car that has already lost enough value for you to buy something else if you are not happy, and dispite what they say, it is my experience that Nissan Cusomer service or the dealership will not help you.
  • ticmxmanticmxman Posts: 48
    Replying to: kenn2 (Feb 06, 2008 12:57 pm)

    kenn2 you never repiled to my previous post. I have repeated it below. Any new findings? Sorry you are not getting the milage most rogue owners are.

    So we gave you the RPMs at 70mph. How many rpms does your Rogue turn at 70 mph. I see where your going with the question, this would determine if your CVT is getting into its highest ratio.

    Who is your dealer? What region are you in? Who have you talked with at Nissan? Give us some more info so we can be sure your not selling CRVs. ;)

    There is nothing normal about 17-19 mpg, unless you are driving in a manner that wastes gas. Have you tried any of the suggestions that are commonly found for low fuel milage? Things like: Disconnect battery for a while to reset computer recorded driving habits, limit warm ups on cold mornings, drive easy. Don't use the air condtioner unless you need it, the Rogue's climate controls are little strange and the compressor does come on when it is not needed at times and you have to manuly cut it off, I know new compressors a efficient but its still wastefull.
  • nicewarnernicewarner Posts: 6
    2008 SL AWD (loaded)
    455 miles
    60/40 city to highway
    average driver, use the accelerator heavily only when needed - such as getting on the freeway, always within 5 or 6 mph of speed limit, not a lot of heavy traffic where I live and work
    A/C is on most of the time
    This was the second fill-up.
    average for this tank was 22.1 MPG (calculated myself, not the onboard reading)
    that's about what I was wanting... would be pleased if it would roll up into the 23-24 range.
    I'll be taking a road trip in it the first week of June, will report my 100% highway miles after I get back. Expecting to be around that 26 mpg mark, we will see.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    just returned from a 1800 mile trip - all interstate - speed control set at 78 :blush:
    25.8 overall mpg - brand new. Odometer, speedo, and trip computer all seem to be right on. I thought it might do better, but there does seem to be a big drop (~30mpg at 60 vs. ~25mpg at 80) - guess I should have expected that. Trip was in the midwest this last weekend, some bad (really windy) weather, car handled the crosswinds quite well.
  • SL AWD (loaded)
    A/C on most of the time
    current mileage 761
    22.6 mpg this tank
    60/40 city/hwy driving
    Loving it... hoping to be around 23-24 average mpg once it finishes breaking in.
  • dcwestbydcwestby Posts: 29
    SL 2wd

    On first tank of gas still... only above 3/4s full still.. sales guy really topped it off for me on Monday...

    Been carefully controlling rpms in the city trying to keep them below 2k rpms most of the time... as a result, I'm getting in the mid-high 20s for mpg accroding to the computer.. will compute manually when I fill up next..

    So far, low to mid 20s in city on coldstart, mid to high 20s after 15 min or so on freeway and 63-73mph. Particularly today in city speeds my rpms around 1200-1500, I found I could manage 29-33mpg or so.

    I find I get better freeway mileage after 5-10 min city speeds then if only less then 5 min city speed

    Only 250 miles on it so far... Its great.
  • have had rogue since 12/07, currently 22,000 miles. SL, AWD
    daily commute, single driver (approx. 5'11", 250 lbs) flat roads (center of VA), approximately 130 miles a day RT, 95% highway, 5% rural road (average 35-55 mph)
    at 65 mph, slightly above 2100 rpm's, average 28 mpg.
    if going 60, about 2000 rpm's, will get up to 30 mpg.
    when combining city/hwy, will avg about 22-26. accelerate very slowly
    see following for trip mileage and overall review on long 2100 mile trip
  • just came back from a 2100 mile round-trip from VA to FL with 4 adults, 5 suitcases and 2 duffle bags ( we were driving down to Port Canaveral for a 5 day cruise - definitely the way to go, given airlines are now penalizing you for carrying more than one suitcase!!!). used a samsonite soft-top on the roof-rack. a little tight, but comfortable enough for th 13+ hour drive down and 15+ hour drive back (coming back, took two days) absolutely no problems with acceleration loaded down - for a 4 cyl. - and loaded down, averaged about 22 mpg (with poor wind resistance because of the soft top). in 100 degree+ weather in FL, A/C worked great and didn't seem to tax the engine at all; lots of positive comments from people thinking it was a Murano (i tell them it's the Murano's younger brother, that takes REGULAR gas, not PREMIUM!, and better mileage). absolutely NO mechanical problems at all during the whole trip.

    Pluses: very good mileage; very good performance for a 4 cylinder loaded down (remember, this is NOT a Honda Accord V6 with 6Manual!), CVT worked wonderfully - with not a hitch and smooth acceleration, fair comfort for 4 adults (of course, previously we were spoiled with a Grand Caravan Sport, so not fair to compare), XM radio and bluetooth were great.
    Minuses: a little cramped, and difficult to pack (what do you expect for the size), bottomed out a couple of times (we were probably maxed out on the GVWR), but no damage other than a scraped bottom of trailer hitch, wished the back seat would recline, wished for extra power plug in the back,

    rogue now has over 22,000 miles since 12/07, and no problems. took it to oil change after trip and all they recommneded was replacing the air filter (which looked fine to me, so i told them i'd replace it later)
  • fishyubofishyubo Posts: 2
    Just got my 08 Rogue SL AWD couple weeks ago, Odometer right now is about 380. I am only getting about 20 MPG.The MPG is less than my expectation since it says it would be about 22/27. I use 87 regular gas. Is there any way to improve the mileage? I am living in San Francisco
    70% city and 30% highway.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You've barely been through one tank of gas. I'd give it a little more time before taking those gas mileage calculations seriously. Also, you can expect mileage to improve as the engine breaks in. Finally, I think you can expect to take a bit of a mileage hit driving in town with lots of hills compared with flat land.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • fishyubofishyubo Posts: 2
    Well I am on my second tank of gas now. The first tank of gas the dealer fill for me only got about 17 MPG though. I will probably try one more tank of gas and see how it goes.
  • kenn2kenn2 Posts: 11
    the bottom line, some of these cars do not get the milage reported that others do, and no one has the trouble shooting skills or the ambition to find out why
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