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Audi A5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

What did you pay for your Audi A5?

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  • I got a quote for 4% over invoice in Clearwater FL to preorder one.
  • What is the invoice price of the A5 that you paid 4% over? I just ordered one here in Washington and want to see how bad I got ripped off.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I doubt many dealers will have to discount A5's. The V8 S5's are on backorder for most of the country. Audi's new coupe is an incredibly hot car, and most people will pay MSRP.
  • bsc1114bsc1114 Posts: 25
    That's been my experience when shopping for the A5- the price is the price- no haggling or discounts of any kind. The car is too new.
  • bsc1114bsc1114 Posts: 25
    I bought the A5 this past Friday- had to pay full price since the car is so new- I don't really care- it is a hot car. Brilliant red, black interior, Premium, Tech, Nav, upgraded sound sytem. It'll take 3 months to come in. Can't wait!!!!
  • Hi.. I've been offered local pick up of the A5 here in Phoenix. I'm looking for lease numbers as to the best of my knowledge I tried using the S5 lease numbers to get approximate values. Here's what is available on the lot:

    MILANO LEATHER SEATS (Cinnamon Brown)


    Can someone help me out here.. what should I be looking at lease wise here?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Your looking at mid-high 700's for an A5 lease like that with 3-5k down.

    S5's are 900's.
  • I was told $979 for a loaded A5 with no money down- 36 month lease
  • That's insane. I just picked up Q7 $54k MSRP 3.6 premium with convenience, adaptive, bose, sunroof, rear camera thing (I think that's convenience), with $0 down, they paid for fees and first month payment, they paid off remaining 2 months towards my previous Audi lease so I'm out, with Audi care, lease (with tax included) $772.
    Audi Chandler, AZ.

    Fully loaded A5 is $47k. The price difference is absolutely crazy.
  • packrfanpackrfan Posts: 50
    What are prices being quoted in Chicago area for A5s? I've seen several around but haven't driven nor gotten into pricing discussions yet. Should I expect (and resist) markup from MSRP? Any plans of leasing support? Hard to imagine anything decent with delivery from orders said to be Aug / Sep. Have yet to see any on the street yet but am in lust! ;)
  • prmvmrprmvmr Posts: 3
    Just ordered an A5 last week in Chicago for $900 under MSRP, that's all I could get them down. Delivery late May/early June. Counting the days....
  • packrfanpackrfan Posts: 50
    prmvmr - Congrat's! What dealership did you buy from? Can you advise on the specifics of the deal, e.g. options, final negotiated price + TTL = OTD price, buy or lease (if lease, what MF, length, miles, etc.). There are not a lot of data points available so this is great for the forum. Thnx for the info! Happy quattro-ing
  • chiradchirad Posts: 5
    Hi, I just ordered an A5 with S line package with all the bells and whistles in chicago. Paying MSRP.
    Anyone have info on lease rates, money factor etc.
  • shivanshivan Posts: 30
    Not sure about the details of residuals/ money factor but I know they are horrible compared to BMW rates. btw what delivery date did they give you? Did the dealership have an upcoming allocation or are you in a line for the car? thanks
  • prmvmrprmvmr Posts: 3
    packrfan - I'm a Bronco fan, so not sure you want my info! Dealer asked me to keep location to myself but I can tell you it was in the Western Suburbs. A5, Automatic, Premium Package, Meteor Gray. Paid $43,400 (MSRP $44,300), right around $46,500 after taxes, etc.
  • packrfanpackrfan Posts: 50
    thnx for info. since inventory at dealers is limited, assume you place an order? if so, when's delivery scheduled? at least your're not a bears fan
  • Hi folks,

    Can anyone tell me what work is needed to make a 2008 A5 compliant in Canda from the US?

    Thank you in advance.
  • prmvmrprmvmr Posts: 3
    Yep, placed the order at the end of February and expect delivery end of May. Good timing to get it out on the road when the weather is better.
  • It is NICE! I have to say it is a sweet ride. I really am not too into fast cars and all that stuff but boy this one gives me the chill. They only have 1 in their dealer. They said that not all dealers have this car either. They didn't really spend too much time telling us about the car cuz they know it's not available I guess. Pretty much just gave us the key and let us drove it out the lot.

    The sales also mentioned that these cars are selling about 90K Euro in Europe and so Audi really prefer selling it over there than over here cuz they get more money for the same car. I went to Audi Europe and UK website and they are indeed higher prices then the US. Also she said the Europeans mostly want the manual one so if you order the automatic one it will be faster.

    It is a nice car but I probably will just go with my second choice. I need to keep reminding myself it's just a way to get me between work and home...
  • is it that bad of a car that no ones buying?
    are peopel just not having the opportunity to buy one?
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