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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • A few dealers want me to put down a deposit without having much to offer... I'm also getting lots of mixed info... I told one dealer I don;t feel like paying full MSRP for a vehicle that is going to be nothing special in 2 months... That I didn't want it right away for need but for.... anyway... I really don't know how important it is to have the vin number before Dec 31st (tax writeoff)... Anyone have good advice on the tax writeoff? My guess is that enough people will hold off from buying them until they see them in the dealers lot so that I can grab a fully loaded Platinum as it hits the ground or slightly before... The only reason I'm in any hurry whatsover is because I need it for tax purposes for 2007.

    I'll email Poway... I'll just call on Monday. Lots of dealers out there...

    Anyone see the Slate Grey? I'm leaning that way now, although admittedly a black/tan would look great too, but high maintainance... Some people told me they have seen the light silver and were not too happy with its look... Wish I could wait until I see all the colors, but apparently you can see these colors on other toyota vehicles... One of my girl friends saw the desert mica and liked it, but also felt the light tan interior gave no contrast... She disliked the Red rock interior a lot... hmmmm... Then another dealer said Slate grey wan't avail till March, but that makes no sense... There is just so much bad info floating around... Bottom line is I wish I knew what to do about this tax writeoff situation....
  • I know that you can remove the center console in the second row... So I assume I am correct when you can fold the 2nd row captains chairs flat as well? Just want to make sure this thing can be as useful as the bench which folds flat for max cargo area when needed....
  • jci1jci1 Posts: 34
    "Anyone have good advice on the tax writeoff?"

    I bet an accountant would, call one and get the scoop.

    "One of my girl friends saw the desert mica and liked it, but also felt the light tan interior gave no contrast... She disliked the Red rock interior a lot"

    Evidently you have other girlfriends, best not to try and please just one, get what you like
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Healthnut: 20 inch rims are for looks, not performance. The wheels and tires cost much more than 18" rims. The wheels are heavier, increasing unsprung weight. The increase in unsprung weight and the shorter, stiffer sidewalls reduce the compliance of the ride. The shorter, stiffer sidewalls reduce the protection for both the tires and rims, and both are more easily damaged by potholes on road and rocks offroad. The shorter, stiffer sidewalls reduce offroad performance on sand, where you need to lower your tire pressure to expand your contact area -- the stiffer sidewalls prevent the contact patch expansion.

    Sorry, but that's not smoke, that's reality.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I'm guessing you won't get deals right away. Give it a few months after they are released. Before long, I suspect Toyota will have to put $$$$ on the hood to move the new Sequoias, just like all the other manufacturers need to do to move their full size SUVs.
  • Healthnut, have you considered buying a brand new 2007 Sequoia (at a big discount) so that you can take the tax write-off and then trading it in on a 2008 in a year or two when the prices come down?

    A lot of people think the old body style is actually nicer and the gas mileage was better as well. I loved my '04 and thought it was the perfect size.
  • All very good points... Thank-you. I do like the ergonomic differences of the 2008 though... hmmm.
  • Gas is $3.50 all over So. Cal. As soon as a good supply comes in of the 08's I would bet there will at least be a dealer incentive of some kind.
  • 4rider4rider Posts: 96
    "A lot of people think the old body style is actually nicer and the gas mileage was better as well. I loved my '04 and thought it was the perfect size. "

    The old body is WAY nicer and it is an SUV looks like an SUV whereas the newer one is a SUV looks more like a mini van.
  • We know the price on these will drop quickly... soon after the first batch. What makes me mad is that the ONLY reason I want one of the first batch is because of tax purposes.

    I dunno, maybe I'll look at the 07 rebates if the dealers want me to pay full retail on the fisrt batch... doesn't do much good to get tax writeoff when you overpay for the car by $5,000.00
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    Although looks are subjective, in my opinion the new 08 design is a drastic improvement over the outgoing model. It appears much more refined and upscale. The exterior dimensions are only slightly larger than those of the old model and the interior is substantially more spacious. Plus I prefer the shifter in the middle console rather than on the column. I think the 08 will prove to be a success despite gas prices. To all you SUV protestors, don't be hatin' when I come rolling by in my brand new 08 Sequoia PLATINUM!
  • oh u mean like the ones that protested the Sequoia at the LA Auto SHow?? LOL
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    A 2 seat Corvette probably drinks more gas than a 8 seat Sequoia with 5 golf bags in the trunk. If it's a gas/environment concern, people should be against 2 seaters not SUVs.
  • Toyota has been disappointing in it's styling-with the Highlander, Matrix and now the Sequoia. The seat colors are awful as well.
    Hope they improve styling with future models. At this point, they have made blunders with the above models.
  • i knew about this sequoia since april of this year. but i thought i would have been relished in 2009 but i already have my answer christmas of this year the new sequoia will hit the show rooms! keep it up toyota and thanks alot! i like this sequoia! :)
  • Ok, I found a fully loaded Platinum in the color choices I like... except for the laser guided cruise control which I would have preferred, why not right? Anyway, all these dealers ask for is a deposit and its getting old... Any suggestions on what to ask for? I mean this would be the first vehicle I paid full msrp for and I don;t see why I should do that... would you ask for $2,0000 off MSRP, some set number above invoice, a bunch of accessories... I mean we should get something off this damn vehicle... I paid $500 over invoice on my last Sequioa... I know the pricing info isn't out yet, but I want to lock in the one that is coming in because of tax purposes... I should be able to walk in and say Yes, I'll put down a deposit, but I'm gonna need this much off or at this price over invoice... Any suggestions?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "A 2 seat Corvette probably drinks more gas than a 8 seat Sequoia with 5 golf bags in the trunk." Actually, no it won't. Corvettes are actually pretty good on fuel economy - epa ratings for it run from 16/26 to 15/24. Corvettes are quite light (about 3200 lbs), have a small frontal cross section, a low coefficient of aerodynamic drag, and a very high 6th gear, giving them surprisingly good economy.
  • He had a valid point though: Sports cars should be targeted as well... CMON, look at the new M3. Very little drag... But the high-revving V8 engine, light vehicle or not, aerodynamic or not, is just plain going to be a gas guzzler... But because it is small, fly's under the radar of the tree huggers. Heck I'm all about health and the environment, but when you need to go into the mountains, Move, transport, go on a long vacation, full size SUV's are useful. I just wish more people could use them only 10% of the time when needed rather than as their primary vehicle. I'm optomistic and feel that relatively soon we can switch over to alternative fuels... I don't think another 10-30 years of oil burning is going to make a big difference as long as we definitely make a move relatively soon to alternative fuels...

    Anyway, has anyone pre-ordered one of these vehicles for less than MSRP?
  • I must be dreaming. There is an email from healthnut with no mention of tax savings. Please don't spoil a good thing. We really miss those emails. :) :) :)

    Just kidding .. no flames pleeease.
  • I put a deposit down for one particular vehicle... I got some off MSRP and asked for a free bike rack... Hopefully they will be able to get the vehicle from the other dealer... considering it is still in the assembly stage I suspect they will as I do not believe anyone else snagged it. I'll let you know the color and features once I know I've snagged it :-)
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