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Audi S5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I ordered a 2010 S5 Premium Plus w/automatic tran $53,600
    Metallic paint $475
    B/O stereo $850

    MSRP $54,925
    Tax (NY) $2,968

    48/months, lease payment $790/month (tax included)

    Im Just paying first month,audi care maint,and bank fee up front.

    The car is due for delivery in a couple weeks and I havent signed the lease yet, im curious what eveyone else is paying for the premium plus package seems most people are getting this car with the prestige package for like $1k/month.
  • 12k miles a year also.
  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 10
    Just ordered 2011 S5 Premium Plus w/Tiptronic
    Sports Rear Differential
    Metallic paint

    MSRP- 56000
    Negotiated- 53427 (+750 over invoice)
    MF- .00216
    Acq- 625
    Doc- 150
    Sec deposit- 800
    WA- 9.5% tax

    $779.05/month including tax
  • What was the delivery time they quoted you? What state are you in - WA?


    p.s. Does anyone know when the 2011 model starts production?
  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 10
    No quoted delivery date, estimated 120 days, so somewhere in August, I'm hoping earlier than later. I'm in Washington state. Also, MF and residuals are not out so I'm thinking it's better to order the car and wait on the Audi Financial process to potentially capitalize on any specials (however unlikely for the S5). Any thoughts?
  • benchmark1benchmark1 Posts: 2
    Thanks. My timing is the end of the year delivery so I have a while.

    Just wondering when 2011 models start production.

  • zorro71zorro71 Posts: 3

    Just an FYI. Purchased my S5 this past Friday. Amazing car. :)

    Here are the details:
    Trim Package: Prestige
    Exterior: Phantom Black
    Interior: Black with Carbon Atlas inlays

    Driver Assist Package
    Sports Rear Differential Package
    19" 5 Tri-Spoke Wheel Package
    Carbon Atlas Inlays

    MSRP: $63,500
    Paid: $61,000
    Dealer threw in paint protection("MSRP" $600). Might have been able to haggle a lower price, BUT was last remaining Phantom Black S5 in Southern Cal area.

  • zipforiazipforia Posts: 6
    What's your lease deal break down? If you don't mind me asking..

  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 10
    Hi Car Man,

    Do you have the lease rates for 2011 Audi S5 Premium Plus for 10k/36mo and 10k/48mo? Thanks.
  • Do you mind giving me the contact info of the dealership/sales guy with who you worked out your deal ($750 over invoice) ?
    In CO the dealers are really tight and are sticking to MSRP
    Thank you in advance!
  • djzhudjzhu Posts: 10
    I worked w/Jeff at University Audi to secure the original deal. In the end, the offer was matched by Barrier Audi. We had a bad experience with the sales manager at University Audi (and eventually filed a report). Barrier was more than happy to steal business from University and also provides free car washes for life. Good luck!
  • aiduaneaiduane Posts: 14
    edited July 2010
    Hi Car Man,

    Do you have the lease rates for July? Looking to lease either a 2010 or 2011 S5, Premium Plus, for 15k/year what are the MF and Res for 36, 39 month lease? Are there any incentives this month? Looking to make a deal happen in the next 2 weeks...
  • 6020160201 Posts: 6
    Picked up a 2011 phantom black S5 at Fletcher Jones in Chicago today. paid sticker, but I think that is a good deal right now considering there are still lots of 2010 still on many dealer lots. FJ was pretty straight forward to deal with.

    Auto Prestige carbon inlays, side assist, rear shade, $63K
  • MikeSternMikeStern Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 S5 and I'm curious what it's really worth in the real world. It's in perfect condition, no cosmetic issues, only 6k miles. It's silver exterior with black interior and a 6 speed manual transmission. It's also loaded with almost every, if not every, option, including active handling, change lane detectors, audi care, keyless entry. What do you think?...thanks.
  • mabcmabc Posts: 3
    Does anyone have the current Audi residual and money factor for lease of a S5 premium plus, 36 mo, 10k/yr, MSRP $55,175, Invoice $51,374, top tier credit, southern California? Any Audi deals in the coming weeks? Thanks.
  • 2011 Audi S5 quattro Premium Plus
    36-month | 15k miles | residual 57% | .00176 base money factor

    its from
  • Car Man - Can you please provide me with the lease rates for a S5 cabrio premium plus - looking for 36 months at 12k/year. If you have the October numbers that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  • I'm in negotiations with a local dealer in Michigan for an S5 order.

    Prestige Package, Comfort Package, Sport Rear Diff, Carbon Inlay, 19" 5 Tri-Spoke Wheels

    Currently, these are the figures I'm looking at which is MSRP less 3%. On this vehicle, the internet sales consultant told me Audi's margin is 6%.

    $ 67125 X 97% = $65111.25 + 6% tax + $190 doc fee + $47 title and license if transferring a plate which I'll be doing when the time comes.

    The orders are running out until February which means if I order today, delivery won't be until February which is fine since I have an SUV to get me through a majority of the winter.

    The dealer requires no money down since the car would be optioned out in a manner that would allow them to sell it easily if I change my mind.

    How does this deal sound so far? Based on this thread, it doesn't sound too bad since TMV seems to be running right around MSRP across the nation.

    No hidden fees or other options they're trying to throw at me (yet) so I'm pretty comfortable so far.

    And I haven't hit them up with the trade aspect of the deal. I'm holding off until I make my final decision.

  • kocsi1kocsi1 Posts: 11
    Congrats on your lease. Any tips on how you got the it down to $750/invoice? I'm currently stuck at 1000. Thanks!
  • kocsi1kocsi1 Posts: 11
    How were you able to get it down below *invoice*??? I get the "we can't sell it below invoice as we won't make any money. It's impossible!" Audi has no holdback, so I'm really impressed with your score! Do share! thanks! :)
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