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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Electrical Problems



  • Hello, first of all anything would help. I purchased a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer from a "reputable" used vehicle dealership. It has been one problem after another in the 21 days that I've had this vehicle. Most recently was after I had the tranny flushed and the front and rear diff done. While driving home if I have my foot on the accelerator all is well, however if I take my foot off the gas pedal at a minimum of 30 miles an hour my headlights dim as well as my dash lights and almost completely go out. Dim (almost completely off) then come back on when I step on the gas pedal again. My battery registers that it's at 14 (right in the middle). What's the deal? Any help would be great since I've already put over $800 into this new "used" POS. :cry:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    When you start it does it turn over slow? The problem you describe COULD be caused by a weak battery, but I would suspect starting problems if it was that weak.
  • No, unfortunately it does not. It starts and "runs" fine....I think. I drove it all day today, to work, home, storage unit, and not once did the headlights or dash lights dim or go out. Wish I could say the same about the heat. It works great most of the time, but for some reason, the drivers side only will blow cold - I have to turn the gauges to cold then to hot to get heat again. Chevy dealership has looked at it and the sensors are not putting out any codes so they don't know what's wrong with it.
  • hello. i am going through the same thing with my trailblazer right now. i need help figuring it out and was wanting to know if you ever figured it out?> please respond back
  • I bought an 06 Trailblazer and had my one year anniversary Dec 6th of 2008. It has been a NIGHTMARE since I bought it and the dealership won't buy it back. I was hoping there were similar issues that someone could suggest that I have them look at at the dealership, they are ready to total it so they don't have to look at it anymore, I didn't think that was a good solution. Here are a few of the issues:
    -Sounds and feels like driving on rumble strips at 45-70mph LOUDLY.
    -Tranny intermitant shifting problems
    -Mild intermitant vibration at 35-70 mph in gas pedal
    -Diminished Eng Capacity Light comes on and off
    - Intermitant 12mph max speed
    -Speed/Power cuts out randomly (no more acceleration regardless of gas pedal pressure)
    -Trac light intermitantly on
    -Check engine light intermitatly on
    -Clock auto resets itself occasionally
    -CD randomly pops out on startup or shut down or while driving
    -Vehicle shakes and chugs worse than a disel pickup on start up occasionally
    -Cruise control sometimes quits on its own
    -Replaced transmission pump/ignition switch
    -Torque converter locking up (tech told me potential problem)
    -Starter sometimes has issues, turn key and click, hard turnover, nothing then wait 10-15 seconds and without touching the ignition switch the truck starts.
    -Continually warping rotors
    -Clunk on occasion when shifting from "P" to "R" or "R" to "D"
    -After startup while idling sometimes there is a loud clunk from the passenger side sounds like someone is kicking the side of the truck
    -Windows intermitantly work powering up
    -Transmission "whistles" when rpm's going up to shift occasionally
    -Radio/CD sometimes just shuts off
    That's about all I can think of off the top of my head I have had it in the shop at least 50 times in the past year and they keep telling me their computer doesn't say anything.....last week it lit up like the 4th of July but they still couldn't figure out why all the problems. If anyone can help with ideas that would be great, I don't know what else to do. It is all still under warrenty thank goodness!!!
    They now found coroded wires, replaced the starter, replaced throttle body, new stereo is on order, replaced the weather stripping, two speakers, and the vibrations, whistling, revving and other shimmying is still an issue. I did some digging and found out that my vehicle HAD been in an accident (the dealership told me it had never been) only 27 days before I bought it in 06! It hit a deer at 60mph, could this be part of the problems with it????
    Does anyone know if I can pull up all the parts ordered for my vehicle by the vin?
  • I am having a similar problem right now.I have a 2003 TB ext. Battery died several times , so I took it to Goodyear where I purchased the battery. It was only 1 1/2 years old, and has a warranty for 7 years. They replaced it. A day later the new battery was dead, had to be jump started. Went through this back and forth for a week or 2, took it back. They found a "bulletin" by GMC stating over 17 models of their cars needed new ignition switches. Got that replaced, my keychains immediately didn't work. They worked the next day, then off and on. Got those reprogrammed, but battery keeps dying. Car is now at a dealership where they have had it for 4 days. They ran complete electrical diagnosis, found nothing. Kept it overnight, hooked up to a machine for a reading, and the next day it didn't work. Jumped it, works okay again. Tonight they are going to have it hooked up to a machine that will take a "snapshot" in case it doesn't work in the am, then will hopefully be able to see what is wrong.
  • Have you found out anything? Is your car in the shop? Please keep me posted.
  • My car ended up being in the shop for 5 days but did not have the problem of starting in the morning again, so they couldn't do that "snapshot" we were hoping for. Brought it home and it worked well for about 5 days, then started having problems turning on again. Last night my computer monitor said "RFA 8 battery low, RFA 6 battery low, RFA 5 battery low, RFA 1 battery low." This is the 2nd time this has happened. I mentioned it to the dealership when I brought it in last but they didn't know what it meant or make anything of it. I think my car is obviously trying to tell me something here and don't understand why the mechanics or makers of the car don't know what that means on the computerized strip. Can't they call Chevrolet to see what it means??
  • :mad: OK well I started to join this thread in Nov. of has taken me this long to find out what it was. All the symptoms of my problems have now been fixed and my truck is running like new again. I am going to tell you what the fix was but I can't guarentee this will be the answer to everyone electrical problem. OK....Here we go !!
    After I had a GM Mechanic look at the truck. They put it on the Tech 2 ( GM Computer Tool)he found out that the trucks back computer the BCM was communication with the other computers in the car so they could not get any error codes from the memory so that they could properily diagnosis the problems. His suggestion...change the ignition switch. Why I asked? Because all the electrical problmes coming were fixed once that was changed. OK so I did that. Nothing fixed. Changed the BCM ( back computer...still not communicating with the other computers in the car nor is letting us getting the error codes from the computer.Changed the leadlight switch,..changed the windshield, pulled all the seats out of the trcuk ripped the carpet out and followed every wire in the whole truck to look for breaks or splits in the wiring. Checked the harness behind the firewall....still nothing.
    Getting ready to sell the truck...I opened the hatch..looked into the truck and said let me get a screw driver and popped down the headliner.Looked in with a flashlight,saw a bunch of wires that I guess had something to do with my moonroof.put my hand in and then all of sudden " Booom"...I heard my power door locks go up & down. Which was one of my big problems. I pulled the wires out found the wire that was connected to the door locks...shortened the wire and reconnected it and then ...all my problems were gone. Another reason why I am so unhappy with my Truck this will most likely be the lastGM product I ever buy, becaus eof the lack of knowledge of the GM mechanics,..the GM Schmatics...and just the attitude of the mechanics. I was told by the mechnic that if I left it in the dealer shop...that I better have more money then time to get it fixed. Not what I wanted to hear.
    I hope this helps anyone else.
    All the Best

    Sorry to see what the problems were,.. I am the first post on Page 1 of this thread.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Thanks for that report, Robby! Some problems are just plain exasperating!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • wocwoc Posts: 3
    I also had electrical problems with my 03 EXT. I had the dash lights flicker, gage cluster package go on and off, all lights and indicators.
    My delaership replaced the ignition switch for $550. On the final test drive the issues appeared again, however the tech had my back seat folded up for access to the rear floor panel. He noticed that when he hit bumps the electrical issues started again. The seat was bouncing on the wire harness under the rear mat. This caused lose connections and intermittent issues. They rewired the harness on the rear floor, moved it to the side and put some extra padding on the floor to cover the worn harness. Repaid me on the labor part of the ignition switch. This was 6 months ago and everything seems OK.
    However my speed o meter motor just went out, not related, and I had to replace my cluster....this is a fault of the poor quality servo motors.

    Now only issue is my driver seat is not working on the forward and reverse mode, making it tough for my wifr to drive. Any ideas on seat issue?
  • Wow, you got reamed by the dealership!! I had my ignition switch replaced by Goodyear for 80.00, including parts and labor! AND, I found a bulletin from GM stating that they were having problems with ignition switches in 17 different models of their cars, so I called GM headquarters to complain that there was not a recall. They repaid me for the part, 43.00, so I just had to pay 50 for labor. They stated that had I taken it to a dealership they would have repaid me for the labor as well.
  • Thanks Robby! I had a crazy issue happen yesterday. I was sitting in my car using the cigarette lighter for power for my computer. Didn't have the car running and when I went to start up heard nothing but a clicking noise. I thought that maybe I had drained the battery. Attemted to get a jump and nothing happened. However, now the battery went totally dead. The key became stuck in the ignition (still in there) and power locks and remotes wouldn't work. So I thought the battery is totally dead now. Car was making funny noises and it would slightly power up(electrical system driver memory dash lights etc). But now nothing works.

    However, the one thing that I didn't notice is that I opened my hatch yesterday to get something out of it. Interestingly enough this could be the cause. Because the second time I opened the hatch to get the jumper cables out (problems got worse). I didn't make the connection. I am going to have the car towed to the dealer(provided no one has stolen it since I had to leave the key in the freaking ignition overnight at my office) and I will have them start with this problem first. Will post again if this in fact was the problem. Thanks again as I was totally confused as to where to start. Battery, ignition, starter(had that replaced last year) etc...
  • :sick: Hello everyone. I am having similar yet different problems with my '06 Trailblazer and I'm curious if anyone else has had them too? My truck is currently in the shop for 4th time in 6months for problems. This is the 3rd time the ignition switch has gone out. So the truck has power but wont start. It has been in the shop for a short in the gas gauge, so the analog gauge would not register and the digital gauge was not accurate. That problem caused me to run out of gas, luckily I was close to the gas station! Yesterday the "service stabilitrak" light came on, then it went off. One hour later the truck died and would not start, it had power but would not start. It definately has electric gremlins. The dealership does not think these 2 problems are interlinked, I disagree but the are the "experts". My back hatch latch (say that 3 times fast) is malfunctioning too. When I open the hatch it stays locked, so when I go to close the hatch it hits the locking bar. I have to hold up the handle and manually push the locking bar open so it can then latch around the T-bar at closure. I think it is a BIG lemon!!?? I am just waiting for it to blow up in my garage.
    Help! It is scary that these problems keep happening. We travel a lot and I am the mom of the family, so I always have is getting really inconvenient to have this thing towed to the shop every 2 months! Thanks for your time! :lemon:
  • OK I have a 06 trailblazer I have had it over a year bought it with 19,000 miles I am fed up with it i have had tranny sensor problems where it would not change gears right it has had ac problems it has had fuel pump prob's and most of all ELECTRICAL problems I am on my 3rd altenator and its going out its making a wining noise the lights dim and the volt's drop every time you slow down and the lights even pulse sometime!!! It has always done this and they said its suppose to! Im tired of it im tradding it off as soon as I fix it AGAIN!!! :lemon:
  • I have counted all the times my truck has been in the shop ::not including oil changes:: It has been in the shop 14 times within a year! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • baddbonebaddbone Posts: 1
    Your problem is the battery in your remote on the key. It happened on my wife's Envoy. No one at GM knew what it meant. My brother in law, a former GM mechanic mentioned the possinbility of being the bettery in the key's remote. That's the battery they are talking about. It worked after she changed the battery. Message cleared up.
  • ticadooticadoo Posts: 40
    My trailblazer only has 63,000 miles on it, but I've had tons of problems! The latest problem is that all of a sudden my left turn signal started "clicking/flashing" really fast. Now, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Also, when I put truck into park, all doors unlock except driver's door. It sounds like some type of electrical problem???? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • My 2005 Trailblazer head lights flicker at night for some odd reason, I have no clue why and the dealership can not seem to reenact it. I have complained to Chevy and it is currently in the shop for a "certified" report to give to GM. The battery dial also moves when the lights flicker. An suggestion on where to go from here?
  • My head lights have been flickering at night along with the battery dial in the dash board. I took it under warranty to have it looked at and they could not repeat it. I currently have a complaint into GM and I am taking it back in for them to do a "certified" test. I am not to sure where to go from here. Any suggestions/thoughts?
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