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Ford Ranger Climate Control



  • I found the fix for my problem and maybe it will help with some of your problem. I talked with the service manager at the local Ford garage and he gave me some idea what to look at. I have a 4 cyl 2.3 Liter engine. Looking at the engine with the hood raised there's a pair of vacuum lines that run from a connection on the right rear of the engine toward the top, across the back of the engine and then toward the left front of the engine just under what I always use to call the distributor. They are enclosed in a protective sheath that is split along it's length. I looked at the plastic vacuum lines in the sheath and examined them carefully and found one that had a hole burned in it just at the place where the lines cross the back of the engine. I repaired the burned line and the system began to work again. Hope this helps you.
  • Thanks,
    I've got a 6 cylinder engine but I'm sure the vacuum systems are similar. I will check vacuum lines in the engine compartment.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I don't know the symptoms, but a known problem with mid to late 90's Rangers Heat/AC systems - a plastic (isn't everything) shaft in the 'air box' inside breaks. This shaft controls one of the main air switching 'doors' in there. To get to it, extensive teardown is required, including pulling the dash. Then, the entire air box must be replaced.

    There used to be some postings about some some patch jobs that could be tried. You might try to find other Ranger forums and look for this problem and associated solutions.
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