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2009-2010 Hyundai Sonata



  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    Have your service manager contact the factory engineering group.
    In mid-Feb. the factory released a software patch to allow reprogramming the door locks. The dealer set our '09 SE to lock automatically at 10 mph and stay locked when the trans goes to park and the engine is shut off.

    I went to a different dealer yesterday and they were able to do exactly that. They weren't sure if they had downloaded the patch, but they had, and it worked like a charm.Now I feel more like my car is entry-level luxury. Thanks!
  • Thanks for the link, it is very interesting I will put this info on record with the rest of
    my research. Keep the good stuff coming.
  • lousonata, did you ever get the pulling resolved?
  • Make sure you have all of the updates. I think they are called TCM updates? There was one released a few months ago (I think August) that was a recall for "Rough Idle." What happened to me a few times is I'd be sitting at a drive-thru or waiting to turn and if I turned the steering wheel while at a stop to the left or to the right a few turns, the car would stall out. After that update, it has been fine though.
  • Nick, I would be absolutely livid if I were in your situation. This is going to be something that will always bother you about the car and no repair job is going to change that. I would sit down with an attorney and see what your options are. Usually for cases where you have a civil claim, you will not be charged attorney fees unless you win (they just take 33% of the damage award). It's definitely at least worth a call to one.

    There is a famous tort case where BMW was sued BIG TIME for this exact type of situation. A doctor bought a car, nine months later found out it had been repainted and then sued BMW. In court, BMW argued the same thing as your dealership is arguing - if the repair was less than 3% of the vehicle's value then they did not disclose it to buyers. Here is a summary of how the case came out:,_Inc._v._Gore

    It went all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Mostly what you will read about this case is about the damages and how the Supreme Court ruled they were way too high. The main thing that came from this case is how to calculate punitive damages, but it is used in court to this day.

    Here is a link to the full case: - the Facts similar to yours start on page five.
  • Help. I have a brand new 09 sonata. the steering has a sever pull to left. The dealer has done two alignments and there is no improvement. The dealer is now basically saying he has no idea what to do. My questions are:
    has anyone else had this problem and if so what was solution?
    can anyone advise what steps I can take? No one at hyundai seems to want to help me....even called the customer service line

    please note I am in canada
  • There have been several in-depth conversations on the steering pulling to the left issue for the 2009 Sonata. The most recent post on that was not very long ago. I'm having the same issue.
  • Norm,
    Is your Sonata a Limited? My 2009 Sonata Limited pulls slightly to the left especially noticible at high speed. They told me to be patient and wait a bit for the suspension to break in. I have put 3300 miles on it now in the past 4 months and nothing has changed. They said they will do an alignment (which is free within the first year anyway) to see if that corrects the problem. But a mechanic friend of mine has suggested having them swapp the front tires and see if my pulling problem is a "radial (tire) pull". I am going to have them do this when I have my first service done some time in early 2010. Hopefully, that will solve my pulling problem. I'll post back when I know something. Your problem seems to be quite a bit more severe. Keep us posted and good luck.
  • no. it is not a limited. this problem started about 2 months after i bought it. the tires have been rotated, alignments done. just frustrating because the dealer seems at a loss and does not really seem to care or able to offer ideas.
    I guess I am curious if anyone had such a problem and it was fixed....or if anyone can advise on what kind of legal steps i can take (in canada)
  • any idea how I could find those?
  • Just a suggestion, not my Sonata but my Mazda I had developed the same
    problem. The Mazda dealership did the computer thing and adjusted but it
    was still not right, so I told them I was going to another (doctor) and get a
    second opinion. That did the trick so the dealership got w/ them and paid
    for the work and found out what to do. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    There's a search box at the bottom of each page; I put in 'pulling' and found a thread from August. Put 937 in the 'Go to message' box and you'll find it. Good luck.
  • I agree - typing in Pull or Pulling on the bottom right will find them. But basically, there are a few of us in the forum that have wrote in about the problem. A few of us have gone through several 4-wheel alignments from different places (I've had five to date), have tried rotating tires, balancing tires, etc - nothing fixes it. Mine is only noticeable on the highway. Someone wrote in a few weeks ago that the dealership told him he may have damaged a camber (which isn't adjustable on the Sonata). We haven't heard back on that yet - he was going back last week to get it checked again.
    For me, when they rotated my tires 7000 miles ago it was worse, but then when they were rotated again (3500 miles later) it was a little better. So my thought is something is wrong with a few of my tires even though the dealership says they look fine. Which, by the way, I should mention that I have Hancook tires that came with the car and after 40,000 miles the dealership says they are about to the point where they need to be replaced. So, to me, the tires are garbage and I hope when I replace them that the pulling goes away.
    If it matters, I have a 09 v6 limited Sonata. What has your dealership said about the pulling?
  • I have an 09 Sonata SE V6 in northern Canada with around 13,000km (~8000miles) on it. No complaints to date other than the shifting not being quite as crisp as I'd like, but it's survivable. Anyways, a few weeks back I had it out on the highway in around -36 C outdoor temp in manual shift mode and reved it to limit through a few gears. After that I started noting a mild burnt oil smell and occasionally an antifreeze smell (oddly, never at the same time) following any treks towards redline. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and whether I might be blowing past my head gasket when the revs get up.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    So, you take a car in a high stress situation (-36C is very stressful on the engine, as it causes uneven heating in the engine), push it to the "Good Regions Worst Case that the car doesn't break" conditions, and wonder if you've damaged your car?

    Sorry, Dave, but sounds like you've just blown your warrenty by abusing the automobile.
  • Why would you treat your car like that, Dave?

    Bill is right: in that kind of extreme cold, operating your vehicle in that manner is nothing more than abuse.

    If you treat your car right, your car will return the favor. If you treat your car like a street-walking prostitute, don't be suprised if you wake up with crabs.
  • Ha, I like the analogy. Sorry to sound like an abuser, I love my car and take car of it, but I like street-walking prostitutes and will take care of the crabs if necessary.

    But back to the issue...

    This will be the second winter with this type of cold I've owned my Sonata. True, I tend to run it a bit to hard year round and have so far been quite impressed with the Sonata's ability to handle the stresses I put it through, but my experience with head gaskets with other vehicles has been fluid burning or oil/coolant spray throughout my engine compartment. Total failure of the head/gasket.

    Right now, I seem to have no power loss, fluid loss, smoke, or spray, just the light smell and was wondering if anyone else may have experienced this same issue after "burning out the carbon" as it goes.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    It sounds like you've got partial failure of the head gasket; it will get worse over time if not repaired early. You PROBABLY haven't damaged the engine as a whole with that, but you could if you get full failure; in my case, I always look back to the (actually very appropriate in your case, since Cold is a major factor in both here) Space Shuttle Challenger accident of 1986; early partial failure caused more catastrophic failure of the seals, eventually resulting in catastrophic failure of the entire system.

    Set your personal redline at about 1-2K RPMs less than normal in severe winter driving, and you'll put a LOT less stress on the engine and the gaskets. IIRC, the redline on a V6 is 5.5K (or was that the yellow line?); keep it to 4K and under and your car will have a longer life, your wallet will be slightly happier from gas costs, and your wallet will be MUCH happier from not having expensive repair bills.
  • Sounds possible, I think I am getting a bit paranoid and wondering if my engine is sounding the same. It's due up for a service in Feb so I'll probably take it a bit easier on it till then and get the dealership to check it out. Any idea if head work is covered under warranty? I'll have to check my coverage. Thanks.

    On a slightly different topic, the heater fan tends to drop off at stops and sometimes at idle. Is this a common issue and is there a computer update might take care of this that I can get on my next service?
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    On a slightly different topic, the heater fan tends to drop off at stops and sometimes at idle. Is this a common issue and is there a computer update might take care of this that I can get on my next service?

    That sounds like a marginal charging system or a weak battery to me.
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