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Ford Ranger Stalling/Dying Problems



  • After lots of trail and error I found the cause to be the fuel air motor ( really not a motor but called one )got one for 10 bucks at salavge yard and now runs great .
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Idle air valve?
  • Back to the drawing board .Engine ran great for about 200 miles and now starting the same ole stuff.It seems to be overloading on fuel.You drive it 55 and when you level out and let up on pedal it seems to start missing .If you keep adding fuel it will still go good but if you idle it may just quit .Start right back up but who wants that when Im sure it can be fixed Thanks JIM
  • jgandme2jgandme2 Posts: 6
    Sounds like the problem I had. Difference is mine is a 3.0 V6. I'm thinking you have a vacume leak. Run out all the lines and find it if you can. Are you dripping oil and/or water (anti freeze)down the back of the engine? If so you may have a blown intake manifold gasket. Won't idle for crap but runs on the freeway but poor mileage. Will suck air when driving and may drip oil or water when parked.

    1. Clean the Mass Air flow sensor
    2. Replace throttle control sensor $30
    3. clean pvc valve
    4 find and fix vac leak
    5 find vac leak in the intake manifold gasket upper or lower

    Has to be one of these things. Try looking down the back of the engine with a mirror and flashlight for oil leak--listen for hissing vac leak
  • fordman2000fordman2000 Posts: 2
    edited April 2011
    i have a 1995 ford ranger super cab 4x4 , it keeps stalling,it idles a little funny, i put new plugs in same results, it seems to be like choke it self off.when i slow down or turn.but it has power when you drive. have now glue :(
  • rgladuergladue Posts: 2
    Meaning it wont turn over or just clicks?
  • rgladuergladue Posts: 2
    Do you have good spark? If you do its either fuel delivery or an electronic issue. Does your truck have a crank sensor?
  • jgandme2jgandme2 Posts: 6
    It sounds like you have a major vacume leak. PCV valve stuck?
  • I have a '95 Ranger XLT Super Cab V6 4.0L. I just replaced the battery, and the positive cable because it was corroded. So the next morning I went out to start it and nothing. I turn the key, and nothing happens. It doesn't turn over, dash lights don't turn on, and power windows and locks don't work. There's absolutely no power. It baffles me. I REFUSE to take this to a mechanic. I just need a little help. Oh, and both starter and alternator were replace a few years ago.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, to do any electrical checking, you need multimeter and a little knowledge about how to use it.
  • ballenxballenx Posts: 1
    Sometimes when I start my ranger the rpms wont get up to where they should be and then my truck sputters and stalls out... i have to keep revving the engine to try to keep it going and i have no idea why...if anyone knows what could be wrong and could help that would be great....also when i drive there is some squealing noise that idk what that is either
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    First wild guesses on each:
    -Failing/weak fuel pump. It's inside the fuel tank. A gauge can be attached to the fuel line under the hood to check the pressure. Low pressure means a weak pump.
    -Belt slipping.

    There are multiple other things that could cause each problem.
  • Hey I know how it is to have that problem. I was having the same thing and it was my spark plug and wires. If I was you I would do that first.
  • under dash board is a censore or something similair push on top of it like you do a lawn mower before you start it and it will start.This is my fix for my ford ranger dying while driving..
  • My security guards all use 05 ford rangers this problem typically happens when the gas tank gets below half a tank the fuel pump begins to weaken out and eventually over heat and fail. it might be pricey to always fill the tank before half but it beats cost repairs of mechanics. btw our trucks are well over 100k so i wouldnt doubt my mechanics cause that does make sense
  • my 2001 ford ranger v6 3.0 liter idles just a little funny sometimes a little high sometimes a little low. when im in nuetral and rev the engine it sounds great but when i put it in gear it sputters and jumps some as i drive. Ive changed plug wires, fuel filter, cleaned the mass flow sensor and im fixing to replace the throttle position sensor. so far nothing has worked. oh yea ive also did away with the catalytic converters and that didnt help. please does anyone know what else i can do?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Maybe a vacumn leak?
  • havent checked yet. thank you ill try to run down the vacuum lines tomorow. someone also suggested coil pack any thoughts?
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