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Pontiac Grand Am Overheating



  • i have the same problem. did you ever find out the solution. please help me
  • This is going on with my grand am right now, I need some help. What did u find out?anything let me know thanks
  • My car is doing the same thing, what did u find out?
  • i did change the reservoir and it seems to work fine after that, you can try that, costs like $30.00 at auto parts store.
  • nrhsg93nrhsg93 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Pontiac Grand Am with the 2.3l QUAD 4. I just had all the hoses replaced for the coolant system, replaced the thermostat and the water pump checked out to still be good. No cracks in the engine, all gaskets are good including the head gasket and cooling fan is working normally. Refilled the system with the proper antifreeze and flushed the system of any air pockets. I'm getting heat coming out of my vents and no steam is coming through the vents. OH, also the heater core is still good. So, why is my car still overheating? Could it be the overflow cap or is there still a possibility that theres still an air pocket somewhere in the system?
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