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Nissan Altima CVT



  • Yes- this is the same problem that i am having. Thank you for letting me know that i am not alone onthis one. iI am experiencing problems with my 2010 Nissan Altima. The car fails to accelerate after long periods of high speed driving and occasionally on inclines. The first incident occurred about 3 months after the purchase, where the car was sluggish in climbing onto my driveway. The second event occurred after driving for 1hr on the highway and exiting on the ramp with a larger incline. The dealer described the events as “special” CTV performance. The third and fourth events occurred while out of town on a business trip. The local dealer reset a “unrelated “malfunction code and advise that I return to my purchasing dealership. In route, the sluggishness returned just blocks for the dealership. My dealer kept my car for 4 days and was unable to recreate the problem. They indicated that Nissan has had no other problem of this nature reported. I am ready to trade this car in.
  • dllaserdllaser Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    Same problem on new (less than 200 miles) 2010 Altima. Dealer replaced valve body in CVT. Took 10 days to get the part. Obviously this is a problem in some of the 2010's. Each Dealership is dealing with each customer on an individual basis and that response seems to vary widely. How do I now "test" the CVT without risking getting stranded 2 hours from home?? Suggestions?
  • I just got off the phone with Nissan. You should call them to have a file openned .They then work with your dealership to try to have the issue resolved. they may even send an nissan tech to your dealership to see you car 1-800-647-7261
  • Thank you funny Nissan called me yesterday and asked if I was happy expressed my concern. She was the woman that sold me the car and recommend I trade in for a new car REALLY!!! I have had it one year and I am sure would lose $$. I am going to go down and see what they say when I bring copies of all these postings. Will let you know the out come....
  • Hi Smarty666 I am have in gthe same problem with my car. how was you issue reolved. did you call nissan to open a file. fyi their number is 1 800 647-7261. also did you dealer ever call the tech line? it matter if they just ask for information or open a ticket on the tech line. I have learned that this is how Nissan build the data base for researching issues with vehicle.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Sorry, I have had not troubles with the CVT in my Maxima at all so I can not help you in that regard or have ever filed for lemon law. Best advice I can give you is to type in Google the name of your state and lemon and law and it should give you a link to that website and you can read about how you go about filing a complaint in your state.

    Best of Luck1
  • I went on a extended long road trip with driving at speeds around 75mph. Freeway driving with hills. Reached rpm's of around 3000, sometimes hit 4000rpm. When I got back from my trip, there was white smoke coming out of the front end. It was just for a short moment and then stopped. I opened the the front hood and everything seemed fine.

    When I was driving back, it was raining and I was driving around 75mph and was a windy too.

    Is this normal? Could there be a problem? Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Almost has 10K miles on it.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    A reporter is hoping to interview people who sent NHTSA a complaint about their car during 2010. Please respond by Thursday, December 23, 2010 to with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience.
    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications

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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824,0,7649400.story

    Thought this might be of interest, since some of the material for the story was based on complaints found in these forums.

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  • Thanks Kirstie - confirms that the CVT, while not a new product, is just not stable. I have a friend with a 2008 (2.5) Altima and he is entirely happy, never had a problem at all. On the other hand, I went through two trannies on the same model & year and traded it back before anything else went wrong. The factory CVT was not functionally the problem; it just made weird whining noises. The rebuilt CVT that was put in was, however, terrible. Squealed up a storm, and was hitching, jerking, and almost un-roadworthy. Traded for a '10 after the third tranny went in. Dealer was great about it. So far, 2010 has been ok, only 2300 K on it. Really love the Altima, great car for many years, just don't feel secure about the CVT. Hopefully the "next gen" CVT in the '10 will be better.
  • Hello. I'm interested in the 2010 Nissan Altima but it looks like many people have had problems with the CVT transmission. If you have had problems has Nissan fixed them? Are any of you unhappy with your Altimas?

  • jam808jam808 Posts: 14
    I was looking to purchase an Altima or an Acccord and I am doing my research

    I am seeing a lot of discussions about the CVT!

    What is a CVT and is this a big problem that the Altima owners are having.

    I am looking to buy a 2009 Altima or Accord

    I ahve three kids and My 2000 maxima with over 200000 is giving me to much trouble,. time for a new one

    I dont want to get another car and have more trouble
  • Yes having the exact same problems and they make me feel stupid at the dealership
  • I have an 08 Altima with 20K miles and have had no problems with the CVT. I have more issues with the engine noise (sounds like a sewing machine when under 1000 rpms) but the dealerships says it is "normal". Only thing I hate about the car. Other than that, it has been great!
  • Thanks! I test drove an 11 yesterday and asked what was different about the newer altimas and was told they were quieter- maybe it's gotten better.
  • jam808jam808 Posts: 14
    maybe i should get the Honda accord 2008-09.. If the Nissan Atima is loud. Why would they sell a car that is loud. what is the purpose of paying monthly paymnets on a car that is going to be loud and have CVT problems from the jump

    does the Accord have similar problems.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Well, you'll probably want to look at the Accord problems discussions to see what others are experiencing, and whether those risks are acceptable to you. The thing is that even when we see issues posted on any vehicle, they usually affect a minority rather than a majority of owners. Not always, but usually. No car is bullet-proof.
    Here's a link to the Honda Accord VCM discussion, which covers one of the major annoyances with that vehicle.

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