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Nissan Rogue Real World MPG



  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    Up and down those hills of SF? Occasional real City gridlock? 22/27? Not a chance - even if you had electric motors helping you out. Am seeing a solid 24+ out of my SL AWD but at 70% 80mph highway- no hills and little 'gridlock'.
  • Just did a round trip with they family, 95% highway driving.
    current mileage: 1810
    A/C on
    cruise control used about 60% of the trip
    speeds ranged from 60 to 75 mph with cruise on 70
    raod conditions: flat and dry; as we were going up through Ohio to Cedar Point.
    going up we averaged right at 30 mpg
    coming back it averaged 27 (tons of headwind most of the way home)

    Prior to this trip I filled up and my mpg averaged 23.6 for a 60/40 city/hwy mix

    So far I'm very happy with the vehicle.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    First tank: 34, 2nd tank: 33. 70/30 hwy/city. Some slightly spirited use of CVT during 2nd tank on rural hwy. 65-70 mph on hwy. Original Conti 4x4 Contact tires. Replaced with Avids during third tank, so will likely improve. Altitude: between 5600 and 5900 MSL. Driver only. Lots of A/C on first tank, some on 2nd. Regular fuel.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    3rd tank (1st on Avids) = 35+. :)

    Same roads, same WX, same pump, less A/C, but 300+ pounds for part of the distance. No hypermiling tricks.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "Same roads, same WX, same pump, less A/C, but 300+ pounds for part of the distance. No hypermiling tricks. "

    It's the altitude. Every car I've ever owned got great MPG at higher altitudes, including a CR-V and a Ford Freestyle.
  • i just a got a 2008 SL AWD, I have put 1100 miles on it and I have got 17mpg on every tank. I do drive 99% city(stop and go) I also drive really fast. I am sure if I would slow down it would be in the 20mpg.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    not exactly 'real world' is it? very few of us, drive entirely in City gridlock and further don't drive like the car is being performance tested by a car magazine. Under the conditions you outline, I would think that 17 mpg is actually good! For my part, between 24 and 25 mpg, driving about 50-50 and also driving quite 'normally'.
  • even with lots of stop and go, i would think you would get slightly better than 17 mpg. do you have lots of hills? how do you accelerate? do you stay on the gas even though you see a red light coming up? there are certainly ways that the mpg should increase without resorting to hypermiling techniques. even when i'm doing a little more city driving (60% highway, 40% city), i'm still averaging above 20 mpg. but also making sure usually the car is empty and not accelerating or taking turns like my 20 year old son. i've also noticed that using the A/C has not dropped the mileage noticably at all.....has anyone else noticed that? is that progress with newer compressors, etc.?
  • No hills, I accelerate fast most of the time. I have a heavy foot and that is the main MPG factor. I am still happy with the car
  • current OD: 3200 miles
    driving conditions: A/C on, 60/40 city/highway
    last couple of tanks: 23.6, 22.8 (that second one I was playing with my shift paddles some, thus running at higher RPMs and burning a bit more fuel, but they are a lot of fun. My 17yr old son wants to take my car out... not happening :-)
    Very pleased with the vehilce thus far.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    over the last 4 tanks - computer now reads 25.4 mpg and dte reading on fillup has been consistently over 400. Usual fillup is right at 16 gallons after driving something over 400 miles on that tank. Am also pleased with the 'car' at this point (7k on odometer)
  • purchased 2008 rogue SL AWD 12/07 and currently have 29,000 on it. just came back from a weekend trip from VA to upstate NY (Albany - about 1200 miles RT with in town driving). fully packed, 4 adults and belongings, A/C running full blast, averaging about 65 (with my driving) to 75 (my 21 year old son driving), mostly highway, some traffic through philly and some stop and go while in Albany for 2 days.
    averaged 26 mpg (+/- 2 mpg).
    continue to be extremely satisfied with vehicle.
  • srauhalasrauhala Posts: 2
    I bought my '08 Rouge SL AWD with a little over 6k miles on it. I have put about 1000 - 1500 miles on it since I got it. I have averaged 27.9 mpg according to the trip computer.

    During the week I drive 30 miles each way to work. Approx 25 miles of that is on the highway. We do mostly city driving with it the rest of the time with some highway driving. I try not to be too aggresive with it at starts and I go approx 65-75 on the highway.
  • I have a 2008 SL with awd. I reset the trip computer when I filled up yesterday morning. Going down the expressway at about 60 without the air the trip computer showed about 33 mpg. Is this possible? Before the reset the computer showed a consistent 23.9. Just wondering if anyone has a feeling for the accuracy of these numbers.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    have found the trip computer, speedometer, and odometers to all be accurate. All three should be checked to arrive at a corrected FE number as well as equalizing the actual gallons taken in a fill-up. 33 mpg on the highway is not likely something you'd see on a long highway drive but certainly possible as a misleading 'instantaneous' reading right after you reset the computer.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    captain2 said...

    " 33 mpg on the highway is not likely something you'd see on a long highway drive but certainly possible as a misleading 'instantaneous' reading right after you reset the computer. "

    Have to disagree on that. We have never seen less than 31 on hwy and usually 33-35 mpg at 65-68 mph, SLAWD. AVID tires @ 38psi, no A/C, light load, no wind, little traffic, same pump, same fuel, no cruise. We do that consistently on the same 150 mile loop and have verified the ODO on a measured hwy patrol course.

    And while we're doing that loop, the MPG gauge has never gone over 28.4.
  • phil53phil53 Posts: 54
    I have been comparing the 2008 Rogue SL AWD against the 2009 Forester Limited. The Forester actually has the Rogue beat on paper. Seat of the pants, though, the Rogue comes out ahead. I like the CVT and paddle shifters and it seems peppier than the Forester. Looks better too (except for that grill - ugh!).
    But this has been very valuable information. People I've talked to regarding the Forester claim 25 mpg or better. I've not heard anyone getting less - yet - on average. Going through all the posts pertaining to the AWD, it looks like they average out to about 23 mpg.
    Just for the record, my average daily commute is a little over 30 miles each way - about 70% hwy/30% suburban streets. When I travel, this vehicle would be fairly well loaded down (at times, I would need a car top carrier). I drive 70-80 on the interstate and about 5 mph over in town or on 2-lanes (yeah, I have a heavy foot). I don't act like I have an egg between my foot and the accelerator. I get up to speed quickly. Whatever tire pressure is posted on the vehicle or in the book is what I run. [Over-inflating can wear your tires prematurely down the center and a set of tires will easily off-set whatever little fuel you may save. Furthermore, it's not as safe, since you do not get the entire contact patch to the pavement and that's really all you have between you and disaster.]
    So I take all these things into consideration and figure I would come out on the lower end of the spectrum. I already have a 2004 Avalanche that gets 14-15 city and 17 highway (which I'm keeping). I need to improve on that considerably, as I'm getting rid of a 2000 Beetle TDI that gets about 42 mpg.
    Plus, I'm not encouraged by the person who is getting really poor mileage and can get no satisfaction from his dealer or Nissan. I think you've just tilted me in favor of the Forester. So thanks to everyone who contributed.
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    There is a set of chrome geill inserts you can get for the Rogue that realy makes the front end look sharp.

  • phil53phil53 Posts: 54
    Thanks for the info. That does improve the looks. Where did you get those?
    I am still concerned about the fuel mileage though.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    did say 'not likely' - driving at a relatively tame 65 mph with hard tires and perhaps even nursing it a bit - I'll bite. My SL AWD is sitting right on 25 mpg overall right now (4 tanks) with about 60% of my mileage highway (albeit at a more 'normal' 75-80mph ;) :blush: ). I'll agree that the new EPA numbers are quite easily beaten (especially on the highway) but still think that overall the 21/26 on the window sticker is about right for this vehicle - for most drivers in most conditions.
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