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Volkswagen GTI Engine Problems



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    it is one of the more fuel efficient cars in its class, but driving that hard sounds a little hopeful for your mpg.

    just because your numbers and their numbers are slightly off doesn't mean its an 'aberration'. :blush: its not a diesel you know.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    Hop on over to the GTI section of Consumer Guide and it says:

    "Test GTIs averaged 16.8-19.1 mpg with manual transmission, 23.6 with SMT, both in slightly more highway travel vs. city driving. VW recommends premium-grade fuel."

    Check out this road test of the GTI:
    Fuel Requirement 91 octane unleaded premium gasoline

    And from VW's own technical specifications:

    Check the Fuel Requirement section: It will say 95 RON Premium for Maximum Performance & 91 RON for a slight reduction in performance.

    Most VW mechanics I've talked to said that using anything other than premium (91 RON or above) in a forced-induction engine is asking for trouble ($$$$)...
  • geeteeeyegeeteeeye Posts: 8
    We're talking about requirements vs. recommendations. All the technical data you've pointed to has put the requirement at 87 octane gas (91 RON). Everyone understands that you will get better performance with higher octane gas. But until I hear otherwise from some official document, I won't believe that I'm damaging the engine if I use 87 octane gas.

    Also, VW is technically saying that Mid Grade (91 (R+M)/2, not 91 RON) is the recommendation.

    Lastly, if you crunch the numbers, you're still saving money by using 87 octane even if you get lower gas mileage using 87 octane. You'll have to get better than 2 mpg better using 93 octane gas to break even.
  • 600kgolfgt600kgolfgt Posts: 690
    But until I hear otherwise from some official document, I won't believe that I'm damaging the engine if I use 87 octane gas.

    Ok. It's your money and your car. Ben Franklin has a saying about money, too. All I have to say is I wish you well... :shades:
  • I have a 2007 GTI base 6 speed manual that both I and the wifey adore its really a great car.

    Anyhow at apprx 3000 miles while driving on the interstate the CEL came on and came on and off intermittently until the car began to "Buck and Jerk" and try to die on us while driving.

    I had scheduled several appointments for the car prior to the bucking and jerking and was told that maybe the gas filler cap wasnt tight emough etc..etc.. and I did not get the chane to actually drop the car off until it began to truly fail us.

    So I dropped it off 2 weeks ago and after 5 days in the shop they told me the car had a bad fuel pump or one that did not generate enough pressure? They replaced it and I got the car back. two days later the CEL came back on and I called the dealership service dept and they had me drop thye car back off. That was 10 days ago and so far I have been told that they have been in contact with the VW engineers and trying to pinpoint the problem or find the correct fule delivery part to correct the issue.

    Has anyone else had these types of issues with their new GTI's?

    I love the car and they gave me a rental car (very creepy Dodge Caliber)but I have some concerns about the lenght of time that they have had the car. Its a lease so i'm not so concerned about the long term I just want my car back Fixed properly!
  • Sounds like a problem I just got fixed on my '06 GTI (new model style).

    Way back in February my CEL came on so I brought it to the dealer a week or so later. They ran tests on it for 4 hours at which point I got sick of waiting. They said it was a problem with my 'low side fuel pressure was reading too high'.

    After getting the car back I drove it just fine for the next six months (good performance, good mileage, check engine light still on). During my next scheduled maintenance in August I had them take another look at it. At first they thought it needed a new fuel filter, but then they thought it was the low fuel pressure valve. They apparently replaced both of those parts but it was still giving them problems. They then replaced the high pressure fuel valve and that did the trick.

    The car was in the shop a full week while they did the work and waited for parts. From the way it sounds volkswagen fuel systems are moronically complex. Not mad at the dealership, but I would like to smack whatever german engineer who dreampt that design up! Car seems fine now.

    The repair was totally under warranty with no cost to me. I had a free rental (a pos nissan versa) that I abused the hell out of for a week. That little skateboards tires would scream at the drop of a hat!
  • I just bought a 2007 GTI and I've noticed a bit of turbo lag both off of the line and also when the car is changing from first to second gear (in the automatic setting at high rpm.

    Is there any way to get around this? ...or is it me?
  • All forced induction engines will experience a "turbo lag" to some degree. However, I know their are after-market accessories that will aid in lessening the turbo lag so it seems less apparent when you are driving (Neuspeed makes one for example).

    Keep in mind that installing after-market parts may void the warranty.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    also keep in mind that the gti suffers very little turbo lag when compared with other competitors.
  • Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I guess the issue is really more about power loss (usually when the car is still "cold") between 1st and 2nd in the automatic mode. It's akin to the feeling of letting of the gas and then getting back on it -- without ever reducing power. I might need a dealer visit.
  • "I guess the issue is really more about power loss"

    Turbo lag isn't a loss of power, rather it is just a delay in gaining power. It takes a little time for the turbo to spool up and force the compressed air back into the engine. The reason why you feel turbo lag between 1st and 2nd gears is because the engine has not produced enough exhaust for the turbo charger to have an impact.
  • I have a 2003 1.8T. About a month ago I had to have the engine replaced because I bottomed out and cracked the oil pan. Anyway before I realized what I did it was too late. A little while after the engine was replaced I notice that while driving on the highway at about 70mph with the peddle to the floor it was accelerating properly. It would kind of accelerate, lose a little bit a of power repeat(kind of like if you've ever driven with someone who just pumps the peddle to keep the same speed). Well a little while after that while accelerating up a hill my car lost alot of power and the check engine light came on. I took it in they replaced a coil(i understand there are 4 of these?) and said it was fine. Well another week or so went by and I notice this would happen still when accelerating out of 1st into 2nd. I took it back and they replaced the other 2. Now all of them should have been replaced as they replaced one when they first put the new engine in. Now, I'm still having this issue. Is there anything else that could be causeing this problem or could be causing these coils to go bad?
  • Has anyone "chipped" their '07-'08 GTI in an effort to increase performance?
  • I had looked forward to the Clean Diesel Tiguan ...believe it or not I won't buy it now because the second row seat doesn't fold flat; I need all the Utility I can get out of a small package.
  • I promise you that the problem is your MAF Sensor. It is dirty. The dealers all know this and they play it to death. It is a scam. They use it to force you to bring the car into the shop. Once there you're car is a prisoner. Buy a can of MAF SEnsor cleaner, remove the sensor, give it 5 or 6 blasts, replace it and your good for 5000 miles. Trust me, I went through the exact same thing and even ended trading in our 07 for another 07 manual tranny thinking it was the DSG. When I found out what the cause was I cried because we loved our first VW. Dealers are scum! :mad:
  • jj12jj12 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 vr6 and im having serious starting problems. the car will turn over forever but it just wont fire up. there is a new starter, fuel pump, plugs, wires, ignition coil pack as well as a new ignition switch and all new relays. it used to do it from time to time, and now it just wont start. im lost on this one, my mechanic cant seem to find the problem. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • jpicsjpics Posts: 3
    I have a chipped GTI 2.0T and I love it. it is a huge power gain. 50hp and 97 ft/lbs of torque
  • A couple of questions:

    Does this void your warranty?

    Do you have to make any other adjustments to the car to be able to handle the increased HP?

    Did you do it yourself and how much did it cost?

    OK, that was 4 questions. ;)
  • Hi Folks,

    The other day I started my old rust bucket up after two weeks of relatively cold weather and oil started pumping out of the top of the oil filter housing immediately. And heavily. My question is: What's the problem and how do I fix it? I was about to just go buy an oil filter and try replacing that, but I don't really mind putting in a whole new housing if needed and only want to go to the autoshop once (I'm on foot). I included a photo of my filter and where the oil is coming from. Thanks in advance.

  • I just purchased a 2002 VW GTI Annivesary Edition. It did not come with an owner's manual and I was trying to find out what the "ARS" button is used for.
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