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Nissan Altima CVT



  • I agree DO NOT...DO NOT purchase any Nissan with CVT Transmission, first one replaced at 75,000 miles on my Altima 2008, I need replacement again and when the price surpassed $4000.00 I towed my car from AV Nissan in Palmdale CA. (that looks bad for a dealer). My technician called the dealer for a generic question regarding my vehicle, and the answer was: "you" are going to fix it, "you" figure it out. The week before we were looking for a Nissan Rogue at the same dealer, well guess what....GOOD BYE NISSAN, bad quality transmission and horrible Customer Service
  • Nissan issued a recall for Altima of 04-13 cars but my car is not in the list. My 2006 Altima showed the acceleration stop in highway in 2010. The dealer didn't fix it at that time but simply put off the engine light. In 2013, the car has this problem very frequently. It occured in 2 months, then 2 weeks, then 2 hours. The dealer just kept charging me. They even asked me to change EC panel for 2 grands.
    I called Nissan that this is their problem but Nissan says Arizona state is not in the recall list.
    Can anyone let me know how to report them to BBB? Is there any other place for complaint?
  • Sorry to hear about your troubles with the Altima!

    You can find your local BBB here:

    Also, you can submit a dealer and a vehicle review on Edmunds.

    To find the dealership, start here:

    Start here to submit a vehicle review:

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Also, make sure to report your problem to the NHTSA at That's the agency that has the authority to conduct investigations into vehicle problems, and they're the only organization that can do that and ask the manufacturer to issue a recall, if they think it's warranted.

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  • Hi Juanca08,
    I have the same problem w Nissan. Mine is 2006 Nissan Altima. I have sent the car for repair for 4 times on the same acceleration issue. Nissan also issued a recall on the acceleration probelm around the end of September this year but my car is not in the list. I called Nissan and Nissan says AZ state is not the list. The dealer keeps pushing duty off. They could not fix the acceleration problem but kept charging me and persuading me to pay more and more to change other parts. Finally, they even asked me to change the engineering control unit which costs about $2k.
    I asked them to fix the problem for free but they just simply left my car in their parking lot for 2 months without doing anything. I wonder how you force them to buy your car back? I don't know what to do. Now I am filing report to NHTSA now. Next I am going to report them to BBB.
    My car has suddenly lost acceleration in high way for 4 times from 2010 to 2013. It was scary and fortunately I didn't get hurt. But it ruined my 3 long weekends: 2 labor day weekends and one independent day weekend. I usually drove the car in local and only go out on highway during these weekends. That is how I found the problem.
    My lesson is the same: I will never buy Nissan again. In addition, Nissan dealer is the worst ever.
  • Sorry you are going thru this, is not fun.
    My car was under manufacturers warranty and I did file a Lemon Law claim to the State of Texas, they assigned an attorney (paid by the state of Texas) to help me with the claim. After about 6 months of talking with Nissan directly, the attorney pushing Nissan to resolve the issue, and before the claim got to court, Nissan decided to purchase the car back. In your situation, the car is no longer under manufacturers warranty (unless it falls under the extended warranty Nissan offered for the transmission only). I am not sure what type of laws you have in AZ regarding customer protection when you buy a car. Definitely, the lack of acceleration is a safety issue and it has to be addressed. My recomendation is for you to check if your transmission is still under Nissan's extended warranty and review the laws in your state. If you don't want to be involved in this long process, you can trade your car in for another one. I believe Nissan upgraded their CVT transmissions for their new vehicles but I did not want to take any chances buying another Nissan. In my case, Nissan responded as I expected and the dealer (the middle man) was great handling the situation.
    I hope this helps.
  • mattw6mattw6 Posts: 2
    nissan has only upgraded the pathfinder's cvt with a trans fluid cooler.

    heres the issue...

    cvt's have no flluid cooler.
    once the trans protection/auto power down mode occurs, the algorithm is saved in the computer, and will continue.

    there is no fluid cooler system issued. nissan cannot/will not remove that algorithm.

  • mattw6mattw6 Posts: 2
    wrong. my manual did not oreface it. in fact, the oaragraph i mentiin was hidden within the descriptors of INTERIOR FEATURES. additionally, my vehicle was at -/+ 45000 mi. good try.
  • Hi Juanca08 and Forum managers,
    Thanks. I bought the car from Nissan dealer. It is definitely out of warranty.
    I tried to file a report to NHSTA but got confused with the following selections. Currently there are 4 recalls on 2006 Nissan Altima. None of them is related to the lack of acceleration. I need to select the affected parts from the following category. I just listed the relative ones and please help me to select one: 1) Elec Stability Control; 2) Electrical; 3) Engine; 4) fuel/Propulsion system; 5) Power Train; 6) speed control; 7) Unknown or Other.

    Now the dealer just use computer to re-write the programs and the engine light is off. But this is what they did before and it has been having problems for 4 times. Dealer called me around 4pm today and asked me to take the car back. I don't know if I should take it back or not. I know it is not solved. It will happen again. I don't want to sell it to private party because I don't want other consumers to suffer what I have been through. I want to sell the car back to dealer.

    Please give me some suggestion here.
  • I encourage everyone who has the same acceleration problem and not in the recall list to report the problem to NHTSA. Please google and find the website.

    Two other places to go: report the dealer or Nissan to BBB and file consumer complaint to your State's Attorney General.

    I don't know if my problem can be solved. I simply request Nissan to fix it for free or buy the car back even at KBB's trade in value. Whether my wish becomes true or not, I would never buy a Nissan and would influence the people around to resist Nissan due to the poor reliability and horrible service. The company's response and the dealer's response are not satisfactory. The recall is like a business show. They don't care of consumer's interest.
  • You can find the NHTSA website here:

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  • I just bought a 2011 Nissan Altima with 39k miles. The first few days it was fine. Suddenly I have noticed a sound similar to the sound an engine would make when running at high RPM's like when a transmission is in a lower gear. However when driving the RPMS are a normal range (2k highway). When the car is driving slowly I put it in neutral to see if the sound went away (indicating possibly not a transmission problem) and the sound remained. Has anyone had similar symptoms and if so what have the results been?...thanks.
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