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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Electrical Problems



  • Ok 2002 trailblazer changed stock radio out you have to plugs on back one side is your speakers ignition and power wires then theres another not sure what they are but I allowed them to touch just three wireby the way started smelling a burnt plastic spell quickly got them apart ok CD player is in n works put dash back together turn the ignition forward dash lights up headlights come on but when I turn to crank nothing happens front doors when key is in on position wont lock or move windows n my gages don't move either but when I go to back door panel it works odd here I tried jumping starter with key in on position by touch positive note negative with screwdriver nothing either checked fuses does this sound like a bad ignition? Please help...
  • doesnt the faceplate alone come of the dash in front of radio?i have a stuck cd. have tried to reset radio,pop-sickle trick
  • pickup41pickup41 Posts: 6
    My 03 TB with 99K miles runs great but just developed this problem in the last few months. Starts fine and as you are driving warning lights (seatbelt ,E brake service engine etc) come on and door ignition key chime rings 3/4 times then go off ! Then it happens again sometimes for long periods of time some times once or twice. Seems to happen more around town driving then on highway. And gas gauge , speedo go down and then come back up ! Anyone else encounter this problem and what was the fix ?
  • lpradettolpradetto Posts: 3
    You might start with replacing the ignition switch or the rear wiper unit. On our 2002 TB we had problems with the emergency flashers coming on when I would use the right turn signal, dome lights flashing on and off and other electrical oddities that stopped after having the ignition and the rear wiper gears replaced. They didn't really know which one actually stopped the problems, but I'm guessing it was the ignition.

    I also went through 4 batteries within 3 years because of an electrical drain. Many things were done that I can't remember and didn't help. Finally the speedometer started going wacky. The battery drain as well as the speedometer was fixed by having the dash nodule replaced. I'm sure that is not what it its called but it is the unit behind the dash that has all the gauges. We had to have two put in as the first replacement was just as defective as the original. The fourth new battery was destroyed by the replaced unit. Of course there was no compensation for the battery, they actually made noises about charging us for the second replacement.

    This was over a year ago and we haven't had any other electrical problems. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

    Pretty sure we will never buy another Chevy. Dealership repair shops around here are a nightmare to deal with.

  • I got out of work last night, and my 2005 Trailblazer wouldn't start. Someone was kind enough to give me a jump, but that wasn't working. When he hooked up the cables, my dome light instantly came on, 10x brighter than It's ever been before. We tried for a few minutes, but the engine would only click. Finally, I called AAA. After he got there, he hooked up his cables and it only took a few minutes to get it started. I then realized that nothing was working. My dome light would not come on. My radio was off, my dash lights were off. Automatic locks and windows won't work, and I had no tail lights. All these had worked prior yo the original jump. I was told I had a bad battery, and that might affect it. All the fuses have been checked. I've tried disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes. Still nothing. Do I simply need a new battery, or is it something else? I have no idea what to do here, and I need my vehicle ASAP.
  • you have some sort of a ground problem. also, look at the mega-fuse. it is located under the left rear seat. if its blown, you will not have ac, power seats, no radio, or any other electrical supply. look in the owners manuel for it also
  • It may not be the problem, but there is a mega fuse located undeer the left rear seat. it looks like a metal strip with a hole in each end, attached with a screw at each end. if the strip is 'burned' into, thats the problem. I had a simular seat adj. no fan [ac], no anything but engine did run.look in owners manuel for the location of the fuse if it isn't under the back seat. hope this helps. don't pay me if it doesn't. ha
  • I have this same problem. How did you end up fixing it?
  • I replaced the fuse [its a copper strip] It is under the left rear seat. That got my electronics all working again, but i still have the sporatic problem of "service engine soon" light coming on, and when that ciomes on, "reduced power" light comes on, then the TB will not run faster than 40 mph and the transmission is locked in third gear. this, I believe will never be fixed, because gm doesn't know how to fix this nightmare. One guy told me to disconnect the battery cables overnight, then the next morning, touch the neg. and pos bat. cables together, and that would reset all the computers. keep in mind, the battery has no role to play in this procedure. then reconnect the cables and see if that has helped anything. never short battery posts while connected to will fry the computers.
  • I feel for you on your expenses. I just refuse to do the diagnosis for them to throw parts at it like you have done. I promise you the cheapest thing for you to do is pay someone to haul that thing off, burn the title, and go to nissan or toyota, and get away from gm. they have proven thousands of times [to each customer, one at a time] that they do not plan to be honorable about these pieces of junk that they have built. I have talked to headquartwers, they listen, want to set you an appointment with your local dealer, but in no way hint to absorb any cost to help. we've all been taken for a ride, and no one from gm is driving! good luck
  • My Bro-in-Laws 2004 Trailblazer has started doing the same thing. After reading about all the causes, I'm going for the battery flip-switch which attached to the battery. Has anyone got a legal solution to this ?

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