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Audi A5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Would enjoy hearing your evaluation of both deals. Is one better than the other. Florida resident.

    2012 Audi A5 Coupe Premium
    36 month lease / 0.00158 MF $617 p/month (tax lincluded)
    $3500 total due at signing
    Service/Maintenance included
    Sales price $45,405.00

    2012 BMW 328i Premium Convertible
    36 month lease / MF unknown $635 p/month (tax lincluded)
    Service/Maintenance not included
    $3500 total due at signing
    Sales price $51,775
  • gosox1gosox1 Posts: 17
    Hi, i had forgotten to write that it was a 2012. Purchased in MA.
  • Thanks gosox!
  • Hi. can you kindly tell me what the apr % rate is for top tier if I BUY an 2012 A5 from AFS.
    I have always leased car and thinking i might want to buy?
    On the other hand, so i can compare, can you tell me if I leased what the current money factor and residual is for an 2012 A5 (prem plus?) for 36 mo lease and 15K miles? I i need more miles like 20K do they offer that?
    I need to compare buying versus leasing with more miles.

    when negotiating a price, are deals going under invoice currently? If I have loyalty and turning in a lease now, do I apply that loyalty amount in the negotiation price?? or negotiate , then subtract after that?
    thank you so much, i know I'm asking a lot but thank you!!!!
  • gavrikgavrik Posts: 27

    this may not a proper venue for my question but here it is:

    My Audi A5 came with BFGoodrich G-Force summer tire which makes my car sound like a freight train. I am looking to immediately replace it with all-season high-performance tire to avoid buying winter tires for mid-West driving. I am currently considering Bridgestone RE970AS tires. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks.
  • The dealer has an ask of $36k on a certified 2009 A5 Prestige with 33k miles. The car is coming back from a 36 month lease. I've been looking around online and most asks are around this price point and seem to be selling fairly quickly. The dealer is already playing up how special the car is and won't last as expected.

    I'm hoping someone more experienced than me will be able to give me an idea of what my target price should be to purchase the car for?

    I'm looking to do a trade in as well (05 Mustang with 30k miles) but that's a diff story.

    Thanks guys!
  • Hi.

    It's been a while since I've used Edmunds' Prices Paid forum. When I purchased my Acura TL-S 11 years ago, it played an instrumental part in me getting a good price so I'm hoping to get some insight once again. There are very few recent posts, but I'm hoping that my query will spark some answers.

    I'm interested in purchasing an A5 with the following:

    WL3 WHEEL LOCKS - A3, A4, A5, A6,A7,TT

    I tried using, but after reading several reviews of the website, I don't feel confident. I'm hoping to get insight from the edmunds community regarding how much I should expect to pay. Thanks in advance!

  • sgibb16sgibb16 Posts: 1
    Okay so what do you think is a fair price for this car its a 2012 that the "Owner" of the dealership has been driving and it now has 2800 miles on it. The salesman offered me 42631 before he revealed the actual miles on the car.

    MSRP: 44275
    TMV: 42376
    Invoice: 41239
  • harcwharcw Posts: 3
    2013 A5 Coupe
    Premium Package
    $47,100 MSRP
    Zero money down (no inceptions)
    42 months
    10K miles
    $672 including tax
  • redlinepbredlinepb Posts: 12
    edited August 2012
    I am looking to get a 2013 A5 Coupe with Premium package with the following options:

    Phantom Black paint

    The best deal I have so far is (Car MSRP is around $41K) The are cutting me a deal on price, which they said they usually don't do on special ordered cars
    42 months/10K miles
    $1K down plus exceptions
    $559month (Tax included)

    I have to order the car because no one in Florida has it, so by the time it gets here in December they said they can probably adjust the lease terms to 39 months. What do you guys think of this deal?
  • ttrr93ttrr93 Posts: 1
    Prestige pkg
    Sport pkg
    19" wheels summer tires
    Exhaust tips
    All weather mats

    52,160 msrp
    1st payment, tax, title, license down
    60mo/15k miles yr

    Having to order the car. Thoughts on the deal?

    My real question is - is it normal for leasing companies like D&M or Autoflex etc to add profit to the cap cost?? The rep was upfront and stated the profit that is added to cap cost. My first lease so wanted to know if this was normal practice for these leasing companies.

  • Went back on Labor day and was able to get a better deal

    39 months/12K miles
    $1K down plus exceptions
    $557month (Tax included)

    My car gets delivered in December, and I may be able to get an even better deal, because that's when they will be having the season of Audi. I will post an update when my car arrives.
  • redlinepbredlinepb Posts: 12
    edited April 2013
    FINAL DEAL - leased on December 30th, 2012

    36 months/12K miles
    $1K down plus exceptions
    $527.87 month (Tax included)
  • crakecrake Posts: 1

    I am looking at a used 2011 Audi A5 that has 17k miles. The vehicle was stolen, wrecked (minimal cosmetic damage to front bumper/hood) and the airbag deployed. Repairs have been done and it looks outstanding (have pics if requested). The guy says he can't go lower than $30k, but I'm wondering if this price is too high? Am I being optimistic here, or does a deployed airbag in this situation call for a dramatic price drop? I don't have the exact details on how much the repairs cost, but can gather that information if it will help. I just want to make sure I'm paying the right price. Any insight/advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.
  • iamgortiamgort Posts: 21

    Has anybody gotten a lease on a new a5 as of late?

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