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Jeep Grand Cherokee interior door panels



  • spool4uspool4u Posts: 1
    Wow, I have the same issue but much much worse. My driverside front door is cracked and has a whole in it and my passenger front and rear are completely missing the shell so the handles just hang there, the only door that is completely in tact is my driverside rear and that cause im 6' 8" so no one sits behind me. This is B.S. and the dealer quoted me 750 a door WTF.... I hope there will be a solution soon, By the way its a 4.7 05 jeep grand cherokee limited in texas
  • Are pieces of pooh! My driver handle is ready to fall off. What do I do then? Local dealership wants over $700 to fix one door panel! I can't believe Chrysler is acting as if they're ignorant of this little issue! I'm calling tomorrow..I can't believe how many posts are on thsi site about this issue. People should post this on their fb pages also! :mad:
  • chrisb44chrisb44 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on all 4 doors of my 2005 limited. I have been fighting with dealers and Chrysler direct to no avail. They seem to think this is a isolated issue that is a result of high mileage. One thing that may help is if we see what build dates are involved. The build date for your jeep is located on the edge of the drivers door on the white sticker. Chrysler may hesitate to recall an entire model year, but if we find it is limited to a couple of months it may be a different story.
    My build date was November 04.
  • ruesterruester Posts: 4
    my MFR date was 3-05.

    Both rear doors broke within three days of each other, and they were the least used doors, so obviously it is a defective plastic problem. Front doors are ready to collapse, although I have used glue to try to hold them together.
  • rekswazeyrekswazey Posts: 2
    My front passenger door handle just cracked, so I started researching the issue and found this fourm. Thanks for scaring me, after reading all your horror stories. I really hoping a recall is made, Im all for doing what needs to be done for this issue to be resolved. Keep spreading the word!
  • pjdpro71pjdpro71 Posts: 3
    OK we have enough complaints regarding this safety concern with the doors.
    I propose that we draw up a general letter that encompasses all of our issues and each of us copy and paste it, then send it off to Chrysler Co. keep proof of how you send it, of course then it becomes a waiting game for a response at which point we will wait no more than 30 days for a response..
    If for some reason we do not here back within the thirty days we will unleash a barrage of the same letter everyday until we here a positive response as this safety concern is clearly a matter of life or death...
    I'm not much of a writer but I will glad to spearhead this effort, all who are interested should contact me @
  • sdavis5sdavis5 Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum. I too have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 2 broken interior door handles. I have searched junk yards and dealers. I have not had any luck with junk yards and the dealer quoted me $700 to replace the entire panel. Has anyone found a solution? This is so irritating.
  • ruesterruester Posts: 4
    As a temporary measure, you can attach a strap with a small hole in it to the hooked wire inside the panel, securing it in place with something like a plastic tie. Simply pull the strap forward and the door opens. I used a couple of old small dog collars.
  • hwoodruffhwoodruff Posts: 1
    I spoke with customer service today at Chrysler (800-992-1997) and had to start a claim on the door panels. I have had to replace one already and will eventually have to replace all 4. I have an extended warranty and it does not cover the part because it is an interior plastic piece....
    The lady I spoke with said it depends on how many complaints and parts are effected to see if there will be a recall on them. So if you have a problem, call chrysler to complain-that is the best chance to get a recall done.
  • Hopefully you have better luck than me with the panels. I've been waiting for the dealer to get in all four panels for over a month now and they still don't have a status on 2 of the 4 panels. I've repeatedly called Jeep and they are clueless too. It's almost like they've stopped producing them. Either that, or they're in such high demand due to everyone's breaking that they can't make enough to keep stock.
  • davejeepdavejeep Posts: 1
    I just got off the phone with Chrysler (800-992-1997). They stated they would not help me with covering the charge for the shotty (sp?) materials used in fabricating the doors. I told the rep that this was a MAJOR safety concern that 3 of my 4 door panels are cracked. He told me with the mileage I have on the jeep (74K) it would be considered "wear and tear". I explained to him that if it was one door out of 4, I would definitely agree; however 3 out of 4 leads me to believe the materials used where sub-par. I filed a complaint, which I was told I probably would not get any correspondence back on (who do these people think they are?). I asked the rep what was gonna have to happen before Chrysler starts looking into this? He couldn't answer. I asked if this was his vehicle and he was driving his family around and happen to get into an accident and no one could get out of the vehicle if he thought that was a safety concern. He stated he couldn't personally comment.

    Honestly, it's gonna take a class action law-suit, death pertaining to the manufactur's defect, or government inquiry before these pin heads create a recall for this. Anyone heard any additional informatiopn about a class action? If so, I would be interested in hearing more about it.
  • I also started a claim. The man who called back was very rude and had the audacity to say they had NEVER had any other complaints/problems with the door panels. He told me the car was out of warranty (and wouldn't be coveredby waranty anyway) and there was nothing they would do for me. My response will be to advertise negatively as much as possible! SO DON"T BUY JEEP!
  • Has any seen any other forums/blogs on this topic?
  • texasbob1texasbob1 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I have the same problem with my 2006 Grand Cherokee. I also called Jeep as the warrantee was expired. They said they would review. they called me back and said that I hadn't spent enough money at the dealership!!! They were more concerned with helping someone that spends more money than honoring their defective product.

    Anyway, I developed a fix! If you have substantially all the little pieces of the shattering handle mold, super glue them into place. The glue will not hold the panel under regular use but is only to hold it together for a short time. Then, take fiberglass resin with hardener and spread a layer on the back side of the molded part (carful not to get it into the handle area), place some pieces of fiberglass sheet, then another layer of resin. Once it hardens, it will be stronger than a new one.

    It saved me from spending $1,200. You see the cracks from the inside of the car, but it's just another way to bring up the crapy quality of Jeep/Chrysler. No surprise to me that they went bankrupt.
  • My jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 has only 37900 miles and 3 of the 4 handles are broken, GONE. Please file a complaint with the NHTSA. Also other with the same problem in youtube
  • Update: It's now been well over 3 months and my door panels have still not arrived at my dealer. Apparently, the RH Front door panel is on 'national backorder' they tell me. If that many people need the door, you think Chrysler would realize that they need to recall the doors. Or maybe not. Anyways, I'll keep updating, but the dealer tells me my 4th panel won't be in until at least mid September.

    Oh and as for the NHTSA, I filed a complaint months ago and never even received a followup now three months later...
  • I filed today. :lemon:

    I also started a blog about it.

    Their current advertising is a big joke! ooo their undercarriage is made of steel....but their doors are made of cheap plastic and you can't get out of your car!

    I'll join in on any letter! email is
  • Yeah after paying Jeep $685, they installed 3 new door panels for my jeep, BUT ONE WAS THE WRONG COLOR. Now I'm back to waiting for the other TWO to come in now. However, even though it's the wrong color, at least it works. I also got them to comp me the 4th door since it's been backordered for 5 months...
  • Wow, unbelieveable, I was at my Jeep dealership yesterday getting a new key, and one of the mechanics drove up in a Jeep Wrangler and showed me the cracked interior door panel of the Wrangler he was repairing and said "I hope this doesn't happen to your Jeep". I had no clue what he meant at the time, I didn't think it was a manufacturing defect, but now I know better after reading this thread. Thankfully, I haven't had any issues with the door panels on my 2005 JCG, but now I am forewarned, the cracks are just probably just around the bend.
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