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Audi S5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • shivanshivan Posts: 30
    Sounds like they may have sold the car to someone else, maybe for a higher profit margin.
  • Just put my hands on the 2009 S5. The dealer I was at had just unloaded it off the truck on Wednesday. I would have purchased it but I did not like the red interior.
    Decisions, descisions.
  • MikeSternMikeStern Posts: 2
    This is kind of ridiculous. I am currently waiting for my dealer to get 2009 lease and loan rates from Audi Financial Services. They said nobody knows for sure but it could be as late as August 15th before the 2009 rates are published. Until they get the new rates, they can't provide financing for it. I'm just waiting patiently... Anybody else having a similar issue or maybe has more info about this?

    2009 S5 4.2 COUPE 2-DR 6-SPD QUATTRO
    MSRP $62,390

  • Mine just came in today...wish I knew how to attach the picture. I am picking up on Wednesday. I didn't talk price with the dealer (like it would matter for this car!!) He is supposed to call back this afternoon. I am just waiting to see what they will give me in trade for my 2004 S4...last I heard $19500...they better bring it up a's in great shape with only 41,000 miles on it.
  • Got mine last night. They do have the lease rates out here in Milwaukee. Opted out of the lease and bought instead...heck, I might never get rid of it! The car was well worth the seven month wait...holy cow...what a machine. Driving away from the dealer we had people turning, pointing and staring (they were in an A4). Good luck with yours!
  • shivanshivan Posts: 30
    I too am waiting for the 2009 lease program to be released by Audi...its frustrating that an auto manufacturer has cars available but no lease program listed.
  • yyykenyyyken Posts: 14
    The good times of great leases are gone for a while (yrs) . . . you often might as well just take out a long lone from a credit union to mimic the lease. (So you balance after 3 yrs is about what the car is worth). 72 months or some even have 84 month loans which match up well with cars like Audi that hold thier value reasonable well . . .
  • I live in LA, placed my order for s5 in April...anyone has any idea aprox when i can get it? dealers told me i should be expecting it this or next month....but i really doubt it...anyone know? ... .thx....
  • I ordered mine in January and got it on July 30th. It is fantastic!!!! From what I have been told, it is all based on the number of allocations your region and dealer gets, so your dealer should know. I found out at the end of June that it was in production and they had a delivery date of August 11th so I got lucky.
  • This board is QUIET !!!

    Either there are no deals at all or no one is buying ???
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The A5 and S5 are still selling quite well. There might be a few A5's in stock @ dealers, but S5's are still tough to find and you have to order them a majority of the time.

    There are no deals on the cars, either special financing or lease rates. People buy because they want them.
  • In that case, the S5 must be the only model that IS selling in the US because GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Infinity, BMW, Mercedes, Aston martin, Bentley, etc etc are all DOWN !

    There are at least 20 S5's for sale on the net. Perhaps they're not selling as well as you think. And ''offers'' are now being accepted on the A5 (as was the case when i contacted a dealer last week).
  • I have waited for 5 months for delivery and was told by the dealer that they would buy the S5 back used at a higher price than I paid.
  • Until the arrival of the S5 I ordered in August. I suppose to keep my spirits high, Audi sent me a gift. It could be the sole of a racing shoe for the right foot, or maybe an odor-eater... :confuse:
  • I dont know about the rest of the country but in the DC area, there are many A5s on the lot and quite a few S5s.

    With teh market at this time of the year. I was wondering what type of deals I could get. What type of "offers" are they willing to take?
  • Hello to you all. I am currently 22 years old looking to make my purchase of a new car within the year. I have had my sights set on an Audi S5 for quite some time now, and have done extensive research, and have sifted through many reviews(yes even the negative ones =P). I want to upgrade all the options(excluding the carbon inlays), and it comes to be around $62,000. My question to you Audi S5 owners, as far as bringing the price down, how much wiggle room did you have with the dealership(I understand it will vary from dealer to dealer as I will visit many before I arrive to make my decision)? I intend on taking a 60 month loan, probably around a 5.0% interest rate. My down payment will be approximately $10,000. Also, if you don't mind sharing, what were your monthly payments? I have done some payment calculators, but I was just wanting to hear from a real person. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, thanks. =)
  • I hate to be a killjoy here. I know you probably think the S5 is the best thing since sliced bread and all that, but at 22 it's a ridiculous purchase.
    Just from your figures alone, you'll be paying over $1000 a month and around $8500 in interest over 5 years. I'm not even considering the rest of the running costs here which won't be insignificant, ie insurance for a 22year old on an S5....

    The S5 is a large GT cruiser car anyhow, more suited for older gents. Why don't you check out the any number of great cars at half that price and save yourself a fortune? You'll regret being stuck with such a financial burden after a while. At 22 you should be traveling, going out, saving something for a house/condo etc. Don't waste everything on a car. Just so you know, after even just a month or two, your $10k cash down-payment will have vanished. Just contemplate that for a minute or two. At the very least, you should be looking at used cars. IF you have to have a V8 Audi, get a two year old S4 and save yourself half the money.

    You'll be doing well to get 5% discount on S5s still at the moment, still fairly hard to come by.
  • I understand the financial accountability, and I am capable of making such payments. I fail to understand though, is why age would matter in this situation. I've been told regularly that I cannot do something..this is what I wish to do, I was simply seeking some admonition so I would know what to expect at the dealership, as it would be my very first new car purchase. I have spoken with my insurance agent and an Audi S5 would run me $270 monthly. Based on the auto calculators, a $1,000 car note seems right if I were to pay full retail, as it seems that that might be the case here. Yes I have thought long and hard about the $10k down payment and the 5 year loan, and it's what would be best for me. I have wanted this car for quite some time now and I assure you I will get it. To be quite honest I am not a huge fan for the S4 =/. Any more input would be appreciated =)
  • S5's are still pretty rare. I would say you'd be doing well to get a couple of grand off at the moment. If you start ordering with particular options, you may get no discount at all. There's little in the way of finance deals on A5/S5's either.
    $270 a month for insurance is insane as well. You're going to end up paying $1300+ for car and insurance alone. Try You can plug in whatever interest rate you can get and it will show you the payments over time along with the interest.
    If you can afford those sorts of monthly payments, then you should still buy a cheaper car for a few years. Put the rest of the high payments away for a couple of years (it's called saving), then you'll be in a significantly better position to buy an expensive car. Just look at how much interest you'll be paying. It's your money though. Good luck.
  • S5 is a very good looking car. But i will not spend almost 70k OTD for that car.
    There are a lot of choice at that price point. I would consider a BMW 335i or maybe wait for the new MB E Class coupe.
    As amdscot said, $1300 / month car payment and insurance is a lot of money.
    I would rather invest it on something else.
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