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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Electrical Problems



  • Your not alone! My wife just called me tonight while out and told me her Tach reads 7000 rpm and the oil pressure gauge reads like over 90psi. Two years or more ago the speedometer quit, and about ayear ago the fuel gauge quit! I tried countlessly to get GM to cover the speedo and they would not! So why bother repairing all this electrical if its all going to crap out like its doin. Iv been workin on my own vehicles all my life and this 2004 trailblazer is one of the worst cars i have ever driven, and have had the most electrical problems ever. When does it end! Oh yea three months ago my wifes brakes started to fade on her. After doing some investigating i found the antilock module seems to let brake fluid bleed bye therefor causing the brake pedal to fade while applying the brakes. Also had no warning light to let me know of any trouble with thw ABS system. Now i drive the car with the power disconnected to the abs system and the brakes work like preantilock systems did LOL! I never started to chase and try and fix these problem because in the end they do not affect the cars performance. I will however NEVER buy another small GM vehicle again. I own a 99 suburban with 199875 miles on it and have only done mainteance work on it. My next small vehicle will be a honda for sure, or atleast something foreign. Me being a union electrician, never thought i'd say that, but chevy has a long way to go with some of their products. If you can't tell i'm not to happy with the trailblazer. LOL ! I It is dependable but electrically leavs alot to be desired. Good luck with your quest. Let me know what you think.
  • thank you for all the info on the other issues you are having and have had...but so far my truck is over 135k and that seems to be the only issue....the tach intermitintly going keep my fingers crossed and hope that nothing else goes weird on her...but less than 2 weeks ago i finally changed the factory brake pads and still had about 20 to 25 percent left. my kids love the space and its been a reliable cross country road tripping vehicle. sorry u had these elec. issues.
  • I have an 04 Trailblazer that has an electrical problem. Every so often when you get in and put the key in the ignition the vehicle is completely dead. No lights, nothing. You cant even get the key back out of the ignition. I replaced the battery 2 weeks ago and it did it again yesterday. As soon as I hook jumper cables up, all the power comes back up and the vehicle starts fine and may not repeat the problem for a week or so. I had the starter and alternator checked and they showed ok. Any suggestions?
  • I also have a trailblazer with every electrical problem mentioned here. I have 43,000 miles and at this point, I will never buy another GM product. I purchased this new in 07, being a woman, I got screwed from the beginning. No new warranty and the extended warranty sold to me was worthless. Everything from sensors to battery going dead for no reason has happened. Now my oil pressure gauge is all the way to the right, oil is fine. I took it to a dealership and was told about 600.00 for repairs. Luckily a friend of mine took pity on me and found out it is the oil sending unit that has gone bad. $33.00 for the part and about 2 hours of labor. I also have had every gauge in the dash quit at one time. I have replaced the battery 2 times and every other week the service 4 wheel drive light comes on for a day or so.
  • Mine done the same thing, a friend of mine replaced a sensor and it hasn't done that sense.
  • :lemon: i have a 04 chevy which has been nothing but problems i swear the car is posessed. i get in after the car sits all night and it wont start so after 10 tries it starts right up. i thought it was the started after almost a and lots of visits to the car repair place chevy yesterday finally let me know that this is a common problem and its the ignition switch and i was happy until im told that this is on back order nationwide thats right nationwide so yes im on a waiting list for this part who knows when this will be available finally the truth how this switch turns the lights on and off in the car and dashboard also stop the car mid way while turning then you have to shut the car off and back on to get to go....but that not even half of what i went through with this truck ...i cant understand if a part is on backorder nationwide why not put a recall on this part its obviously a problem in 98% of the trucks!!!! yea but who am i lol :mad:
  • bsk29bsk29 Posts: 1
    I am having several problems with our 2005 Chevy Trailblazer, can someone help?...It started with headlights dimming at night, then when you start the car the powered locks go crazy clicking for about 8-10 seconds, after filling the vehicle up with gas the gas gauge went to empty and finally would not go into 4 wheel drive. My husband took the vehicle to Autozone to have them test the battery & alternator, which both tested good. Anyone have any suggestions?...Also wanted to add the car starts fine.
  • mah208mah208 Posts: 6
    I also have an 04 Trailblazer that I got used last year 09. It had only 21000 miles and I have the exact same problem as you. The vehicle is completely dead, but when I hook up cables it starts right up. Battery is now new and vehicle checks out okay. Did you ever find out what the problem was. I am totally confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • mah208mah208 Posts: 6
    I have the same problem as [knickles], what sensor did your friend replace. i am at a loss.
  • I have a 2004 trailblazer and first thing that happened was while making a left turn a few days ago my car completely shut off. Started back up again fine, a few days later and I cannot get my key out of the accessory mode position to take key out of ignition. Any ideas?
  • I have not experienced the problem with the left turn. However, when I experience the electrical problems aI mentioned, absolutely nothing turns on, I could not pull my key from the ignition. I was told by a local mechanic that the ignitions switch actually requires a trickle of power to release the key. Just putting the charger on the battery for a few seconds was enough to cause the release.
  • Sorry for the delay in getting back. My trailblazer is currently working fine (fingers crossed). Both times these problems occurred I tried everything I could think of to trace the problems. The only bit of information I could wiggle out was when the car was dead the battery measured seven volts. A very quick jump or only a couple of minutes on a charger and the car started right up.The first time it happened was with a battery warrantied for eight years that was two years old. I replaced it with the same model battery and experienced the same problems a year or two later. I brought the car in to a dealer for that and the window electrical problem (which was fixed by replacing the window control switch for $450.00). They tested the battery and told me it was defective.

    I drove the car to the battery seller and showed them the test from the dealer. They ran some sort of battery test five times. The first four times it passed but it failed the fifth time. With that they replaced the battery for free.. So once again my problems have disappeared.
  • frzdawnfrzdawn Posts: 15
    hi yes i finally took it to chevy and they told me it was the ignition switch yes this part is on backorder they had to request it from all dealers threwout the 50states the part came in about a week and a half later and i paid 270.00 for a 40$ piece yea :( but the good news is the car has not done that since this should definatly be a recall they did no testing or anything and know right off that was the problem hope this helps ;)
  • frzdawnfrzdawn Posts: 15
    sorry i didn t have the key stuck problem but i did have the when i was turning the car completly stopped but in my conversation with the chevy tech says that the ignition has something to do with that problem says that it messes with the clutch and it also turns the lights on buy itself that ignition switch causes lots of problems... :sick:
  • mah208mah208 Posts: 6
    Thats for the information. I am going to try to get the ignition switch fixed...hopefully that will fix my problem. Thanks for getting back to me.
  • mah208mah208 Posts: 6
    thanks for getting back to me. I need all the information and help i can get. I had the same thing with the battery, and now have a new one. I am also going to try to get the ignition switch fixed. Here to hoping it works.
  • Recently, while driving my passenger side front window went down by itself, then up again, all in short little bursts. Happens occasionally. Then my rear passenger side window went all the way down in one burst the other day but it happened just that once. Yes, I powered it back up fine. It's a 2002 Trailblazer. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • Other than not doing things by itself my shotgun window did the same thing. It would happen no matter which window switch was used, the driver or the passenger. After a few months of frustration the window mostly stopped working. Does the illumination in the switch at night come and go? Mine did and when it was off nothing on the door would work, even the electrical lock.

    Turns out it was all due to a bad window control switch. I don't know where it is located but it cost me over $400 to get the dealer to replace the switch. Since then I have not had any problems.
  • Monday the 15th started real sour for me. I've recently gone over 70K miles in my 06' Trailblazer Ext. Around 5 or 6 months ago I had it in the shop what I recall was a crankshaft sensor that went out. Everything has been riding just fine on the vehicle. We did take about 100 mile drive on Saturday and it sat in the garage all day Sunday and overnight. Monday morning the garage was full of smoke and smelled like something electrical was burning. I figured it was my garage heater and shut it off. As I went to get into the car the doors were all locked and none of the remotes were working. I manually unlocked with the key (who does this anymore??) and there was no power to the trailblazer. She wouldn't turn over, nothing, dead, and, it wouldn't give me my key back (although I hear this happens on a dead battery). I popped the hood and it was scorched inside. I had it towed over to the GM shop and am awaiting the word on what happened. I am concerned due to the fact the car was parked for over 24 hours and while sitting there something caused it to burn up. Any thoughts? GM Mechanics seemed puzzled.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    What exactly was burned? The electrical harness? Or something else?
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