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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    cestmoijay, As I understand, only the LE trim level has the iPod control. (in 2009 Nissan briefly offered a "360" package of options on the SLs that included the iPod control, but that does not exist on the 2010 model year). You CAN attach an iPod at the AUX port at the back of the console to play through the Murano's speakers, but you cannot control the iPod from the audio controls in the car - you have to use the iPod controls. You do have to select the AUX input on the car's audio system.

    --Bob (who also wanted iPod controls on his Murano SL, but was too cheap to pay for an LE)

    PS: Love your ID, are you sure you are not Lancelot?

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  • audodoaudodo Posts: 2
    i have one more question, for the SL, what is the video input jack for? does that mean we can play video through the AUX jacks and shows up on the console screen?
  • jakefl7jakefl7 Posts: 14
    I have a 2009 Murano SL AWD. Since the day I got the car I heard the squealing noise. The first time I went to the dealership they thought I was crazy. I than found out about the TSB and went back to the dealership and they performed the TSB repair. However the noise did not go away. I went back a third time and they said they made another adjustment. However the noise did not go away. I called my service advisor and told him it was not fixed. He told me that there was nothing else they could do and to call Nissan. I called Nissan and they advised me to bring the car in again to the dealership. I brought it in again and they called the Nissan tech repair line and was told that the TSB would not get rid of the noise but would reduce it and that they consider the noise as normal. I am really frustrated that I am driving a $40K vehicle that squeals when I accelerate. How can this be normal. I owned a 2005 Nissan Murano before my 2009 and it did not squeal. I believe that since the 2009 Murano was a new re-designed model that it was a design flaw and it has been corrected in later production. It is obvious that Nissan knows there is a problem since they issued a TSB. I do not feel that I should have to drive a car that squeals. When I bought the car it did not specify on the window sticker or brochure that the car included a squealing noise. I guess I have no choice but to file the lemon law. Does anyone have experience with this issue?
  • tspaventatspaventa Posts: 18
    In March 2009 when my lease was up on my 2006 SL, I leased an 09 LE. In about a month, when the weather finally cleared enough to allow me to roll down the windows, I noticed a "whistling" that seemed to occur upon low acceleration. I contacted the dealer, who like you, looked at me as if I was crazy, also telling me it was normal. I think I probably went back & forth with the dealer almost a half dozen times to finally get it taken care of. I did a search on the internet which is how I ended up at this forum. It was here I found out about the service bulletin. Kinda blown away that I had to tell the Nissan dealer what was wrong with my car and also how to fix it. I'm wondering if its the same, or different service bulletin. This is the information written up on my work order: "SERVICE BULLETIN NTB08-104 2009 WHISTLE NOISE ON LIGHT ACCEL INTERNAL FAILURE IN THE THROTTLE CONTROL ACTUATOR GASKET. PERFORMED SERVICE BULLETIN NTB08-104 REPLACED GASKET AND REPOSITION ACUTATOR GASKET.
    I LOVED my 2006 murano. Kinda pissed that my first 5 months in my new one were not that great. Good luck to you. Hope it works out okay
  • jakefl7jakefl7 Posts: 14
    They performed the same TSB. Did they get rid of your noise completely? I was told that the TSB was only to reduce the noise and not eliminate it. I was also told by Nissan that the noise is normal. How could it be normal? I was told by the Service manager that you can only hear it if your windows are down and the radio is off. I never owned a car that made this noise. I even had a 2005 Murano and it did not make the noise.
  • ck_2006ck_2006 Posts: 1
    I want to change the foam in my seat with memory foam because after 4 years it's very uncomfortable. I'm curious how much cost you and where you did it?!? ... I drive a 2005 model Murano SL. Thank you!
  • We just bought a 2010 murano and are experiencing the same exact vibration sound coming from the passenger side window area. The roof rack base is obviously loose. What part did they have to order to fix this? Did they replace the whole rack?
  • It's the plastic cap or chassis where the roof rack meets the top of the truck. It wasn't visibly loose, it only had 1 mm space showing btwn the cap and the body of the car. But it did vibrate at certain speeds and wind conditions. Very annoying sound.
  • Mom2gr8girl,

    We are experiencing the same problem. Our 2009 Murano has left us stranded two times now without warning. We had to jump the vehicle twice to get it started again.

    What is the Nissan reps name and number? We would like to start the dialogue with them.

    By the way, what was the outcome of your fight with Nissan on your Murano?

    J & MB
  • Mom2gr8girl,

    We are experiencing the same problem. Our 2009 Murano has left us stranded two times now without warning. We had to jump the vehicle twice to get it started again.

    Our Murano is at the Nissan dealership now getting looked at. We came home and looked on the internet and found these posts.

    By the way, did you ever get the problem diagnosed or fix?

    It will be interesting what Nissan says today about the problem. They probably will replace the battery on a two year old car. Wow!

    J & MB
  • tmakohntmakohn Posts: 2
    How is your progress coming along, I am having the same issue with my 2009 Murano
  • sdr5sdr5 Posts: 2
    My 2010 Murano LE has a audible clicking and popping noise, coming from the bottom of the windshield area. Occurs when driving, especially over small road bumps. This is very annoying and can be heard even with the radio on. Seems to happen whether hot or cold.
    Has anyone experienced this? If so, what was the fix?
  • I have a '95 Mitsu 3000GT that does the same - gone in the Summer, Fall & Spring, only appears in sever Winter cold. It's either the body flexing or possibly the w/shield or w/shield moulding itself possibly rubbing somewhere which if course may cause cracking. I's try some penetrating oil such as WD40 or whatever and spray in the area of the noise. Does it change frequency or noise level if you apply pressure in the area?
  • sdr5sdr5 Posts: 2
    Took the car to the Nissan dealer. The mechanic lifted the hood and installed foam material in a space on the firewall near the windshield. Drove the car. Not perfect, but much better. Probably will just live with it.
  • njjeff201njjeff201 Posts: 7
    edited September 2011
    Try the penetrating oil in the same area... pull the foam, soak down the sheet metal area & repl. the foam.. nothing to lose but $4.00 My 2 front doors had noise when closing like the door skin was flexing when shut. Took the car to the dealer and took the serv. mgr. by the hand outside and showed him. He ordered a latch assy. which didn't fix it. The noise went away when holding your hand on the sheet metal. Ended up bring the car there 3 times!!! The last visit they finally got it right. Went shopping and couldn't back in the driver's door, had to crawl over the passenger's seat. Went back to the losers and they had it another 2 hours to break in by removing the interior trim panel by ripping it off with the door shut. They fixed the lock assy. (prob. actuator arm fell off). Made them order a new interior panel and had another return visit. NO MORE Nissan's!!!!!!

    I haver another 8 or 10 stories just as scary. How they stay in business I'll never know.
  • What kinda foam ? Mines doing the same thing, clicking right at the bottom of the windshield 2010 sl. Right now it's in for a new transfer case it was leaking from the gasket 26000km love it.
  • Maybe foam was a bad choice to use... the interior trim on the "A" pillar may have to be removed to squirt the penetrating oil to the w/s area. It probably wouldn't hurt to squirt some also on the exterior area... maybe the wiper trim panel may have to be removed. The idea to soak the area as much as possible. Keep a clean rag nearby the dash to catch the overspray. My noise was in the front doors when they were closed.
  • rdkingrdking Posts: 12
    I have a 2011 Murano LE with just over 4K miles on it. Recently, I began noticing the squeaking/clicking noise you mention coming from the bottom of the windshield. After reading these posts, I agree with the post that the squeak is coming from the black plastic molding at the bottom of the windshield (the one with the washer jets). I pushed down on the plastic in the rain valley (using only my finger tips) and I was able to duplicate the squeaking noise. I continued to push down on it the full length of the molding from each corner of the windshield toward the middle. The noise was more pronounced in the middle.

    After pushing it down several times, the noise stopped. I'm guessing that road grime and grit somehow works its way between the plastic and the windshield glass and vibration causes the squeaking sound. Mine started after a couple of extended trips on the interstate. Cold weather might also have an impact as the plastic becomes more brittle.

    I would be careful and not be too aggressive on trying my "pushing down" method since the plastic is fairly flimsy and could crack given enough stress. I pushed down with my finger tips and only pushed it down about a quarter of an inch and that was enough to duplicate the sound. I think the more times you push down on it, the grit and grime gets dislodged thus the cause of the squeak is eliminated. Hope this helps. So far, the noise hasn't reappeared after two days of driving. It probably will come back, but if my theory is correct, it only takes a couple of minutes to take care of it.
  • Your car is under warranty - why wouldn't let the dealer look at it???
  • rdkingrdking Posts: 12
    For the reason I gave. I fixed it, why would I want to risk them screwing something else up.
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