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2009-2010 Hyundai Sonata



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Is the car unsafe to drive or are y'all just unhappy with the "noises" heard from up front? The car is driveable and not a danger...correct? Maybe your state is different, but I don't think this will fall under the lemon law because it seems to be a very subjective issue here...that noise from the front end. That's why renting a car is a wise investment to make sure the day to day driveability is something that one can live with for years to come.
    But it sounds like there is no "safety" issue here.

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • I am awaiting the Hyundai rep and if i dont here from them soon I am calling a Lawyer to proceed with the lemon Law
  • supermsuperm Posts: 16
    I DO expect...and insist...that *ANY* new car be tighter and better screwed together that either a 17 year old Mercedes with 145k miles and a VW that's 8 years old with 125k miles. So I'm nuts, too.

    All 3 '08 and '08 Sonata GLSs I've rented have exhibited a front end clunk. If it were NOT for that I'd be driving a '09 now instead of looking for a "something else" thats 1-2 years old.

    I understand that not everyone hears this noise. I understand that I hear things in my own cars that sometimes my excellent mechanic can't. But the number of people who ALSO hear this tells me that there really is something going on here and this isn't something made up by people trolling to make Hyundai look bad.
  • So, I'm not the only "crazy lady/person" out there that is frustrated and mad beyond belief because my new car is making such horrendous noises?

    Please, if whomever meets with a lawyer, please let us know what you found out as I'm ready to take the car back to the dealer and give it back!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, let's skip the name-calling and insults, please.
  • gslav1gslav1 Posts: 23
    I own a 2009 Hyundai Sonata and have the noisy suspension also, took it to the dealer and was told this was normal.

    I will never Purchase a Hyundai again!!!
  • chrrmurpchrrmurp Posts: 24
    Hi All,

    Has anyone else had this ongoing issue? My car pulls to the left - especially on the highway. It's a 2009 Sonata. I hit a few potholes this winter (which I guess is what caused this) and since I have had two rims replaced, all four tires balanced, and four (yes 4) alignments. The car still pulls to the left.

    The dealership said they have had several 09 Sonatas with this issue - everything is spot on after the alignment and it still pulls to the left. He said they have seen an issue with the "cradle assembly" which they have replaced under warranty and it has fixed a few cars with this issue. However, he said this would not fix mine for some reason. He said he called the technical office (I think there are two offices Hyundai dealerships call for technical issues) and they said right now they are aware of the issue but there is currently no fix for it.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas guys on what else it could be? I saw a post from a 2006 Sonata with a bent non-adjustable camber that had to be replaced to fix that issue..
  • yes I two have this problem i am waiting for the factory rep to come drive with me as the dealer cant seam to find the problem


    Does any one have the problem of gas fumes in the car when the tank is at querter or less? also a problem the dealer cant seem to eccept
  • chrrmurpchrrmurp Posts: 24
    How did you get in touch with a factory rep? What is a factory rep?
  • rewilsonrewilson Posts: 3
    I've been to a number of dealers and most seem to have a number of Sonata's that were built in March or October of 2008. Are there any problems with these cars? Are they returns or damaged through by extreme weather? Can sales really be that poor?
  • wrs4wrs4 Posts: 17
    My2009 Sonata just started to have this loud grinding noise. Put in reverse and heard a clunk and now its not as loud. Car has 11,000 miles on it. Any one else have this happen to them and any idea what it is.
  • sharksoupsharksoup Posts: 26
    I don't think there is anything wrong with the cars, and in my area I see a lot of them on the road.

    Bought my 2009 in June of 2008 and noticed when I got it home that the inspection sticker on the windshield was February, so dealer had it on the lot for 4 months.

    I'm more curious why Hyundai would start selling a 2009 model car in February of 2008??
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,878
    Probably goes back to the initial debut of the Gen 4 Sonata in the U.S. in early 2005, as a 2006 model. Hyundai introduced the next model year early in the preceding year since then. But I don't think there were many 2009 Sonatas available for sale in February 2008. That's when the car debuted at the Chicago Auto Show.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    More and more automakers have started this practice in recent years.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    I guess if the car is ready for prime time why sit on it for 6 months. You would not want two different 2008 models boy that would be confusing
  • coldglcoldgl Posts: 15
    Our 2009 Sonata bought in July 2008 had an inspection sticker showing May 2008.
  • coldglcoldgl Posts: 15
    We have noted that after buying our 2009 Sonata, some dealers still had 2008 Sonatas for sale.
  • ray78ray78 Posts: 27
    Purchased 2009 Sonata Lmtd on 3/30/2009 with a factory delivery date to dealer on 3/02/2009.
  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    Well, I have recently posted in the transmission forum, the prices paid and buying experiences (to which no one replied, their loss), and I wrote up my final review in the Hyundai Sonata review section on Edmunds. I am basically trying to warn any new potential Sonata owners that the 09 is not quite ready for prime time. In one year of ownership I've had the following issues (I have listed these previously, but I'll do it again):

    1. Cracking popping dash noises due to temperature changes. The cheap plastic expands and contracts with changes in the temperature. There are 15 year old cars on the road that don't have this type of problem.

    2. Navigation system has repeatedly frozen up on me. It freezes on the Hyundai loading screen and occasionally during the course of navigating, and the only way to get it working again is to shut the car off entirely and then restart. This is a huge PITA to do this when I'm using the navigation to get me somewhere. Speaking of navigation, I think the one in my Sonata is very inaccurate. I have lost track of the numbers of times it tells me my destination is on one side of the street when it's actually on the opposite side. It also tells me I've arrived at my destination when the destination is actually a couple of blocks away.

    3. I also now have the suspension noises everyone is complaining about. It is very unrefined sounding, especially over largish bumps where it seems as though the car is going to bottom out. What kind of cheap suspension components is Hyundai using for the Sonata?

    4. The transmission on this car is terrible! The 1-2 shift is jerky, and it's to the point where the car can make me nauseous it's so bad. A couple of times coming off the freeway at a high rate of speed, while slowing down the car downshifts violently, rocking the entire car and making a very loud noise. It's as though the transmission gets confused about what gear it's supposed to be in and drops from 5th gear to 2nd gear. I can't tell you how disconcerting this is when it happens to me.

    5. Left speaker has a horrible rattle if I turn my music up any more than about a 1/4 of the way. Thus I'm limited to listening to music at a very low volume or talk radio.

    I have yet to bring it to the dealership for these issues but it pisses me off I'm even having them in only one year of car ownership. I really want to sell the car at this point but there is no way realistically I'll be able to sell for anything close to what I owe, as Hyundai looses it's value like a brick sinking in the ocean. So I'm stuck with it. For everyone having issues with their 09, I feel your pain. Like many of you, this will also be the last Hyundai I own.

    For those of you with 09 Sonatas and no problems count your blessings because you are very lucky!
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    I have yet to bring it to the dealership for these issues but it pisses me off I'm even having them in only one year of car ownership.

    Given how horrible these issues are, I'm surprised that you don't appear to have forced the dealership to fix them. You must be an extremely patient person.

    Please let us know what happens when you get a response from your local dealer.
  • well I hope i dont end up with all those problems but I finally got fed up with my un returned responces from HMA and threatoned the lemon Law come to find out that there are many many complaints ont the suspention on the 2009 4cly suspention the called me yesturday and set up to have all new improved strutes put on the car. the claim that this should help some of the clunking problem My view is i will have it done and hope for the best and if it dosent work the third time will be a charm they will be buying me a new one or a refund per the ohio lemon Law
  • fushigifushigi Posts: 1,336
    You've got a warranty. Use it. No vehicle is perfect, and while I'm sorry you had the problems I can't be very sympathetic when you haven't made any attempt to get them taken care of. And I find it hard to believe that you appear willing to write off a 20ish thousand dollar purchase, taking the new car depreciation hit, when your problems can potentially be fixed for free via a simple phone call and trip to the dealer service department.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 3,750
    Your complaints have nothing to do with the "safety" of the car. Just because you don't like the way the car "handles" over certain roads or whatever, don't think the lemon law will help you much. You really should've spent more time driving the car or even rented one to find out if you could live with it. That would've been the smart thing to do. Sitting and posting in a forum with your complaints really doesn't get you anywhere...productively. Let the service department address your "complaints" and fix what needs to be fixed. But your car is driveable and not a safety hazard...period.

    Go to the dealership already...why do you need this drama. Once things are fixed, this will all be forgotten. And next time, take more personal responsibility and thoroughly check out any vehicle you buy before hand. You'll sleep better.

    The Sandman :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • dgs4dgs4 Posts: 66
    Yes, I know. I don't expect or want sympathy, that is not why I posted here. I posted as a benefit to anyone considering a 2009 Sonata and using this forum as a means of research. The review sections in Edmunds are fairly worthless, as 99.9% of the people post up a review as soon as they get the car home and of course it's going to be all wine and roses at that point. A real car review consists of repeated updates like the year long tests Edmunds does. That's the only way to truly evaluate a car.

    Well after a year I have what I consider to be an unacceptable number of problems on a car that was purchased with 10 miles on the odometer and has been very well cared for (oil changes every 3,500 miles, tires rotated and properly inflated, car is washed every week etc.). I'm happy I waited this long to get go to the dealership frankly because now I'll have them fix all the problems at once rather than returning over and over. Or at least I hope they can fix all of these issues. Short of replacing the suspension with new components I'm not sure what they can do about that. The transmission may also need replacing. But whatever it takes they have three tries to get it right and then I go to lemon law arbitration.

    I could maybe deal with one of these problems in a year, but all of them are simply unacceptable to me, and because of my experience this will be the last Hyundai I ever purchase. I was willing to give them a shot because of all the quality improvements and positive reviews they've received over the past 10 years of so. While they may be improving, it's pretty clear they are not on the level of Honda or Toyota yet, not by a longshot.
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    I'm posting this just as a reference point because some of the people who have claimed that those complaining about suspension thunks and rattles are trolls or troublemakers.

    I came across this on the Hyundai Owners' Forums. - four-cylinder.htm
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    I'm posting this just as a reference point because some of the people who have claimed that those complaining about suspension thunks and rattles are trolls or troublemakers.

    I came across this on the Hyundai Owners' Forums. - - - four-cylinder.htm

    Sorry everyone. If yo don't want to read that Canadian Driver article in its entirety, the relevant portion that speaks to the 2009 suspension is, and I quote, as follows:

    If there’s a fault, it’s in the undercarriage; while the ride reaches a nice balance between comfort and agility, the suspension rattles over rough pavement, and there’s wheel hop over bumps. If your roads are glass-smooth you’ll probably never know it, but in my rural area they’re frost-heaved, and the rattles and bumps made themselves known most of the time. I’ve noticed this on a few Hyundai models, and it gives them a cheap undertone that could use some improvement.

    So, I hope this is an objective response to criticism of those here who have complained about suspension issues, and especially rattling or clunking sounds. The article goes even further than that, claiming that it undermines a feeling of quality, and gives the Sonata and other Hyundais a 'cheap undertone that could use some improvement.'

    For the record, I've never driven or driven in the 2009 Sonata.
  • dandaroydandaroy Posts: 6

    I am new to this forum, but have been lurking around at other Hyundai forums with questions. Basically, I am not happy with the performance of the car. I think my issues have been discussed before, but I will highlight the issue that is bugging me the most and making my living with this car VERY hard.

    It is the transmission shift quality. The 1 -> 2 shift under slow acceleration is quite jerky and unsmooth at all times. Also 2 -> 3 shift under slow to moderate acceleration is jerky from time to time, but not all the time. It seems like on both these shifts, if I back off the gas at the shift point, it is seamless. Also under hard acceleration (not as bad a WOT), the shifts are MUCH better. Initially when I bought the car, these shifts were horrible. Last Nov, I got the latest TCM update and although the shifts have gotten better, they are still bothersome. The dealership says there is nothing they can do anymore since they can offer only what Hyundai provides them. I have had the service manager drive the car and although he understands what my annoyance is, he does not have a solution. Hyundai says there is no further TCM update available.

    The other issues like dash crackle, suspension noise, etc. I can live with, but not this one. Of course due to heavy depreciation I cannot trade or sell the car without a huge loss. I do not know why I did not discover this problem during the test drive. My bad!! Do you guys have any suggestions? If the shifting was smooth I could probably live with this vehicle.

  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Dandaroy, how many miles does your car have on it? I had a similar issue with the transmission in my '04 Ranger and was told the electronic controls were "learning" my driving style. That truck was a slow learner, and I sold it at a small loss after 20k miles.
  • dandaroydandaroy Posts: 6
    I have about 6700 miles.
  • kenlight1kenlight1 Posts: 22
    Somebody wrote that perhaps the glowing reports on the Sonata were because they had just received the car. This looked like the perfect opening to get in my two cents. I have had my 2009 Sonata Limited w/NAV for seven months and 7,400 miles.

    So far the only real problem was that the NAV locked up which was corrected with a radio replacement.

    I am impressed with this car. Being 6' 3” it was next to impossible to find a mid size car that I didn't have to go through contortions to get inside or feel claustrophobic once inside. Although the car is an intermediate (based on length and width), the government has it listed as full size because of the interior passenger space. The instrument layout and controls are intuitive and has the best layout I've ever used. The interior has more storage areas then what should be. The cup holders are sturdy and can hold about any size cup. My gas mileage is always between 25 to 32 and am always utilizing the gas mileage computer in an attempt to improve my driving efficiency. The available extras (standard on the limited) are impressive and are not normally available on non luxury intermediate 4 cylinder autos. The government safety rating for the 2009 Sonata are 5s across the board. The factory warranty is one of the longest and should cover all major (real) problems with the car.

    Somebody complained about the plastic popping noises that weren't on cars built 15 years ago. My new TVs also do this. I believe this is because of the expansion and contracting of the plastic. Please realize that plastic has replaced metals wherever possible to keep weight down and increase gas mileage. Other perceived complaints were about undercarriage noises going over rough road. I myself have not noticed this but this could be because my previous cars were performance oriented (read Pontiac) and I'm used to the wind noises in those which makes the Sonata seem quiet.

    The minor (and I do mean minor) annoyances is that sometimes the sun will reflect on the NAV screen making it impossible to read, NAV routing is not as sophisticated as Garmin, and the map update procedure is not user friendly.

    The other autos I found that were acceptable with my height and in the same price range were the Saturn Astra (marginal), Pontiac Vibe, and the Saturn VUE. None of these could come close on additional features.
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