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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • It's true that the Murano has less cargo space than the CR-V, but the Acura RDX has less cargo room than the Murano. The key point is that Nissan isn't going after people that need a whole lot of cargo room. Not everybody needs all the extra space the Highlander offers, or the CR-V, and they would opt for the pristine ride the Murano provides over space for stuff.
  • musky300musky300 Posts: 7
    The 2009 Murano did lose max. cargo capacity space compared to the 1st generation Murano. Reading around, it is due to the slightly redesigned rear hatch, which cuts down on the height of the cargo area from its slope.

    Basically this means that if you planned to load the cargo area from floor to ceiling, you will notice there would be less room to stack stuff up to the top. Otherwise, the difference probably won't be that material.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    I've posted in a few Murano threads and was interested in the '09 LE. Ultimately went with the Acura MDX for a few reasons that I thought I'd mention here;

    1. MDX gets slightly worse fuel economy than the Murano but both require premium fuel.

    2. Murano still has very poor residuals and since I wanted to lease this car (and pay it off at the end if it is reliable) that made the Murano a harder sell for me. Basically you can lease a base MDX for about the same money down and monthly payment as the Murano LE.

    3. Murano LE has backup camera and iPod interface and base MDX is lacking those for $3,000 more... yet the lease payments on the MDX are the same or less than the Murano due to crappy residual and money factor on Murano from Nissan. MDX is roomier, has smoother ride (less jarring over bumps), more power, much longer/better warranty and lower service intervals.

    4. Surprisingly, insurance was actually LESS on the MDX than on the Murano for us, not sure why.

    All in all I would say the two cars are actually quite comparable, and if leasing they are directly in competition with each other due to current pricing.
  • The Murano LE does NOT requires premium fuel. Premium fuel is not required like the MDX, it's only recommended.
  • jmpage2 you're right on target with your analysis. I've been debating between the MDX and the Murano as well. However, the lease rates on the SL are quite a bit better than the LE. Although I really like my memory seats (only on LE) I'm willing to sacrifice them for $80 or so less/month.

    The MDX is a great car, but gas prices are playing a factor. According to posts many MDX owners are getting MPG less than EPA ratings, while Murano owners appear to be getting better than EPA ratings.

    Also, I currently have a Murano whose lease expires in a week, and I love the car.

    It's a tough call, but I'll probably go with the Murano even though the money factor and residual are lousy.

    That MDX is one great machine. Enjoy!
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    The MDX does not "require" premium fuel either in that Honda says you can run it on regular unleaded if you must, but just like Murano you will not be getting optimum power from the engine if you do this.

    If I'm not mistaken the Murano is just like my wife's FX35, says "premium unleaded recommended for best performance" on the gas cap, or something to that affect.
  • I've never noticed a "performance" difference in my Murano or Maxima between regular and premium fuel (though both "recommend it"). However, I have heard that I am sacrificing MPG by going with the regular fuel.

    At the end of the day it's probably a wash.
  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 2
    LE owners... I have a question about how the integrated IPOD connector is working for you on your LEs. I just purchased mine, and love it. Only problem I have is that the ipod outputs sound to only the right side speakers. No sound on the left. I have tried 2 different ipods... same results. Radio, CD, everything works thru all speakers. I'm wondering if this it a problem on my car, or just the way it works with the ipod. I suspect its a problem, hopefully just the cable. How is it working for you. Thanks.
  • promikepromike Posts: 35
    Works great in my LE. I agree that it is probably a bad cable. If that doesn't work let the dealer inspect the cable connection to the radio or the socket itself could be at fault. Good luck.
  • endodocendodoc Posts: 15
    i know it's crazy but my wife wanted keyless entry and power tailgate without rear seat video.. handling i give the mdx an edge,power equal, i thought the mdx would be faster. interior the mdx looks better from a distance than up close.looks go the mdx. so take your pick. i looked at 60k crossovers that didn't drive as well as either of these. the porsche cayenne doesn't have bluetooth.
  • bobm13bobm13 Posts: 2
    I just found out my new 2009 Murano rolls back while in drive and my foot is not on the brake when I am on an incline. My dealer did not know anything about this "feature", all he said was "I tried my demo and it does the same thing" I tried Nissan head office for an explanation but they said ask your dealer. Anyone know the real story.
  • Yesterday I bought the 09 Murano SL AWD with the leather, premium, and moon roof packages, but NOT the tech package. It has the push button start and intelikey, but still have to use the keyfob to unlock. Is it necessary to insert the intelikey into the slot to start the car or should it start just by me hitting the start button. Right now, it will not work unless the key is inserted. Is it a key battery issue or that we don't have the tech package?
  • bobm13bobm13 Posts: 2
    My 2009 Murano SL does not require the Fob to be used when entering the vehicle nor does the key need to be inserted to start, as long as you have it on your person or close by
  • bkanskybkansky Posts: 14
    You should not have to use the FOB itself to unlock/lock the doors or start the car. The FOB needs to be within 2-3 feet and then press the button on the door handle once to unlock that door and twice to unlock all doors. You can also lock the car by pressing that button. The car will not let you accidentally leave your FOB in the car and lock the doors.

    In order to start the car with the Push Button Start your foot MUST be on the brake and the car displays that warning message in the middle of the gauges. You then just press and release the start button once - do not hold it down.

    That opening is just to be able to start the car if the battery in the FOB is drained by inserting the whole FOB or if you want to use the outer part of the FOB for a valet or garage and not give them the key inside the FOB that you can use to lock the glove compartment.
  • I have to use the keyfob to unlock because we did not get the tech. package and therefore does not have the "button" on the door handles to unlock.

    Even the dealer couldn't start the car wihout inserting the key into the slot.

    Contrary to what the sales people say (surprise, surprise) I'd speculate that all keyfobs are not intelikeys and therefore we must insert the fob to start the car sinc we do not have the tech package unless someone has a different experience.
  • fitcfitc Posts: 11
    Sounds like those sales people are very incompetent. You are correct, you do NOT have Intelligent Key, as it is part of the Technology Package.

    An easy way to tell if you have IntelliKey is by looking at your keyfob - if it has 4 buttons, you have Intellikey, if 3 - you do not.

    The Owners Manual describes the KeyPort on Page 5-11:

    Models without Intelligent Key system.

    Be sure to insert the key into the key port (1)
    before pushing the ignition switch. Make sure
    that the key ring side faces backward as
    illustrated. Insert the key in the port until it is
    latched and secured.

  • I saw the '09 Murano at the Detroit Auto show in January. My local dealer - Montrose Auto Group/Hermitage Nissan got in five of them a week later. I drove and immediately bought a merlot Murano LE w/Black leather, Navigation/Tech Package and Dual Panel moonroof. Dealership (on the sale): Excellent. Vehicle: Well equipped, solid tight, squeak/rattle free, fun to drive. I was looking at the Infiniti EX35 for comparison which I outruled because it required Premium Fuel and the fuel filler door is on the passenger side for some reason. I previously owned the Infiniti FX. The closest Infiniti dealership is 70 miles away - a further factor. So I test drive the car - and find a slight vibration. The dealer says they will balance it. No sweat. On delivery they tell me at least two tires have a tread defect and they will opt to replace all four at no charge. Great. Two months later, the tires are in and viola, I have four new 20" tires. But wait! The shaking/vibration problem still exists...maybe worse? Another computer balance/alignment corrects nothing. Uh-oh. Now the dealership says to open a case with Nissan because they can't fix it. So is this another tire defect? It seems unlikely to me (unless all the Toyo tires were from the same batch). I am really pissed at Nissan and more importantly, the dealership at this moment. They are ruining my euphoric new-car experience and with only 2500 miles on the thing, this type of back-and-forth grief shouldn't exist. I know when I had the FX - everything was perfect. I'm waiting for a response from Nissan by Tuesday, April 22. They asked "Do you want a new vehicle?" I said "Well yes - if you can't fix this one - obviously" ...though I'd hate to have to reload dozens of CDs to the HDD Music Box! Now other issues: I saw a post here about backrolling: mine does too - on hills. The Driver outside rearview mirror is optically distorted (everything is fat like stretching your 4:3 TV image to a 16:9 widescreen set). The moonroof only opens about 3/4 of the way..why not all the way like on the Ford Edge? Why don't the rear windows go down all the way? Why does getting the NAV system delete the rearview mirror compass? And why to I have to listen to a nagging woman's voice on the Nav...where's the dude? My list of complaints on the '09 Murano is short and nitpicky. Handling is decent (the tires could use more grip). Low speed high throttle starts are not particularly thrilling - and fuel economy isn't nearly what I was hoping for (around town), but pusing mid-grade 89 or 91 octane fuel makes an immediate noticeable improvement on performance. I don't like that the Nav doesn't accept commands like Acura ("find local Chinese restaurant" and the like), but via HDD it is incredibly fast and accurate. I considered the Jeep Liberty, Infiniti EX35, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mazda CX-7 and Ford Edge. Nissan beat them all for features, overall performance and (as yet to be revealed) reliability. Other than the current blunder by Toyo (the tire people) or my dealership (Montrose/Hermitage Nissan, Hermitage PA), the car was a good choice. I'm not in love with the overdone upswept rear-window or bulbous back end, but driving it seals the deal. Oh, and no one has called it ugly like I keep reading. Everyone I know thinks it's awesome or at least very good looking. So front-end critics, get over yourselves. I'll update this after the resolve by Nissan.
  • All '09 Muranos and Altimas have intellikey. You can disable it by controls within the nav and setup screens (all Muranos have a setup screen). It is possible that it is just failing...If your dealer can't fix it, call and [non-permissible content removed] at Nissan.
  • fitcfitc Posts: 11
    Not ALL 2009 Murano's have IntelliKey - let's not create confusion here. And the 2009 Altima isn't out yet, afaik. I believe what you are saying is indeed true for the 2008 Altima though.

  • If you continue to have the vibration issues I would recommend filing a case with the BBB auto program. Make sure to have all your documentation for when it has been in the dealer's shop.

    I did this with my '04 Maxima that had vibration issues and first Nissan settled by sending me a $2k check and flying out a tech to repair. After several more months I re-opened my case and Nissan repurchased my car for the entire price I paid, including tax (-$2k for mileage depreciation).

    It could also be an issue with your rims and not just the Toyos, have the dealer put another set of 20s or the SL 18s and test it out.
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