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Nissan Altima CVT



  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    I have a 2010 Altima Coupe that I have put 11,000 miles on it in under 3 months. I traded in a 2007 Rogue with 64,000 miles in less than 3 years. Both have the CVT transmission. I work out of my vehicle and drive it every day. I have never had a one problem from either vehicle. :)
  • heygheyg Posts: 3
    how did you get in touch with Nissan Corporate?
  • I have a 2010 Nissan Versa and the CVT makes a whistling noise on deceleration.
    The dealership tells me that this is normal for the CVT transmission.

    Upon taking off in the morning, shortly after the automatic doors lock, a clunk clunk sound with vibration is heard and felt. The dealer representatives do not seem to hear or feel this problem. They tell me the car is fine.

    I pointed out that mileage is the pits, - 43L/400 km. They had a mumbo jumbo answer for this as well.

    I also pointed out that the tail pipe on the muffler has a very serious rust spot. The dealer representative pointed out to me that this was normal, and proceeded to show me the tail pipe of a car on the showroom floor which also had rust.

    he said that they receive them this way!!!! :lemon:

    I guess they are making these cars with tin cans from Mexico.
  • Could you please let me know who you called at Nissan Corporate.

    I purchased a brand new Nissan Versa 1.8L SL with CVT transmission.
    I purchased the car in July 2010 and all was well until mid September when the weather cooled down a bit.
    1. By mid September at 3289 km it started to make a whistling noise on deceleration. The noise is quite irritiating after a while when driving in the city. The noise was pronounced enough that on a few occasions pedestrians have turned their heads and looked over at me.

    2. The other noise it started to make was a clunk clunk noise with vibration immediately after the automatic doors lockafter ltake off. This can be quite pronounced, and you wonder whether you are going to loose your transmission or your engine.

    The Nissan dealership where I purchased the car says that the whistling noise is normal for the CVT, and that they do not hear the clunk clunk sound I am complaininmg about.

    3. I have also noted the smell of antifreeze from time to time in the passenger compartment. I am now monitoring the antifreeze coolant level.

    4. I have complained about gas mileage. The CVT is supposed to give better gas mileage; however I am only getting 43L/400 km.

    5. I recently noticed a major rust spot at the seam of the muffler tailpipe.
    The service manager told me that this was normal, and he proceeded to show me a Versa on the showroom floor with rust on the same location. He says that is how they arrive? I guess they accept rusted product from Mexico????

    They seem to have no shame here, and I am wondering what Nissan in Nippon is doing. What happened to quality product?

    Please respond if you have any advice on how to handle this.

  • I haven't called Nissan Corporate yet. I am going to try the dealership first, to see what can be done about the Altima. I can't remember if I already posted it, but each time I've gotten a "new" CVT installed, they are actually rebuilts. I am wondering why this is. Since the last rebuilt they installed lasted only 5,000 k, my experience is that the rebuilts are even worse than the original CVTs. With the service record on this puppy, noone in their right mind would ever buy it used. I'm really feeling like I own a piece of junk/boat anchor, and this is supposed to be a "new car" experience.
  • Ok, back from dealership - they agreed to a decent amount for trade-in on a new Altima. Had no problems negotiating this - a nice experience. New story on replacement CVTs is that they are supposed to be new, not rebuilt. (The service dep't at my dealership was good in dealing with both CVT replacements - no arguments about the noises & performance).
  • I purchased a 2010 Altima 3.5 Coupe and has 10,000 miles. About a month ago I noticed when backing up and taking off the car does not go and sounds like it is winding trying to find the gears. Took it to the dealership and two people drove it and noticed what was happening. when diagnosed by mechanic he said nothing wrong and was the CVT transmission. Took the car home PISSED OFF and that weekend my boyfriend and I drove it to SF all day no problem. We went to store and it started doing and he said there is something wrong with my transmission. So after searching online found that they do have issues which the mechanic said they do not....
    If you have any updates on the matter or if you are still doing class action.
  • Yes I just wrote a blog about my 2010 Altima Coupe and am so irritated 3rd time back to dealership to tell me nothing is wrong. My car is a piece of crap I have 3 Infinitis and loved them no problems. My car does exactly what yours is doing and I am taking my computer to the dealership and show him these postings as he says they never have problems with CVT .
  • I have the same problem with the clunking sounds after putting the car in drive and then accelerating. At first I thought it was the auto door locks, but its definitely a clunk I feel the clunk ever so slightly in the acceleration.

    My car is a 2010 with the 3.5L, just purchased new two weeks ago, car had 543 miles when purchased, and I noticed the clunk the very next day. I read the manual to see if there was anything special that I had to with the car, and it does recommend letting the car warm up, which I do, as this was a requirement with my last car to warm up the turbo, so by default I've followed the required warm up and cool down periods as outlined in the manual.

    I've just completed the break in period, and the clunk has gotten progressively louder. I'm going to wait until my first oil change to bring it up with the dealer.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    We don't allow organizing class action suits within the Forums.

    Also, it will be of MUCH more benefit to you to try to work this out with Nissan (perhaps via your dealership) directly than to go through a class action suit - both financially and in terms of speediness. Those suits generally take years and would possibly be resolved after you no longer own the vehicle. Additionally, resolution to the individual in these cases is almost always less desirable than what you'd get on your own - for example, in a class action, you may be awarded a small lump sum, a certificate for $X off service or the purchase of a new Nissan, or a replacement transmission (which wouldn't do you any good several years from now).

    Your best bet is to document the problems that you are experiencing, and print out identical complaints from other owners as you find them. IMO, your worst path is to give up fighting this personally and just hope a class action lawyer takes over.

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  • I've been a little worried about the reliablity of the CVT after reading a lot of the negative reviews here and else where, and i'm not just talking about Nissan, Audi has had some real issues, well according to the forum's I've read, but after looking at the total sales data for the last 3 years, I'm not as concerned, but the questions is, "do I feel lucky"

    188K year to date through Oct 2010
    203k for 2009
    269k for 2008

    660K altimas sold, I would assume that at least 85% or more where CVT's ( i'm still searching for the numbers) and lets just asume that 200k ( I would assume is much more that that) were sold in 2007, which was the first year for the CVT, that's 860k atlimas sold, or roughly 731k with CVT, that's a lot of cars. I think it's safe to say some folks are having good luck with the CVT otherwise I think we'd see more than 135 posts here. So for thoses having good luck with the CVT whats the secret, should we suck it up and follow the preimum maintenance schedule? Is city stop and go traffic going cause more wear and tear to the CVT than a standard transmission?

    Frankly, I like the fact that I can drive my car, with good acceleration and never exceed 3000 rpms, I love the smooth acceleration and the way the car handles, but i'm still concerned with the ultimate Total cost of ownership. Only time will tell.
  • The Altima has the CVT since 2007. Some Nissan models got the CVT even before that. Currently, only the Z doesn't have the CVT. Many complains here b/c they cannot get used to with the CVT's behaviors. Here is my reply from another thread.

    1. I have a whistling or whining noise which is particularly pronounced upon deceleration coming to a stop.

    That's called the engine breaking. You will feel more when you go down the hill.

    2. Shortly after take off from the curb, the automatic door locks clink on, and shortly therafter, I have a " clunck clunck clunck clunck with vibration"noise coming from the underside of the car toward the back. All of my passengers in the car have experience these noises with me.

    That's the ABS activation. I'm not too happy with the noise as well but that's how it's. You only hear that first thing in the morning after the car has been stopped for a couple hours.
  • "2. Shortly after take off from the curb, the automatic door locks clink on, and shortly therafter, I have a " clunck clunck clunck clunck with vibration"noise coming from the underside of the car toward the back. All of my passengers in the car have experience these noises with me.

    That's the ABS activation. I'm not too happy with the noise as well but that's how it's. You only hear that first thing in the morning after the car has been stopped for a couple hours. "

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Do not get me wrong, I'm loving the V6.
  • goodeal2, thanks again for the information on the ABS, seems I missed that in the manual. In the section under Anti Lock Breaking System (ABS), there's a heading for Self Test Feature, and it talks about how the system performs a self test at each start and that "you may hear a clunk noise and/or feel a pulsation in the brake pedal."

  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Keep in mind, that pre 2008, Nissan's had the 1st Gen CVT in them which had a lot of problems and kinks in it, the Murano from 2003-2007 in particular had many problems with it. It was not to be totally unexpected since it was Nissan's and the first mass market car manufacturer to put a new CVT technology in to mass market production and there is always bound to be kinks and problems with new technology in cars.

    Since 2009+, the 2nd Gen CVT has been implemented and the amount of problems with the 2G CVT are tremendously less than the 1st Gen since the efficiency and kinks were worked out on the newer generation, just like when the 3G CVT comes out it will be even more efficient and better than the 2G.

    So far I have almost 15k on my 2010 Maxima and the CVT has been flawless leading to great mpg for the powerhouse under the hood (26-27mpg avgs).

    I'm not saying the CVT is perfect and there aren't people who are having trouble, but that is what the 10yr/120k warranty protection if for b/c Nissan is sticking to the CVT for the long haul.
  • Hello Gooddeal2,

    Thanks to the reply regarding my noises with the CVT and the "clunk clunk clunck clunk noise with vibration" on my new Versa 1.8 L SL with CVT.

    1. You say we should get used to these noises, but these are the kind of noises an old car makes or a car that is getting ready to break down.

    As a matter of fact my 1994 Infiniti J30 (3.0 L V6) and my 1987 Plymouth Reliant LE (2.5 L 4cyl) have never made these noises, nor did they give the vibration I am experiencing with this new Versa 1.8 L SL.

    2. Last week we spoke to our contact at Enterprise Car Rental. They had a lot of Versas with CVT transmissions in their fleet, and they had a lot of problems with their CVT transmissions.

    3. I spoke with my mechanic re: the story about the ABS settling in making that "clunk clunk clunk noise with vibration". He said "it just doesn't fit". We'll all had cars with ABS brakes, and no vibration and clunking noises were heard.

    4. Any whining noise coming from an assembly of metal parts is definitely cause for concern, ....check any tribology manual.

    5. Also check with any mechanical engineering department, and you will be told that vibration leads to metal fatigue, metal wear & eventual breakdown of the component.

    6. We do not even know what kind of mettalic alloys have been used in the Versa CVT components, but remember that the weights involved with the centrifugal action may be causing the clunking noises. I think that makes more sense than having the clunking noise coming from the ABS breaks.

    7. If the clunking noise is coming from the weights of the CVT setting up, then the vibration experienced during clunking will cause wear on the metal components of the CVT.

    God knows what can be happening to the polymer belt in the CVT transmission.

    I know polymers, and they break down with time.

    Does anyone have the phone number to the Nissan Engineering Department in Japan. We need to speak to them to find out what is wrong with their lemons. :lemon:

    Why should we, the consumers be trying to solve their LEMON :lemon: problems ourselves?

  • I don't have much knowledge about car system. I just go by the manual and the tone of the service adviser. I have several Infinitis as well and it doesn't have that noise. However, I just think that Nissan might use a very cheap ABS system in the Altima and Versa since they cost less than half of the G.

    If your car is the only car that has that noise, you should be worry but if all Altimas and Versas have that noise, I don't think you need to be worry much. It's either the noise is normal or they will have a recall in the future to fix the issue. I just don't think Nissan can ignore that mass number of defects if it's real.
  • Hi Gooddeal2,

    Thanks for your reply again. It is much appreciated.

    My Versa is brand new, it has 4000 km on it. When I first got the car in July 2010, it had no whining noise on deceleration, and certainly no "clunk clunk clunk noise with vibration"". These noises began around 3289 km.

    As we have all had cars with ABS braking systems,- what kind or quality of ABS Nissan has placed on the Versa.

    We could have purchased a Honda Civic with the same money, and I believe we would not have run into these problems.

    CVT transmissions are found in snowmobiles which I believe have 2-cycle engines.

    I do not think the CVT is an appropriate transmission for a car. Check out the Altima Forum on this site, they are reporting lots of problems with their CVTs and some engine failures.

    I am hoping my noises on the Versa will go away. In the interim, I am not enjoying my experience with Nissan, and in all good conscience I cannot recommend a Nissan to anyone.

  • 2010 Altima coupe 2.5 with 13400 miles on it in 3.5 months... No problems....
  • I am experiencing problems with my 2010 Nissan Altima. The car fails to accelerate after long periods of high speed driving and occasionally on inclines. The first incident occurred about 3 months after the purchase, where the car was sluggish in climbing onto my driveway. The second event occurred after driving for 1hr on the highway and exiting on the ramp with a larger incline. The dealer described the events as “special” CTV performance. The third and fourth events occurred while out of town on a business trip. The local dealer reset a “unrelated “malfunction code and advise that I return to my purchasing dealership. In route, the sluggishness returned just blocks for the dealership. My dealer kept my car for 4 days and was unable to recreate the problem. They indicated that Nissan has had no other problem of this nature reported. I am ready to trade this car in. Has anyone else had this problem?
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