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2009-2010 Hyundai Sonata



  • joel607joel607 Posts: 3
    Have an 09 Sonata with the same issue...creaking snapping noise coming from passenger's side dash area...interestingly enough the 2011 has the same issue and the fix is to loosen are reposition and tighten the hood mount. Since the hood mount area is almost underneath the windshield and dash area makes sense it would sound like it's coming from the dash...mine is worse when cold and gets better as it gets really hot but flexing the frame when hitting bumps makes it worse. Mine is at the dealership right now and have a good relationship with service manager and he knows i'm in the automotive diagnostic field, I passed on what I found out and will let you know how it turns out. My suspension thunking noise was 80% addressed with new strut and strut mount and making sure the strut fork was tight, the other issue is a balljoint that the boot is crushed and collapsed on one side that hopefully will take care of the rest of the suspension noise, otherwise I'm really happy with my 28 MPG average and the overall features and styling of the's a limited edition I purchased used with new warranty still in place.
  • davesev6davesev6 Posts: 6
    Bought my 09 SEV6 back in Aug. 08 and it has always had that whistle from the drivers side. Can't really notice in unless moving fast or with the window down, but it seems to come from the mirror. Not sure why since the passenger side doesn't do it. Always wanted to look into it, but never really got around to it. Looked the irror over, but never saw any issues. Like I said, it was doing it straight off the lot. Always a small nuisance, but never enough to take the time taking it to the dealer.
  • That is my exact situation, drivers side mirror but not passenger. Only on highway or on windy days, but it is loud. May get a replacement mirror and see if this helps. Sorry you are having this problem too but glad to have someone else confirm my suspicion that its the mirror.
  • Replaced mirror and noise is gone. Thank you to all that tried to help!
  • Hello, I am having a problem with the automatic dome light dimmer. the lights won't come on when you open the door. the lights do work when you turn them on manually. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    My Sonata is an '05 bvut yours may operate the same. There are 2 or 3 buttons in front of the dome light. Someone may accidentially pushed a button other than you desired setting.
  • sduff68sduff68 Posts: 52
    edited December 2011
    I finally fixed the squeak rattle in my 09 Hyundai Sonata Limited I4.

    I only heard it coming from what appeared at first to be the dash or the windshield area during cold weather (40 degrees or cooler).

    Based on what i had heard from reviewing multiple hyundai related forums and blogs I decided to try "lubricating" my windshield to see if it might stop the squeak/rattle after dealing with the dealership and trying to use other fixes failed.

    I sprayed one of those clear tire shine/lubricant sprays (the ones that look silicon based) along the rubber seams in the windshield. I even lifted up the rubber seams and allowed the tire shine spray to get into the cracks.

    Well, that appeared to solve the problem!

    I don't know if the rubber was squeaking rubbing against the glass windshield, or if if the rubber was too hard in cold weather, but now I drive over bumps and indentation that used to cause the squeak/rattle and it isn't there!

    This is a big relief for me, I considered my 09 Sonata Limited to be a poor mans luxury car (especially with it's absolutely beautiful interior) and the squeak/rattle was a huge disappointment.
  • I have 37,000 mi. on my sonada. In the morning when it is cold, it down shifts very hard. after it warms up it seems to be fine.I'am taking it to the dealer to get it checked out. Will let you know what i find out. This forum has been very helpful.
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