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Ford Ranger ABS light/Cruise Control Recall



  • I had my cruise control fixed at the end of March. I haven't seen the ABS light come on since that time. Of course, I ended up taking it to a dealer in the rural area who had the part. Otherwise I would probably still be waiting ....
  • Glad to hear you got it resolved. I had the same scenario happen to me, one place didn't have the part but the rural area did. You shouldn't have any problems with the ABS light now. I feel bad for all the people probably sinking big bucks into a problem *definitely* related to the disconnecting of the cruise. Love Ford, but very disappointed in the service and lies/ confusion.
  • Last month in July, I took my 2000 Ranger into the local Ford dealer to have the cruise control recall done. It was a hot sunny day shortly after noon, when the rework was completed. I drove straight home and did not use the truck until the next day. I noticed that the ABS light was staying on. It probably was when I left the dealer, I just didn't pay any attention to it because it was so bright outside.
    I got a chance to stop in to the dealership to ask about this, and the service attendant told me that " I assure you, sir, that this had no connection with the recall work". I told him I'd do some checking around, and sure enough, it appears that it probably is related. Thanks for the info.
  • inuinu Posts: 7
    Back in June i recieved a call from Ford saying my part was in and I had the recall fixed. I mentioned about the ABS light coming on during hard take off's, they said there would be a diagonostic charge, I said they are related and told them to forget the diagonostic. After picking up my truck I took it out and tried everything to make my ABS to come on, and it didn't. I took it back to the dealer and told them and then told them to diconnect the cruise control the same way it was before and I took out the advisor with me, GUESS what the ABS light appeared on hard take off. Went back to the dealer and re-hooked it up and re-took the advisor back out and tried again NO ABS LIGHT, he says well maybe it is related????? There thing is that FORD CANADA has not admitted to anyone that they are related so the dealers won't fixit until they are told by their Head Offices.
  • The issue definitely needs to be addressed. One dealership told me they would diagnose the problem (for money), but then I took it to a dealership i've dealt with for quite sometime, and they were as honest as can be and admitted that the Rangers do have the ABS/Cruise correlation. Good thing that people are being smart and not spending the money. Make some phone calls and lets get something resolved !

    I called (800) 521-4140 and got it documented. Basically it's not going to help but maybe if a lot of people call in and get it documented something will eventually come out of it. I am a loyal Ford owner, but my next one I pull into the driveway might have to be a chevy :mad: .
  • Ok guys, I have a 2000 Ford Ranger XLT with 77,000 miles on it. I received my recall notice recently, but I haven't taken it in yet. Do you think that the issue with the cruise control and the ABS light has been fixed or am I going to experience what all the other Ranger owners have gone through? What should I do?
  • Call the dealership first to make sure they have the new replacement part. If they do, schedule your appointment and get it done (takes a matter of minutes, like 10 minutes to be exact). There is a chance that leaving the old one hooked in could result in fire, but I've heard it's very slim. You won't have any issues if you get the new part installed. You will have issues if they unhook the cruise switch w/o installing the new fused wiring harness. Good luck to ya!
  • inuinu Posts: 7
    Just go and have your harness replaced. When they replace it your ABS light will not come on, if they disconnect and leave it disconnected your light will come on.
    Make sure they do everything the same day.
  • Thanks very much for your response. I'll go ahead and get it scheduled.
  • I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 4-door XLT automatic with a 3.0 V6 engine with 80000 mile on it. Sometimes when I start the truck, and put it in drive, and press the excelerator the truck doesn't move....the engines races but I go no where. All of a sudden, I hear a big clonk and the gears engage and I'm off. I notice it happening more when it has sat for a while and when it is cold. I've heard a lot of transmission horror stories and I'm wondering if any of you ranger owners have experienced this. What do you think is causing this?
  • My experience is: It is because you have worn rear brake drums. They are worn enough to get "wedged" by the brake actuator cam. Get new drums installed and you'll see this problem disappear. This problems is especially bad on humid days.
  • Well, the saga continues ... after having the engine replaced, the list of stuff that no longer works just gets longer - now the cruise control. Shop says it's the "cruise control amplifier" (and refuses to fix it) - can anybody tell me what that is?
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