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Volkswagen GTI Engine Problems



  • You need either a new o-ring gasket for the oil cooler or replace the oil cooler assembly (that's what your oil filter is attached to). There are two coolant hoses attached to it, so it may require draining the cooling system.
  • Active Roll Stabilization....I think
  • Hi zamondo...We discussed oil filters once on our website. Tho Fram oil filters were the best 20 years ago, several v. knowledgeable posters consider Fram to make the worst constructed oil filters available today...truly flimsy. Your problem may be resolved with another brand filter.
  • eirkeeirke Posts: 1
    I registered just to reply to this question. I have 2007 GTI with dsg. For the first year i had the same problem you have. Took it to the dealer several times but was told everything was normal. It wasn't turbo lag but a very slight stutter. I thought i would just have to live with it. I recently had a check engine light come on that was related to a bad fuel pressure sensor. After the fix and remapping, the stutter is gone. I'm a happy driver now, just sorry it took a year to get right. Have the dealer check that sensor. Could be it. Good luck. Let us know if that was it
  • Had same problem...if you would clean off all the crap on your engine will see that below that wire is a plug type sensor......remove wire...remove the oil pressure sensor and replace parts guy mentioned that they fail all the time..oil shoots up thru nylon housing and where the metal pin fix.
  • i want to know how hard, if possible putting a GTI engine and tranny in a 92 passat
  • tom170tom170 Posts: 1
    The dealership tells us the turbo has gone bad at 70K Does the car need the turbo to function? It is a $3,000 fix Has anyone experienced this? any advice would be helpful Thanks
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    That's a good question. Does the dealer say it definitely has to be replaced? What prompted you to bring the car in? Get a second opinion from another VW garage.
  • gregory42gregory42 Posts: 5
    I have a 2003 GTI with the 1.8L Turbo Motor. Recently after coming back from a 200 mile trip the engine started to overheat. I pulled over immediately and had the vehicle towed back to the dealer. Upon inspection the 2 middle cylinders were "washed", meaning coolant had made it into those two cylinders. This car has only 51,000 miles on it and so it should have been covered by the 5yr/60,000 mile powertrain warranty. However, the dealership and VW of America denied me the warranty because they stated that I had continued to drive the vehicle knowing that it was severely overheated. The dealership stated that there was "blueing" on the camshaft & tops of the cylinder bores. I went to verify their claims and upon my own visual inspection I found zero evidence of any "blueing" I took pictures and told VW I was going to sue them. They offfered to replace the entire motor on a 50/50 basis, meaning I would have to cover 50% of the costs (2600.00 roughly). The service department was never able to determine the cause of the overheating (the head had no apparent damage and there was no indications that the head gasket failed). My conclusion is that possibly the head warped and thus allowing coolant into the two cylinders. In my opinion, this is something that VW should have covered 100%. I am taking VW of America & the dealership to small claims court but I need to know the details of VW's Limited Powertrain Warranty. Can someone send me a link to this? Any opinions on this issue? Thanks! Gregory Berry
  • gregory42gregory42 Posts: 5
    Well, the dealer told me that in order for them to fix the problem correctly that they would have to replace the entire motor. Their reasoning behind this was because they said that IF they did not replace the entire engine that they could not warranty their work. They said that this would completely eliminate any future mechanical problems and it would also give me another 1year/12,000 mile warranty on the motor. I brought the GTI into the dealership after taking it to my own mechanic who said that the 2 middle cylinders had only 70-90 psi on a compression test. After this, I realized that this VW was still under the factory 5yr/60,000 mile powertrain warranty which is why I decided to take it to the dealership. I THOUGHT that because it was covered under a factory warranty that it would cost me zero dollars (or so I thought) to fix the problem. Obviously I was wrong! I think mabye the dealerships are operating in the same way as the HMO's. Deny the coverage without any real evidence to support their position. That way, roughly 80% of the warranty claims will end up being paid by the consumer and the other 20% will be litigated (as in my case) through the courts. I have already committed to the dealership to have the motor replaced and will try to recover my expenses through small claims court. Stay tuned!.............
  • gregory42gregory42 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know where I can obtain the entire disclosure for VW's powertrain warranty?
  • the dealership or should both have it. if not online, the dealership will be able to give you the outline of it and all that jazz.
  • ally21ally21 Posts: 3
    Hi just wondering if anyone can help me at all, I have recently purchased a new shape Golf GT TDI. It seems to have an intermittant shuddering when the vehicle is stationary, I was advised to clean the throttle body and change the oil which has been done but there is still the shuddering when the car is ticking over. Has anyone come across this before and have any suggestions for anything else I could try. Thankyou!
  • this happens alot in turbo vws. there is a leak in the air line to or from the turbo. tracking it down can be a time killer. if you are not sure what you are looking for then i would suggest going to a shop to have see if they can find the leak and repair it. the dealership will more than likely charge you double what a local shop would. if the "shuddering" is not too bad, you can just keep driving it like it is. you wont do much damage to the car. it just means you are getting less gas mileage and less horsepower from your car. you may get a check engine light soon for the said leak.
  • f1fan17f1fan17 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 golf GL right now. I'm thinking of getting a GTI. should i get a VR6 gti, 337 gti or a 20th anniversary edition gti?
  • gregory42gregory42 Posts: 5
    I would definitelty go for the R32. You say you have kids and a wife?.....Forget about them and do the RIGHT thing! that screamer (and Im not talking about your wife) that you have always wanted. Seriously........If I were in your shoes I would simply go check out all models and then settle on the one that fits all your criteria.....such as budget, performance, etc. Good Luck!
  • f1fan17f1fan17 Posts: 3
    no kid no wife.
  • f1fan17f1fan17 Posts: 3
    would you go a VR6 or a 1.8T? not a big fan of the turbo but never really drove one.
  • ally21ally21 Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for your help, I have booked a local mechanic to have a look for the leak for me so your advice has been very helpful. I will let you know the outcome. Many Thanks Alison.
  • frank908frank908 Posts: 5
    :lemon: If I were you, I would get neither and stear clear of used VW's all together. I have an 04' GTI VR6 (original owner) with apprx. 65,000 on it and it was towed to my local VW dealer today 6/20. I thought it was an emmisions thing that would have been covered under the 8yr/80,000 emission warranty, but no. The mechanic I spoke said it's most likely the engine coils, sort of like the design flaw that plagued the 1.8T a few years back. Thankfully I have Geico's extended warranty service that will hopefully be covered. This problem is one among many, such as the control arm bushings that need to be replaced, again, that I had replaced last year already due to premature wear. My CD player on the Monsoon radio stopped reading all CD's. The radiator sensor and whatever else was replaced last year that was actually part of a major VW recall, but unfortunately didn't matter for me as my car decided to overheat in the middle of the summer in the middle of Manhattan before I got the recall notice 3 months later. I have no faith that this car was made with the intent of long-term duribilty. I believe that VW's are more affordable European engineering for a reason, they are made with cheap parts and covered up with nice exteriors and fancy interiors. I candy coated terd. My best advice is lease a new one and be done with it in 3 years. I was not in the position to lease due to the amount of mileage I do per year. If I were interested in any European car in the future, it would most defintely have to be a lease. I'm not some irate consumer either, I maitained my car and drove it with some verve but mostly in traffic. This is my second VW product (Audi included) as well, but I think it'll be my last for a while. :lemon:
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